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{oh joy eats} tarte tatin in beverly hills…



I love little pastry shops where you can pop in for a quiet breakfast and start the morning off with a satisfying treat. Tarte Tatin is a little spot in Beverly Hills that makes lovely little pastries and also has a sit-down breakfast.


Inspired by Mediterranean flavors, I loved their delicate and savory cheese puff speckled with black and white sesame seeds.


And, who doesn't love a good ole' chocolate chip cookie chock full of chocolate? And while I didn't have it this time, the Israeli breakfast they make looks pretty amazing, too. What's your favorite morning pastry? I have so many it's hard to choose! — Joy

 Tarte Tatin / 9123 West Olympic Boulevard / Beverly Hills, CA 90212 / 310.550.0511

{photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy. My outfit: shirt from past season of J.Crew (similar), pink jeans from ASOS, Loeffler Randall flats, gold tipped clutch by Grace Design.} 


  1. love, love, love this series, look forward to it every week – love the pictures, food spot suggestions and what you wear.
    have a lovely weekend!

  2. Joy, please help me understand I am also a new mom of baby girls, born 10/12/11. I work full time while they stay with the nanny at home. I miss them insanely while I am at work. When I am not in my office I feel tremendously guilty if I am not with them. How do you find the time for quiet time alone in a pastry shop, how do you stay so thin eating all this goodness and where is little Ruby in all this? Love your blog by the way.

  3. We used to go there all the time (it’s a block from our old place)! One of the best bakeries in LA. And the Israeli breakfast is my fave. Worth going back for the cheese alone that they serve with it.
    Hollywood trivia: The super nice owner/chef used to be Ron Howard’s personal chef.
    p.s. Dying over your outfit!

  4. Hi Julie!
    Ha, good questions! First off, your girls share the exact same birthday as Ruby! What a great day to be born 😉
    We have a part-time nanny, so I work while our nanny is taking care of Ruby and then I spend the rest of the day with her. The 50/50 split of work-mode and mom-mode is great for me right now and gives me my own space and time to work, but also time with my baby. I do work from home mostly, so I see her every so often during that time and can say hello and hear her in the other room even when I am working. In some ways that makes it harder to concentrate, but in some ways it makes it easier because just hearing her little coos makes me know shes in good hands and I dont have to worry.
    When I am shooting these food series, its during a time that Ruby is being watched with our nanny.
    As for staying thin – thank you. I have stayed very active my whole life, so while I do like to eat and its one of my greatest pleasures in life, I also balance that out with working out. These days, exercise isnt what it used to be since my time is more limited, so they include long walks with Ruby in her baby carrier up and down the hills we live on. Strapping a 20 lb baby to you while walking for miles really burns off those pastries! 😉

  5. So nice of you to reply in such length. You are so lucky to have such a flexible schedual. I love your blog and styling. I’m looking forward to seeing inside your book. Happy 8 months to Ruby.

  6. So is “Israeli breakfast” a thing now in L.A?
    I haven’t actually seen this outside of Israel. And for the record – we don’t actually eat this kind of breakfast at home … though it is fun to start the day in a cafe with it.


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