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{flavor stories} grilled cheese sandwiches…



I like a good hearty sandwich, but I love a grilled cheese! I can't decide exactly which I like best so I thought I'd share what I've been making lately. Last week, I tried sliced and buttered baguette with chopped olives, mozzarella, provolone and casalingo salami. It was something like a muffuletta with the ingredients inside, while on the outside it was treated like a panini. I made it on a cast iron grill pan, using the weight of another heavy skillet to gently press the sandwich as each side got toasty. This way {since I don't have a panini press} they turn out just as great.


And then a few nights ago, I tried buttered raisin bread with white cheddar, casalingo salami, sliced fuji apples and my winter pesto—which includes a handful of picked arugula, half a handful of flat leaf parsley leaves, a splash of olive oil, a sprinkle of kosher salt and a generous handful of walnuts ground together with a mortar & pestleand those were really delicious!


*For a vegetarian alternative skip the meat, these sandwiches are just as great without.

So tell me folks, what are you favorite grilled cheese flavors? I'd love to try a new combination!

{photos and styling by Nikole Herriott for Oh Joy}


  1. ooooh – these look divine (even at 9:30 am… i know what i’m having for lunch).
    my favorite is brie, fig jam, prosciutto and apple slices on a good crusty whole wheat bread… salty and sweet and so, so good.

  2. if you can find a jar of jalapeno jelly, put it on slices of rustic country bread with turkey, sharp cheddar, and slices of granny smith apples. if the bread is a little holey, the jalapeno jelly oozes out and creates a caramelization on the outer side of the bread that is so delicious.

  3. i’m a grilled cheese addict….one of my favs is cheddar and muenster on raisin bread (easter bread with golden raisins is the best). another grilled gem is salami and brie on a good crusty italian. mmmmm!

  4. Black Forest Ham, Sage honey, goat cheese on rustic bread. Don’t forget to add a light dusting of black pepper to the cheese before grilling!

  5. I will never tire of grilled cheese sandwiches! I made one recently with sliced granny smith, goat cheese, and sharp cheddar. Fig spread would be a great addition, too. Yum!

  6. Those sounds and look incredible! Nothing beats a grilled cheese. I’ve been making a smoked Gouda and apple on wheat bread for a while and that one still remains my favorite.

  7. Yours look beautiful and proof that you don’t need a panini press. I did get one when i worked at Williams Sonoma one Christmas and i use it almost everyday after school. Our favorite is fresh mozzarella and sometime a little pesto on ciabatta bread.

  8. Oh wow those look tasty, and all these suggestions sound amazing. I had a girlfriend over for a grilled cheese lunch last week and we had one with goat cheese, walnuts, and honey and a second with gruyere, fig & apple chutney, and lots of fresh cilantro. Both were amazing.


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