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ruby’s room…



I'm excited to finally share some photos of our little lady's room with you! You may have caught photos of Ruby's room on Design*Sponge yesterday, and I wanted to share some additional ones with you here.


You may know that I love bold pops of color, pattern, and metallics and wanted our baby’s room to have a bright and fun feel that could grow with her into childhood. Last summer, I created these mood boards {here and here} so I could map out the idea in my head. I pretty much followed my overall vision using bright color and patterns offset with white and hints of gold. Sometimes it seems like an explosion of pattern, but I love that…and hopefully someday she will too.


I love mixing and matching bedding on our own bed, so it’s perfect for Ruby’s crib as well. We keep her crib skirt on all the time and rotate the fitted sheet often, so there’s always a mix of colors and patterns going on there.

{Duck crib skirt by Virginia Johnson, fitted sheet and bedding by Little Auggie, crib, changing table, storage bin/hamper, glider, and rug by DwellStudio}


I love throwing a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor and just hanging out while she plays, practices tummy time, or while we sing songs to her. [see more by continuing below]

{Ruby’s onesie by Egg Baby, hair clip by StellinaB, custom quilt made by Jennifer from Parallax using Nani Iro fabrics from Kicoli, neon dotted pillow cases by Castle, stitched pillow by Little Auggie, heart pillow by Nature Baby.}


I got the colorful vintage dressers off Craigslist after a blog reader in San Diego {thanks Kara!} came across them and emailed me because she thought I’d love them..and I did! At the time, I was 35 weeks pregnant and couldn’t lift anything, so Bob lugged these super heavy dressers up our stairs all by himself. On top of each one, we have lamps we use as night lights and some other little vintage knick knacks.


I’ve always loved this bookshelf by Oeuf and thought it was a piece that Ruby can use as she grows. Eventually, it will have more books and toys, but for now, the containers hold extra diapers, blankets, and first aid baby stuff. The wall above it has a mix of prints I already had, polaroids of Ruby taken by my friends, and a vintage abacus that I hope will inspire her in the future to be creative {or to be a math whiz!}.

{DwellStudio rug, Serena & Lily pouf, bookshelf by Oeuf, storage bins from the Container Store, bird painting by Allymoon, pink Paris print by Famille Summerbelle, pink framed painting by Julia Rothman, cake print by Paul Ferney, family portrait by Rifle Paper Co.}



Inspired by a project I saw in Martha Stewart Weddings last year, I made a whole wall of rose gold dots in my studio and loved them so much, I added them to Ruby’s room as well. Since we rent, we didn't want to add more wallpaper since other rooms in the house already have them. And since this is contact paper, it’s super easy to remove.

{You & Me print from One Point Oh, girl silhouette from Keep Calm, polaroids & print by Jen Gotch}



I hope you enjoyed seeing where our little nugget spends her days. You can read more about how it all came together over at Design*Sponge, you and see all photos right here! — Joy

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang, styling by Jen Gotch. last photo: round pink pillow by Castle, others by Little Auggie}


  1. the room is so beautiful. the gold dots make such a difference to the over-all feel/look of the room. i’m sure your daughter loves every bit of her room. thank you for sharing.

  2. this room is so well done I can’t stand it! beautiful job. the rose gold and that grey are phenomenal together. your little lady is too much! where is your long grey sofa from in front of the window?

  3. This is my favorite nursery I’ve ever seen. Not super babyish but definitely has the element of whimsy and wonder, just not in a forced way. No wonder Ruby’s such a happy baby!

  4. this is fantastic! i love your forward thinking for ruby. each piece is so ‘classic’ in it’s own way that she can love them forever. what a dream.

  5. Wow, those vintage dressers definitely win the award for find of the decade – even century! What a delightful, cheerful, spacious and beautifully styled room! I’m sure Ruby will just love it as she grows up. Plenty of space for future additions too. 🙂
    Ronnie xo

  6. Hello Joy,
    You’ve made a wonderful room for your adorable Ruby ! I’m at the moment trying to find a bed for my future little girl, and i was wondering where Ruby’s bed comes from ? (Sorry for my english, i’m french…)
    Thank you !

  7. Aww, she’s so precious!
    Her room is beautifully organized. I like the color scheme chosen for her room–varied and none too light or too dark.

