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a “this & that” summer {giveaway}…

oh joy jeni's ice cream

oh joy jeni's ice cream

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is enjoy a cool treat outside in the warm sunshine. So for this summer's "This & That" giveaway, I'm thrilled to pair this Fabric & Handle multi-use tote {it converts from a tote bag to backpack to shoulder bag…} and that set of Jeni's Summer Ice Cream Assortment {um, hello deliciousness!} to welcome the sunny season and plenty of outdoor relaxing.

To enter, simply visit Fabric & Handle and Jeni's, then leave a comment below telling us…what you like to pack for summer picnics. Entries must be posted by this Friday, July 13th at 8am PST*, and one winner will be chosen at random.

As an extra bonus for all Oh Joy readers, Fabric & Handle is offering a special 20% discount from today through July 16th on anything in their shop. Simply enter the code OJ20 at check out. Good luck! โ€” Joy

UPDATE: Congrats to Katie E. from Minneapolis, MN for being our winner this time!

*Giveaway limited to US residents only but the special Fabric & Handle discount available for anywhere they ship. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $168 US total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after. Good luck!

{Photo by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy. Blanket from Serena & Lily, wooden spoons by Sucre}


  1. Always pack some tasty cheeses, a baguette, chocolate something and a tasty wine! Now I’m hungry…

  2. I love to pack Bay Cities sandwiches, decadent cookies, watermelon, and white wine sangria!
    and always a pack of cards and a blanket.
    Thanks Joy!

  3. I’d pack the Orva Tote Shopping Bag full of Jeni’s Goat Milk with Red Cherries and Backyard Mint pints. Yummm!

  4. I always pack a comfy blanket, a big bag of ripe cherries to share, cold gin cocktails and raspberry oat bars for dessert!

  5. Freshly prepared sandwiches from bay cities italian deli in santa monica of course!

  6. I love to head to the park with my Kindle, slices of watermelon, pears, any berries… and chocolate. The chocolate is my favorite part. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I always pack french bread, brie, pears, apples, grapes and genoa salami. I never think to bring a cold dessert…ice cream would be fab!

  8. I would pack an assortment of cheese, salami, fruit, and a bottle of white wine with a frisbee, my boyfriend, and our dog Ida for an afternoon in the park.

  9. oh my gosh. Jeni’s is my absolute favorite. In an ideal picnic basket I would pack salami, hard cheese, some cut up fruit (strawberries or apples), and maybe a small bottle of champagne… very similar to the answer above me! (I love her idea of a frisbee too… good exercise before chowing down on the picnic food!)

  10. thanks for the giveaway. jeni’s ice cream for sure in my picnic. but also some good reading books, definitely some bacon, either in sandwich form or straight up. oh, and of course, some moscato.

  11. Oh, those totes are great! My go to picnic pack: crusty baguette, camembert, manchego, perrier, green grapes, apples,frisbee and dog toy. Sigh, I need a picnic this weekend.

  12. What a beautiful tote! I’ve never thought to bring ice cream on a picnic, but it’s certainly on my list now! I pack antipasti things, as well as some sweet/salty snacks and wine.

  13. I recently packed an assortment of cheese (given) and then a delicious recipe I found for a pesto pasta salad with edamame, spinach and lemon plus strawberries, coconut cupcakes and lemonade and wiskey.

  14. Love this giveaway! I love packing an assortment of snacky foods for picnic…. cheese, crackers, grain and vegetable salads, etc!

  15. I would pack the buttermilk strawberry ice cream and pistachio honey as well! sounds amazing!

  16. i always pack fresh fruits… lots of cherries. the lime cardamom frozen yogurt would be a yummy addition too!

  17. Ah summer picnics always have fresh fruit – watermelon or cantaloupe, plenty of water, probably some goldfish and definitely sunscreen.

  18. This is the PERFECT summer giveaway. My husband has been commandeering our picnics lately, and if he can, he always sneaks fried chicken and champagne into the basket – a little tradition we have after we celebrated with those tasty treats when we got engaged on our favorite beach.

  19. Picnics remind me of being a kid. PB&Js, chips and watermelon slices… and a cooler of summery beers. Ha!

  20. wine (Rose in summer) + blue cheese + honey + fig spread +cold cuts + french baguette + olives = PERFECTION!
    thanks for this beautiful giveaway.

