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oh joy {eats} umamicatessen in downtown la…



My favorite local burger spot, Umami Burger, recently opened a deli-style offshoot called Umamicatessen in downtown Los Angeles. Consisting of a multi-part menu, it's like five mini restaurants all in one. In addition to the usual Umami-style burgers, there's Pigg for cured meats, The Cure for deli-style staples, a donut menu, a coffee bar, and a separate liquor bar. Since I've had their burgers on multiple occasions, this visit was meant to taste test the new components of Umamicatessen.


We began with some fried snacks…including french fries {topped with a whole lot of goodness}, pork corn, and cracklin. Then, the highlight of my meal—the Chef's Picks of 8 cured hams. Cured meat is probably one of my favorite things ever {I missed it SO much when I was pregnant}, so I was sitting pretty in some serious ham heaven. I loved sampling some world class hams presented simply on sheets of kraft paper. Needless to say, my salt intake for the day was at an all-time high, but it was worth every penny.


As a finishing touch, we ordered every single donut on the menu. Yep, all six {go big or go home, right?}. My absolute favorite was the version with meyer lemon curd, yogurt glaze, and freeze-dried blueberries. It was sweet and tart, moist and savory…and the perfect ending to a fun meal with friends. — Joy

Umamicatessen / 852 S. Broadway / Los Angeles, CA 90014 / 213.413.8626

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. Space designed by SO|DA. My outfit: top and shorts by J.Crew, necklace by House of Kami, shoes by Liebling.}


  1. Damn girl. My company is moving my job to LA and I have the opportunity to relocate. I really don’t want to, and the only reason I can think of to move is all these food places you post. Umami Burger is actually opening in Orange County soon, but I will definitely need to make the trip up to Umamicatessan!

  2. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it on my next trip to L.A.! Thanks for writing a great review with the awesome pictures!!!

  3. Hi Vania,
    Thanks! Its actually a gel nail, so its not the kind you buy in the store, but they only have in the salon. Its like a neon orange color with a touch of pink. Sorry, I cant be more specific. I just picked a swatch and there was no name!

  4. Oh yay! I’m so glad you featured them–so delicious! If you didn’t try the hoof & mouth sandwich this time around, you gotta next time–it’s reminiscent of a banh-mi, but more delicate and sophisticated. And wasn’t the staff just so sweet and adorable? One of my new favorite places too!

  5. my mom just brought their menu to me the other day.. i thought it was an umami burger imposter, but glad to see they’re just expanding! hehee… your top is so super cute.. love it!

  6. Aaaaah I did NOT know that Umami burger opened up a new restaurant!! OMG I have to try that next time I’m in LA! PS I love that you ordered all of their donuts. I might do the same thing haha.

  7. Hi Kristin!
    Its from House of Kami (link is at bottom of post). I am not sure if this one is still available but she has other super cute ones!

  8. That being the case, it looks like it may be CND Shellac’s Tropix! Hope that helps!
    The food at this place looks amazing by the way! I wish it was there before I left LA! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Joy, you look so cute and that food is seriously tempting me to throw away all my healthy diet commitments. I mean look at that pork crackling!!!! I love this new food column – so lucky to have Bonnie take photos for you!
    Ronnie xo

  10. There seems to be such an amazing variety of different foods in LA. We wish we could come and experience all of these lovely places you find! You’ve inspired us to seek out quirky places in Bristol (England!) to eat!

  11. hey joy, may i ask what size you wear for your top? i have never purchased anything from j crew.. and i believe there’s a petite line as well? i am very short (5 foot)…

  12. Thanks so much guys! For those who asked, all clothing is listed at the bottom of the post. And I’ll always mention where things are from there in future posts as well!

  13. YUMMMM after I had my baby in November I ordered a whole leg or Serrano ham from Spain! Now I am having to diet seriously! I just found your blog today and I am glad to find another woman who appreciates a good cured ham. I don’t find it often here in the US. Most my friends don’t even want to try it. Anyway I love your blog and I am so glad I found it.

  14. Why, pray tell, can a woman not eat cured meats while pregnant? I’ve never heard of that one (and I’ll bet lots of moms in previous generations never did, either). Hm.

  15. Hi Keeka,
    Its one of those newer rules that OBs advise against because cured meats arent really cooked and theres a chance of bacterial infection like listeria. Of course, there are countries and cultures who dont cut this out of their diets during pregnancy and do just fine. Its just one of those things they suggest against in the states.


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