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As Ruby gets older, it's fun to think about all the places we'll go together as a family. So, I'm loving these ZigZag City Guides for kids. The two characters, Zig and Zag, guide your child through the city {in this case, Rome} and teach words and phrases in Italian, various sights to see, and let them reflect on what they experience. The fun illustrations, the foldout map, and the overall format seems so fun and useful! — Joy


  1. So fun! I love how this map becomes part of the adventure. Kids could also be inspired to make their own version with photos and drawings.

  2. such a fun learning experience for kids–I love seeing creations like these, & the maps (& zig & zag) are adorable! these would work well in a classroom, too.

  3. These are adorable! I want one, and I don’t have any children. I wonder what other cities they have. Thanks for sharing these!

  4. The cards and map sound like a great idea. I’ll going to check them out. It’s taken us awhile to learn the children’s version of travel books and tours is usually way better than the adult version.
    For instance, if you find yourself in the Vatican Musuem, don’t listen to the lady who’s selling the audioguides when she tells you the kids version is only for kids and too boring for adults. Our daughter’s guide was awesome and the adults sucked.


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