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{new} fabric by rifle…





I love seeing some my favorite designer's and illustrator's work applied to various materials. So, of course, I am loving this new capsule fabric collection by Rifle for Villa Nova. Anna's signature floral is bursting with color and whimsy, and it looks so good upholstered on a chair or made into pillows and paired with other bright geometric patterns. Congrats Anna! — Joy


  1. I love these! I keep telling my husband we should get a printed piece but he doesn’t believe me – maybe he will after I show him this post!

  2. That first chair would put an instant smile on my face just by sitting on it! I LOVE the floral fabric, and the shape is really fun too 🙂 (It is going into my deco inspiration folder stat!)

  3. Joy,
    Is the fabric going to be available for the general public to purchase? From what I can find so far, it seems like you have to be a designer to access it.

  4. I reached out to her and was told that the geometric pattern is not RPC (just the floral fabric). Any way to find out who the other fabric is by? Thanks so much!


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