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a little pool party at kate spade…



A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a little summer "pool party" at the Kate Spade store at the Americana at Brand here in LA as part of a summer style blogger series. It was a fun way to kick off the summer season, support one of my favorite brands, and to meet some of my awesome readers. Thanks so much to everyone who came out! It was so fun meeting in person! And you can see a post about the event from one of our guests right here, a fun bit on Instagram, and Kate Spade's post right here! — Joy

{photos by Bonnie Tsang. My outfit: Hana Dress, Rosewood Dot Necklace, Isabel Heels}


  1. UGH those pink shoes! Might you happen to have an in with the lovely people at Kate Spade? I am getting married and want NOTHING MORE than the hot pink Nell Flat. Which they no longer make and which is sold out EVERYWHERE! Any tips? Also, are those pink cuties above currently available?

  2. You are just too cool for school my dear. If I was still living in LA I would have SO been there! Looks like you did an amazing job =)
    – Sarah

  3. Can anyone tell me the name of the orange jacquard coat the woman in the pic is wearing? is it kate spade?

  4. How fun!!! I still have yet to get myself down to that store. I’ve been to Pasadena (it’s tiny!!), and the one at Fashion Island in Newport (it’s pretty nice!), but I must must get myself into LA!!
    Love your blog!


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