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I love getting surprise packages in the mail, so all the new monthly subscription services out there are kind of are my new favorite thing. And for the last few months, I've been trying out a monthly subscription to a kids clothing site called Wittlebee. It's been so fun getting a mix of cute little clothes for Ruby like the ones above.

They customized your box based on your preferred size, needs, and styles. Bob and I try to limit spending to no more than $15 on an piece of everyday clothing for Ruby. Sure, for a special occasion or something that can be worn a lot, we may break the rule. But for a baby who grows so fast, it's a been a good way for us to stick to a budget on things she'll only get to wear a handful of times. Getting the Wittlebee box allows us to stick to that budget since you get 6-8 pieces for under $40 and get introduced to brands I've never seen before.


My new favorites are these tees from Luca Charles—they are seriously the softest pieces of baby clothing ever {these and Splendid's and Nature Baby's are some of the coziest!}. I love the idea of gifting a month or two of this too! — Joy

{top photo by Oh Joy, bottom by Luca Charles}


  1. Those tees look so soft and cozy! That would make the perfect baby shower gift wrapped up with a few books. I love the idea of getting clothes every month too (those monthly programs are pretty much my favorite thing too).

  2. That’s a brilliant idea! I’m looking at their site now — what clothing style did you choose for Ruby?

  3. Too cool. My boss gets his stuff delivered to him every month from Trunk Club – I’ve been wishing there was something for girls or kids. Never thought to check!

  4. Gosh I meant to say *how*
    Maybe I have been staring at the screen a little too long, but your blog is just way too fabulous not to keep clicking 🙂

  5. This post just made me so excited to have a baby. I love this idea, it’s like a birch box for babies! I think I’d be too picky to have an adult version. 🙂

  6. What a great idea and excellent price point.. but I went over there to order and it only goes up to age my daugher is 7… guess it will have to go on the gifting idea list..

  7. oh, i’ll have to check this out! i’m completely smitten with thredup for my little guy ( just got a package yesterday-13 gently used (they really look new, to me) pieces of clothing for him for right around $40 (shipping is free, too, if you spend over $40). love this boxes of delights!
    also, ruby is just the cutest. i read ohjoy all the time, but especially on fridays, when you post pictures of your adorable baby girl!!!


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