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{fashioned florals} mini wreath place card…



Here’s a sweet and simple place card idea for this week’s Fashioned Florals—perfect in time for an Easter brunch, don’t ya think? I’m also jazzed that this requires nothing but scissors or floral shears to put together {not to mention that I rounded up everything up from my yard}! Free is always appreciated, especially when Spring’s bounty is in high force here in Texas!


1. Supply time! This week’s project literally took me only steps outside my front door to gather up some herbs and wildflowers—including lavender foliage, rosemary, primrose, blooming sage, blue bonnets, ventana, and finally, those stunning orange blossoms from my pomegranate tree.


2. Start with your hardiest branch {it was the pomegranate for me} and any other main blooms you’d like to incorporate. Don’t worry about trimming any leaves from the larger branch, you’ll want as much foliage as you can get for the wreath.


3. Wrap your branch into a circle by “tying” the loose end around some of the leaves. It stays, I promise! If it doesn’t, just keep wrapping that loose end around and around until it sticks.


4. Next, wrap your second bloom {or third, fourth, etc…} around your main wreath, tucking the stems around the leaves to disguise any loose ends. 


5. Once you have a good start, move it onto your plate or place setting. You can then incorporate additional foliage {I used rosemary} around the outer edge, or tuck additional blooms into the mix. 


6. Finally, add in a personalized tag with your guest’s name, and curl the paper a touch so that it tucks under the left side of the wreath. Voila! In all, this took me about 10 minutes or less for each place setting, and adds a little jolt of color to an otherwise ho-hum table setting. You could add some hardier herbs for a mini wreath that would look {and smell} delicious! — Liz

 {All photos by Liz for Oh Joy!}


  1. Pretty and creative–but I would put it outside the plate for fear someone (me!) would confuse it with a light salad!


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