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{taste it} mango oranges…



One of the best things about living in Southern California is the incredible abundance of citrus fruit! The citrus season here not only lasts longer {from January through March at a minimum}, but the variety of options are pretty endless.


I'm a huge fan of blood oranges {especially moro}, pomelos, and Sumo tangerines. So this year, I was in search of a new breed of citrus to try out and discovered mango oranges after hearing about them from Greg. After stalking the produce guy at Whole Foods, I finally got my hands on some, and our dining table overflowed with oranges aplenty…


About the size of a small orange, mango oranges have a pretty pinkish hue to their flesh and taste a bit like an orange creamsicle…with a slight hint of vanilla and mango. It's on the sweet side…kind of like the meyer lemon of the orange world. They were fun to taste and would make a mean OJ lemonade mixed in with some sour lemons! Have you guys come across any other fun citrus hybrids lately you're loving? — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Just last week I got the best honey tangerines at Whole Foods! I love that these are on the sweeter side rather than tart.

  2. Cara cara oranges! They are a grapefruit-navel hybrid, and are absolutely divine. I buy mine at Bi-rite market in San Francisco if I cannot make it to the farmers market. Try your nearest Whole Foods. Life changing!!

  3. Anything but a grapple! Have you ever tried one of those vile hybrids? Part grape, part apple, but what they really do is just inject grape flavoring into apples. Ick! Gross! What was I thinking!?
    Love blood oranges…now I’m on a search for a mango orange. Knowing Mark’s love for all things mango (He says it’s a Filipino thing) he’d probably propose on the spot once I brought these bad boys home!

  4. this is so intriguing! have to stake out whole foods for these. ps: i was at the hollywood farmer’s market last weekend and there seemed to be a bumper crop of citrus fruits. there might be some hybrids there worth checking out.

  5. Not a hybrid as far as I know, but the pomelo is just wonderful. It looks like a giant green peel grapefruit on steroids, and tastes much sweeter. I was in Israel this December and January, and they were in season and everywhere (along with a million varieties of clementines), in stores, on tables, on trees, by the side of the road.

  6. For a while here in New Zealand you could get these supersweet lemons which you could practically eat as is, I think they were called Lemonade Lemons but I can’t quite remember. Either way, they were incredibly delicious, and kinda fun – just biting into a lemon without wincing!
    I love blood oranges, you don’t see them a lot here but I try to grab one or two whenever I do, their flavour is so intense and deep.

  7. Just wondering which whole foods was selling the mango oranges…the santa monica wf didn’t have any, and neither did the santa monica farmers market I’d love to get my hands on some, they sound amazing!!

  8. Hi Sharona,
    I got them at the one in Glendale. I had to ask them twice though bc they werent out when I went and the guy told me when theyd be back. When we went back, they were unloading them off the truck!

  9. peace, gave my brother seeds from the delicious mango orange fruit, that i purchased the fruit one day in local grocery years ago, for he had a tropical nursery. have never seen the fruit again. it stands 6 feet tall today but no blossoms, no fruit. maybe it needs another mango orange tree to cross pollinate, to get it to blossom if one is nearby. where may i find the mango orange fruit, i have never seen an orange that has a mango flavor again. where are they grown, or are they a hybrid that won’t reproduce fruit? any help, please.


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