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{fashioned florals} a pink flower crown…



It’s no doubt that flower crowns are popular these days and with plenty of reason! They’re feminine, whimsical, and really, so much fun. I recently made one for a friend’s bridal shoot and realized that I needed to put a DIY together for this, just because. 

Hop on down for the steps … 


1. I started with some blue thistle, some tiny white blooming spirea, an unusual peach and pink carnation, two camellias {one pink, one white}, and one stray vine from my yard, and I got to work. {If you don’t have any vines at your disposal, grab some ribbon, metallic elastic, floral wire, or even a headband. All can work in this scenario!}


2. Work through all the blooms by cutting their stems short, as we’ll wire them next. The greens or “backing” should be an inch or two long while the vine’s base should get cleared of any leaves on its bottom inch of length.


3. Now it’s time to wire! We’ve covered it before in previous fashioned florals posts, but go through and wire each bloom with floral wire. Next, tie two pieces of greenery {I used spirea} that will be the base that the flowers are attached to. 


4. It’s now time to use all these beautiful blooms as you attach them by wrapping their individual wires around the base of greens to create a central piece. It’s good to have a couple of large blooms {one to three} which will be framed by smaller blooms, pods, or seeds. Picking a range of scales in elements helps a lot. I also used a quick duo of short floral wires to tie the vine into a crown shape. 


5. Now the best part! Affix the large piece to your crown of vines by using short pieces of floral wire and twisting everything together.


6. The finale! Make sure to use some bobby pins to keep things steady, even if you end up with an asymmetrical piece like mine is. You could also continue this further by attaching a series of small pieces together which will create an even bigger statement. Either way, they’re a super fun accessory! — Liz

{All photos by Liz for Oh Joy!}


  1. This is so lovely, I’ve just been thinking about corsages lately too, how they’ve sadly fallen out of fashion. I should really wear more flowers.


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