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{closet & casa} with julia atkinson…



who: Julia Atkinson, Design Blogger

why julia rocks: She's based in New Zealand and concentrates on the creative talent to be found down under.

in her closet: Between the color, cut, and print, this Milk from a Thistle dress is something I can't live without. It's super light and skims those body bits that need skimming! The soft tunic style means that I can wear it loose with navy tights and boots in winter or belted with sandals on summery days.

in her casa: The cushion is one of many that I have slowly gathered from New Zealand brand, Citta. I'll admit to having a problem with too many cushion purchases, but I love that they all end up on my sunny daybed—it's a total chaotic riot of print and pattern. I especially love pairing them with the old and beaten 80's leather armchair that my parents passed on to me. It has my sisters name scratched in the back and couldn't be more perfect for curling up in to watch a movie.

Thanks Julia!

{photos by Camilla Stoddart}


  1. Yay you featured someone from NZ! It will be nice to have a blog that matches up with the seasons over on this crazy opposite side of the world!


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