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happy friday + singing along…



It's funny the things you do when you have a baby—things you never thought you'd do or want to do. I'm a terrible singer. In my head, I sound like Mariah Carey, but when my voice hits the open air, it comes out tone def, off-key, and definitely not like Mrs. Cannon…at all. Bob was previously the only one whom I subjected my off-key melodies to, despite the fact that he actually sings really well. So most of my adult life, I've been pretty self-conscious of my singing voice and never really sung in public or in front of my friends {I was always the one not singing to the radio during road trips with the girls or suggested something other than karoke}.

Before having Ruby, I worried I wouldn't be a fun mom because I'd feel uncomfortable singing to her or doing silly things that involve reciting the same tune over and over again. But you know what…all of a sudden, I find myself singing more than ever. When we walk, I sing to her what she's seeing, what she's hearing, and tell her where we're going. I make up the cheesiest songs, and I don't care who is around me or if strangers hear me. I even take her to Gymboree. All I want to do is make my baby smile and laugh. It's a funny thing that made me get over my lack of vocal talent real quick! Next, we'll work on my fear of water…but I'll save that for another time. Have a great weekend all. Hope it's full of fun things that make those you love most smile. — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy of Ruby at 6+ months watching Bonnie the Bear}


  1. Wow! I had the same fear!!!!! Not about the water — the singing! I’m the worlds worst singer; in positive of that! But when it comes to Everett, I will sing all the live long day! Anything to make him happy!

  2. haha, i’m exactly the same — with both the singing AND the fear of water. but once my niece was born, i found myself singing all the time to her and not caring either.
    now she’s 5 and is already a much braver and better swimmer than i am. ah well…

  3. I think motherhood pulls you out of those fears on many occasions. It is a great thing. I’m sure you’ll ease out of your fear of the water too once Ruby is ready for swim lessons!

  4. I have a 3 week old niece, and I sing, have crazy conversations with her, and look a little crazy at whatever I’m doing to entertain her – but it’s great!
    I love your baby’s chub!

  5. I’m terribly afraid I won’t sing to my kids! I’m glad to hear the motherly instinct takes care of that fear.
    On a totally unrelated note: I love your rug. Where is it from?

  6. Ha, so true! I remember when Juliette was super little and I’d take her to the park and see moms pushing their little ones on the swings singing, talking a mile a minute to and there I’d be pushing Juliette silently. All the while thinking I look like a horrible, un fun Mama. Then one day something switched and now I’m making up tunes, running all over the place just to see her little face light up. It’s one of the best parts of parenthood. The letting go.
    Thanks for sharing this! Happy Weekend!

  7. Joy, I love all the stories and photos you share of Ruby, but I have to say this one might be my favorite. All her chubby arm fat is just too much. She’s adorable! 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing Joy. Your little princess is really growing fast, and she’s sooooo sweet! I remember my mother telling me of a similar experience. Motherhood seems to make amazing things happen. Really uplifting post for a Friday, thanks! And don’t stop singing 🙂

  9. Oh Joy, I love when you post photo stories about your experience as a mother to little Ruby. I look forward to checking out the site on Fridays to see what you share. You make being a new mom seem like the most fun ever. Keep the Ruby inspired posts coming!!! xoxo

  10. I love the little perks of being a mom. And the singing gets to be even more fun when they start singing back to you! My son is learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and he will sing little bits of it throughout the day. These are moments I hope I never forget: )
    Your daughter is such a cutie-pie, those eyes!

  11. I literally just went through the same process. My boyfriend is a stellar rhymer so he makes up all sorts of fun songs…and our nanny has a lovely voice and belts out all the disney tunes as well as little kiddy songs I vaguely remember from my childhood. I was the one just sitting quietly with my daughter..which I think she did truly enjoy. It was like our moment of meditation:) But about a week ago (my daughter is now 9 weeks old) I changed everything. I started singing to her when we were alone getting her ready for bed…these horrible made up songs about whatever I saw around us. I just did it in a really soft voice and it made her smile and drift off to sleep. So then I branched out even more…started singing while my boyfriend was around in the morning and my little girls face would instantly light up! I now find myself actively seeking out new songs to memorize off youtube. Old songs I remember from my childhood. My rendition of Ernies Rubber Ducky and 12 ladybugs picnic from 1980’s Sesame Street are the best!! Now the world is just going to have to deal with my horrendous singing everywhere we go…and it doesn’t even phase me:)

  12. You KNOW you’re a mom when you lose all fear of embarrassment in public by terrible singing, goofy faces and impromptu tickle fights. It’s pretty freeing actually 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness, the chub! I want to eat her up…
    Isn’t it amazing how babies make us do things we thought were once silly and embarrassing? I was a nanny for years and there’s just nothing better than making them giggle. 🙂

  14. Happy to hear this! Isn´t singing just so fun (: Making own melodies and stories.
    Sometimes I do sing when I bicycle. There is something about going quickly and singing together.
    Enjoy and good luck with water!

  15. I’m the same!! :)Since I have my little boy, I sing a lot. A LOT. Well, now we sing together. And it seems to me that I’m getting better with practice. ;))

  16. omg, i’m the same way! i make up little tunes wherever we are. the other day, we were at target, and i was singing about everything i was putting into our shopping cart. and not just singing, but doing it in a very animated and hyper way. people were staring but when they saw my baby, they realized i wasn’t a crazy homeless person.

  17. Your baby is super cute!! I’ve always loved to sing. In fact, my friends and I planned to make a concert on a friend’s wedding,with versions of our favorite songs and since that we can’t stop singing…soon we’ll make other concert.

  18. I LOVE her arm rolls. So cute. And you will get over your fear of water. We just started bryan with swimming lessons at the Rose Bowl Aquatics center. So much fun. Babies in swimwear and sunhats. What’s not to like?

  19. i never get tired of seeing your gorgeous little ruby! i’m so with you on the fear of water. i’m going to try to conquer it…one day!


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