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{make it} marshmallow tea latte…




I'm a big tea drinker. And as a new mom, I've been needing my caffeine fix now more than ever. I love milk teas and tea lattes for that added creamy texture so I've been making milk tea at home, but the process can take a while to slowly steep the tea in milk over the stove top. But this morning as I stumbled into the kitchen in my early morning haze, I figured out a super easy version…stick marshmallows in your tea! You're never gonna believe it, but it adds both the creaminess and sweetness that makes a latte so satisfying, and you can control the level of sweetness…one marshmallow or two? Yes! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy. chili pepper marshmallows by Red Bread, bowl by Dinosaur Designs.}


  1. Oh! What a lovely trick. I actually keep a jar of fluff in the pantry (I know, not as good as fresh but it lasts so much longer). I may have to give that a try.

  2. WHOOAAA! I am a tea obsessive and this is going to be a game changer. Such a great idea and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing your new found treat!

  3. This looks/sounds and probably tastes amazing! I’m a huge tea drinker too – especially in the winter time! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  4. How is it that your tea latte and marshmellow looks about a million times more delicious than I think mine will look if I go make this in the morning? Haha 🙂
    I’m jealous! This looks delicious. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hi Bettina,
    I used green tea, but it should work well with any! Just stir the marshmallows till they melt and theyll create a nice froth 😉

  6. This is simply genius! I never would have connected the two. I’m hoping to snag some of those rose marshmallows and try it with my jasmine green tea… hopefully that works and doesn’t taste like I’m sipping on a milkly floral bouquet!

  7. I am totally going to try this! I am obsessed with super foamy teas (I guess those would be considered lattes), so this trick is going in my book! Would love to see more of your choices of tea and milk combos!

  8. What a great recipe, I tried it out at home as well and it indeed works! This makes me think of my soy milk cappuccino I regularly made at home, when I am out of normal milk. You might like it, let me know 😉

  9. I know this blog was started in 2012, but I just tried peppermint marshmallow in my hot tea and its delicious! So so good! Creamy and sweet! Like Christmas in a cup! Happy New Year!

  10. YES! I thought I discovered something new. I ran out of honey for my hot tea so I’m trying marshmallow fluff and it’s WONDERFUL!! When I goggled it SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE. are already doing it.


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