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{outside/inside} a grown-up tree house…



OUTSIDE / The Lodge's tree house sprouts from the lush Scottish greenery creating a grown-up hideaway…


…an INSIDE that I imagine would be full of beautiful rustic pieces mingling with dark metal, raw slate, and pops of pastel. Perhaps, a retired dendrologist or the heroine of a romance novel lives here? — Joanna

{left to right, top to bottom: Moso pendant lights from Branch, John Robshaw pillow, forest canopy bed from Anthropologie, hanging rattan chair from Serena & Lily, branch pendant from ABC Home & Carpet, bow bin from Areaware, dipped slate chalkboard from Terrain.}

{tree house image via Style Me Pretty}


  1. These are such beautiful inspirations! My neighbor has a tree house, he built it for his grandchildren…they hardly ever use it….so sad! Will you built one for your daughter if she request for one?

  2. I am so in LOVE with this post series (and the execution)!!! My mom and I always used to drive around looking for empty houses for sale… and now I’m a designer 🙂

  3. great photos, really like the treehouse. its stays on the _love to build_ list.. but the trees in the garden aren’t to excited yet. one day ! but lovely photos

  4. Wow, love the tree house. Just went to the ‘Lodge Hotel’ website. It looks beautiful! I would love to make that my next holiday destination in Scotland 🙂

  5. The tree house I’m in love with but that tree bed, i think not! I might wake up disoriented and think I’m in a forest or something. But I’d love to have that lamp with flowers around it 🙂 Nice collection you’ve gathered here.


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