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{oh joy eats dessert with} hannah queen…



Who  Hannah Queen, photographer and food blogger

Where Blue Ridge, Georgia

Time 3:30 pm

What's a typical dessert for you? I never order dessert out, so when I eat it, it's usualy something I've baked at home. My desserts are pretty simple and not too sweet. I love things like honey tapioca, lightly sweetened fruit pies in the middle of summer, and tart citrus desserts in the winter. This is a leftover maple buttermilk tart that I created for a blog post. It has a hazelnut crust which is my favorite thing ever. I topped it with extra whipped cream and toasted hazelnuts. 

What's your dream/ideal dessert? A dessert picnic in the middle of a forest. Little tarts, jam cookies, and towering cakes—I'd invite all my friends.

How often do you treat yourself to dessert? About once a week, or whenever I need to write a blog post! 

Thanks Hannah!
— Joanna

{photos by Hannah}


  1. Tart citrus deserts in winter sound wonderful! I alway immediately think of warm chocolate, thick syrups, gooey brownies… but something citrusy sounds so different and satisfying!


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