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oh joy {online} yard sale…





Every year, I go through a bit of spring cleaning and purge my closet and shelves of things I haven't used in a while and no longer need. It can be tough since I still love so many of those things I've bought or collected over the years, but sometimes you just gotta make more space for new things. With a baby and baby things a plenty filling up our small house, spring cleaning this year was a must!

The last couple local yard sales I've had in the past two years have been so fun, but many of you who aren't local were bummed you couldn't attend. So, voila! I'm having online yard sale this time! I've joined forces with the folks at Copious as the shopping platform my newest yard sale {you can follow people and stay up on what they're selling}. There's a mix of clothing, accessories, and home decor—stuff I still really love, but just no longer need. You can check out my current batch of things for sale right here, and I'll be restocking the shop again next month with another batch…

UPDATE: There were 18 items listed today, and most have sold already. More will be stocked soon!

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Love the floral jar (3rd pic) above, but didn’t see it in the sale – last minute change of heart, or did it just sell already?


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