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Baby Essentials {Update}…



Earlier this year, I wrote a master Baby Essentials post for those of you who asked for help or suggestions for your baby registry. Now that Ruby has passed the six month mark, I've updated that master list with some new things I've learned or discovered since then. It mostly includes some things we now love and use for Ruby as she got older, started eating, sitting, and being not as much of a tiny baby anymore. All new things are marked with an asterisk and in italics. I've also added my favorites from each category to a Pinterest board to make it easy to repin and add to you boards.

Also, for those of you who want to follow more of my Mom/Baby picks, I'm now a contributor over at the new site Mom.Me where you can find weekly galleries of my favorite home decor, fashion, and other fun things for babies, kids, and their mamas. — Joy

{A few of my new favorites above: Blabla dolls, Guava Mitts, Honest products, Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair.} 


  1. love the trip trapp – we have that one although our little’s thighs quickly outgrew the baby adaptor portion before she could sit solo so we had the clip on chair from phil and ted’s as an interim measure. But now that she sits independently, we’re back in the trip trapp. Easy to clean and she eats with us “a table” – no weird trays that keep baby separate from everyone else at family dinner.

  2. Did you get a discount from Stokke that you can share with us by any chance? So many of your items are from them.

  3. My daughter has a couple of blabla dolls and she couldn’t care less that they exist, but I sure do think they’re cute! Thinking about jacking them sons of beetchez and keeping them for myself. Perhaps I’ll just put them on display instead of leaving them in the toy basket.

  4. Joy – so funny that we posted our baby essentials updates at almost the exact same time. I love the bebpod as well. The watermelon shaped tray (at least ours is a watermelon) is fascinating to bryan.


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