  8. This is such a sweet and personal room to grow into – love the metallic contact paper dots and the rug is sooo perfect for playtime on the floor. And I notice I am not the only mama who calls their little person a “nugget”!

  9. Simply gorgeous!! Love everything about it. The dots are TDF and I love the pop of pink of the cushion on the couch! Well done… I wish my room looked like this!

  10. Is that the ice blue linen on the Dwell Glider? I love the color, but it looks different from what’s shown on their site. Thanks!

  11. Hi Elle,
    Yep, its the ice blue. It may look different because of the lighting? Its a pale slate blue..really pretty and goes with everything!

  12. How sweet is this room?! Absolutely love it Joy. Another thing I love – your bangs! You’re inspiring me to get a new haircut!

  13. I just about had a heart attack when I saw that little Ruby looks up at some familiar birdies! The nursery is so gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to see it all finished! Way to go on the sleep training too–man what a difference it makes in daily life to get some rest. Yay!

  14. Yes! Ive been saving the first one I got from you YEARS ago for my future babys the little one was a perfect compliment 😉

  15. Ruby is just the cutest – is she wearing egg by susan lazar? I think my boys had something like that. It was so soft and comfy.
    They really grow up too fast – my lil guys are 3 &5. I have been following you since your blogging early years and have been impressed with your posts on motherhood – highlighting the incredible joys and the challenges that come with juggling work and a career. Cherish those baby days but know it only gets better!

  16. OMG…I didn’t know you had the Paris map in your daughter’s bedroom! I was looking at the photos thinking to myself how cute her room was and then I saw the map..ah! I now have a big smile on my face. How lucky I am! I hope Ruby will enjoy discovering the little details hidden in the map when she’s a little bit older…:-)

  17. absolutely lovely, well done. The contact paper idea is fabulous for renters- I just hopped over to your office to check out another example. The campaign dresser is the best part- did it come painted or did you DIY that up? Either way, love it!

  18. It’s beautiful. And yes, the sleeping (and everything else) does get easier, otherwise no one would have a second baby! You have a lovely little girl and I envy your ability to decorate in pink – boys only for me, though my baby has a flowered quilt and a pink pillow in his nursery. To go with all his trucks 🙂

  19. I seriously love those vintage dressers! Great find! And contact paper – what an awesome idea!

  20. Joy – I love love love the polka dots that you made. I would like to do the same with my future nursery but had some questions. Do you know how large the circles are that you made? Did you use the copper contact paper to make them? And how did you stick the polka dots to the wall? Sorry so many questions but I want to make sure I do this right and I’m not too crafty!!! We shall see 🙂
    Thanks so much!

  21. I see you have a little brass turtle on one of the dressers… where did you get it? My husband and I have a special place in our hearts for turtles and I would love to get one for my baby girl’s nursery.

  22. I have been looking at the Dwell Studio Mid-Century French White crib for a while now and just realized that it’s the one you used! There are almost no reviews of it to be found. I’ve seen two and one says it’s “amazing” and the other says it’s “a piece of junk.” It doesn’t seem to be in many stores to see in person, either. So I was wondering if you could tell me how you liked it now that you’ve used it for a while. How is the quality and how did it hold up now that Ruby is older? I have been a long-time fan and reader but am only now pregnant myself, which makes some of these old posts of yours new again! I really respect your style and opinion! THANK YOU!

  23. Hi Andrea,
    We love it! I have has no issues and love the look of it.
    Ruby used it up until a few months ago when she switched to a twin bed. We also have the crib converter to change it to a toddler bed, but with our new baby coming soon, we are saving the crib for her and will convert it to toddler in a couple years when Rubys little sis is ready for it.
    Congrats and good luck!

  24. Love this idea for using up all the bits of contact paper I have left over from projects. I’ll be using your idea but with lots of different colors of contact paper. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  25. Love your wall dots! Just in case you want to go a different route on the next project please contact me as I would love to sponsor your wall decals! We offer easy to use peel and stick polka dot wall decals with 60+ colors to choose from!
    If you need anything at all feel free to contact me!

  26. Hi there –
    I know you bought the campaign dressers on CL, but were they already painted? If you painted them, would you share the colors?? I was fortunate enough to come across two campaign dressers in a recent estate sale and would love to mimic this room! such a great design!
    best, annie


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