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{closet & casa} with martha mcquade…



who: Martha McQuade, Clothing Designer and owner of ScarfShop

why martha rocks: I can't think of a more perfect spring scarf than Martha's hand-dyed beauties!

in her closet: I bought this Mary Meyer scarf a few years ago and have worn it several times a week since. I'm always cold, so having a scarf close by is a necessity. The graphic print appeals to my architectural nature and black and white looks good with everything. I do a lot of dyeing, so am often wearing an old t-shirt and jeans. So I like to throw on this scarf, run out the door, and feel "dressed".

in her casa: The intaglio print was made by local Minneapolis artist Brian Aldrich during his Jerome fellowship at the Highpoint Center for Printmaking. I love it because it's geometric and has two different readings. From far away it looks crisp and graphic but up close you can see the fine pencil lines and imperfections that tell you it was hand drawn. I know Brian and bump into him occasionally at art shows and sales around the city so I value having work around me that comes from people I know personally.

Thanks Martha!

{photos by Martha}



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