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happy friday + hello 33…



Happy Friday friends! Today I woke up a year older and {maybe?} a year wiser. Ever since turning 30 a few years ago, I've actually enjoyed getting older. Life just gets better…friendships are fewer {but stronger}, your family grows in so many new ways, and you just become more confident in who you are and who you'll become. Even though so many things are still unknown and there's so much more to learn about, every year really just gets better. Thanks so much to all of you for being part of my journey through this site and through my work. Getting to do this job and reaching out to you every day really means so much to me. Okay, so enough of my sappiness…go out and have a great weekend guys! — Joy

{iPhone photo above from a birthday dinner last night with some of my dearest friends at Son of a Gun.}


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Joy!! You’ve accomplished so much at such an early age! I can’t wait to see what you do or how you grow over the next few years! Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday Joy! Nothing is more awesome than getting wiser without looking older. That’s the beauty!
    ; )

  3. Happy Birthday Joy! I agree with you and birthdays. I am turning 55 this year and feel blessed every year to have had another year! I just wish they would slow down 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Joy! I look forward to another year filled with my dose of daily “joy” with you. Your blog gives me happiness!

  5. Happy birthday Joy!
    Now that is some cake you have! It must have been hard to cut up;) For the girl who loves delicious snacks I am surprised you didn`t have 5 or 6 different bday cakes. I am betting this little fishy is what was left of some massive delicioso 10 tier cake, topped with a pie and maybe some shaved ice and decorated with a few chocolate bars and served up with a side order of soft serve green tea ice cream of course!
    Hope you had a fantastic day and I wish you nothing but the best for the year to come.

  6. Haha! Yes!
    The candle was in the fish because the desserts my friends ordered has ice cream on top so the candle cant really sit in that! Thanks for your creative suggestions…that was awesome!

  7. Have an amazing year old lady! Hahaha. I turned 33 a couple months ago and yes…it keeps on gettin better. Have a lovely bday weekend with your fam and homies!

  8. Happy happy birthday Joy – hope you had a good one. I can only agree about the positives of turning the big three-oh. I’ve had some wonderful experiences myself since my 30th birthday two years ago and I can only hope that it keeps getting better and better with time, as does a good wine! 🙂

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Joy! THANK YOU for sharing your creativity, inspiration and wisdom through this blog and your book, Creative, Inc. Hope you had a wonderful day. xoxo

  10. Hi Joy- Not sure if you remember me, but I have been an artist on your blog a few times. Anyway- we are the exact same age! May 18 is the perfect day for a birthday. Enjoy 33! Everyone says its the best!
    Eva W.


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