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{oh joy book tour} fall 2012…



This fall, my second book {my first solo book!} will be coming out. I can't tell you the title just yet, but it's part of the "Inc" series that includes my first book Creative, Inc. that I co-wrote with Meg Ilasco. I'm super excited about it as the topic is something I'm really passionate about and guide people on most often in my Oh Joy Rx consultations and workshops. As I prep for the tour in October, I'm hoping to visit 4 or 5 cities this time. Last time, we could only make it to 3, and I'd love to include a couple cities we missed in 2010. So, dear readers, I'd love to hear your preference on what city you'd like to see on my book tour as well as the times you're most likely to come out for a little book party. Click here for my short 2-question survey! Thanks in advance, and I'll be sure to keep you posted with cities and dates as it gets closer! — Joy

{photos by Karen Wise}


  1. I loved both books:
    * Creative, Inc.
    * Craft, Inc.
    So juicy, so full of information, guidelines and amazing ideas and business tips! Thank you for sharing all this! For me it is/was really important! I am just getting started into something that I still don’t know what it will be! For me, right now, experimenting is key! So, again, my honest thank you!

  2. hahaha We’re all saying places that Joy is not arriving in, soon enough. Maybe we just could arrange to have some of our sponsors and partners bring her to our side of the universe, for that live, hands-on experience and make a party of it!

  3. Oh please please come to Boston! It is the closest “major” city to me and I would love to come to a book signing!!

  4. Congrats Joy! I just found out a book I helped contribute to came out today. It’s a book-rific day!
    I didn’t know you had another book. I have some reading to catch up on 🙂
    Happy ♥ Day!

  5. Wow! That’s great! I can’t wait to see what wonderful thing you’ve come up with now–do let us know when we can pre order!

  6. How exciting! I look forward to see what you have in store for us! It’s a super slim chance you would visit Perth, Australia so I’ll keep an eye out for the news after your launch 🙂

  7. You are seriously a domestic goddess!! Where do you find the time to look amazing, look after your sweetypie Ruby, AND write/produce a book? You are setting an even higher bar than before Mrs Joy!! xx

  8. Hi Kelly,
    Thats very sweet of you! I wrote the book while I was pregnant, thank goodness! Had to get it done before the baby arrived ;P


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