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hand in hand in haiti…






Last year, I shared a new branding and packaging project I worked on for Hand in Hand—a company who's passionate about preventing illness in children from contagious diseases due to lack of soap and poor quality water. For every bar of soap purchased, another bar is donated to a child in need. And thanks to so many people over the last few months, they recently made a trip to Haiti to donate 5,000 bars to children in need. You can read more about the cause and the orange blossom soap bars right here! They're also now being carried online at Anthropologie. We're working on some new packaging for new scents, and I'm proud to have helped grow this product and cause even more… — Joy

{photos by Hand in Hand}


  1. beautiful! as with all your work, i love the design, and the sentiment as well. just a note – i work in development and wonder if the company could link up with a sanitation, hygiene and health program on the ground? unfortunately, it’s usually the case that clean water or sanitation products aren’t enough if communities don’t understand why and how to stay clean. also, if the company could fund a program to train haitians to make soap with local, low-tech methods and sell the product in their own communities, that would be sustainable and ideal. i don’t mean to sound pedantic or pessimistic, just thought i would share because you seem like the type of person who cares. also, i can recognize a good effort when i see one. lots of good wishes. x

  2. That photo of the little girl holding the unopened bar of soap makes me want to cry, and smile at the same time… Thank you for letting us know about this cause, I will definitely be supporting it.

  3. This is awesome. Must be satisfying to get to create something for a company whose work you really believe in. Will definitely be purchasing some and can’t wait to see the new packaging! Although I like the current packaging a lot 🙂

  4. thank you for sharing this! i just purchased a pack of 5 bars and am hosting a giveaway to share the life saving capabilities a simple bar of soap has. incredibly inspiring – thank you!

  5. What does this packaging say about the cause? There was so much opportunity here to use the form to inform what the cause stands for and the needs/values of the other half of this arrangement: the children.
    Of course, it is beautiful to me -an American consumer- but where is the beauty to the child from the Third World Country? A consideration to both audiences would escalate the design to universal significance.
    Though the effort is admirable, don’t forget your role as a designer who plays a powerful role in reforming cultural values.


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