  21. I like to pack a baguette, hummus and some white sangria for my picnics – always a crowd pleaser!

  22. I love to pack a blanket and some Popeye’s fried chicken. If I’m being fancy, I would get some paninis and truffled green bean salad from Il Bambino in Astoria.

  23. Stop it. I’m pretty sure this give away was made for me! I’m a true dairy lover at heart so cheese and bread are a must! But at the park I always want a juicy plum or watermelon. And wine of course, my wine even has it’s own picnic carrier ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I love Summer picnics. I’d pack some peaches, sparkling wine, a notebook (to keep my daughter busy, hummus and pita pieces for the perfect picnic.

  25. Cold roasted veggies, goat cheese, artisan bread and mouth-watering watermelon are some of my favorite picnic foods to pack.
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  26. i always wish ice cream and popsicles were more easy to take to picnics…
    for summer picnics, i love sliced watermelon, wine in a box, bread and cheese, and bananagrams!

  27. I like to pack an assortment of cheeses, a bottle of wine and some cold or frozen red grapes. However my b/f’s idea of a picnic is sandwiches and chips so it’s usually a mix of the two.

  28. I love the the market tote, um can I get that before my trip overseas! I love to pack everything for guacamole and make it on location, and chilled wine in plastic cups!

  29. What a great giveaway. That bag is so versatile. I like to pack a chicken sandwich on a hearty rustic bread, a pasta salad with lots of feta, fresh fruit, wine and of course some Jeni’s Ice Cream.

  30. For summer picnics, I like to pack a lot of fresh fruits and veggies along with slices of cheese, crackers and bread. Also, I can’t forget the bottle of white wine!

  31. I would pack Kalamata olives, fresh bell peppers, hummus, feta and tzaziki sauce- little things to munch on. And the most recent issue of Elle with my Kindle.
    Cheers, Elizabeth of the Corner Apartment

  32. When I picnic, I like watermelon and blackberries, a Baguette, cheese, hummus, celery and a chilled bottle of prosecco! And a lovely blanket to sit on as well with good company!

  33. I always pack a curried potato salad for picnics – it’s one of my very favorite things. Cheese, crackers and fruit are must haves as well.

  34. I like to pack up my picnic an ride my bike to the beach for an ocean front picnic in the sand. I pack up watermelon, iced tea, and finger sandwiches with hummus and cucumber. I’d love to add the sorbet pictured above!

  35. I like to keep it fun and light. A fresh, crusty french baguette that friends can tear apart with their hands, and eat with cheese/fruit preserves. Something to munch on, like veggie chips or Pirate Booty’s. And, something sweet, like strawberries/cherries.

  36. I’d pack some delicious garlic hummus with pita bread… and then maybe some raspberries / blueberries!

  37. Picnics in DC tend to be hot and so I like to pack lots of cooling foods — cold pasta salad loaded with roasted veggies, hoagies from Taylor’s Gourmet, crisp pickles, big jugs of water and of course some wine!
    Carol S

  38. For a summer picnic I’d pack light goodies, cheese, almonds, grapes, veggies, Pellegrino and for dessert Jeni’s frozen yogurt!

  39. Love these totes so very much! I’d pack a lovely blanket from Avoca along with some fresh fruit, cheese and a nice tall thermos of iced tea.

  40. Definitely fresh lemonade, some fruit, and a tasty sandwich to split! Ice cream sounds delicious too…

  41. I love this! For a picnic I always pack: crackers, meats and cheese, plus lots of beverages and some fruit.

  42. Cans of Sofia, tomatoes and cheese and bread, and definitely cherries if they’re in season.

  43. I love picnics, especially on the beach! I bring pita wraps (usually with chicken & hummus), slices of watermelon and of course, a packet of potato chips!

  44. Lot’s of fresh fruit, small sweets and tarts, and (of course), some boozy beverages. Perfect summer treat!

  45. omg that ice cream looks good! anyway, i like to pack fresh fruit – blueberries or strawberries preferably – some cheese, bread and salami. oh yeah and some olives too! perfect, simple!

  46. A couple of fashion mags, a fun YA novel, a fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty’s in Oakland, a berry trifle, and lots of water and sunscreen.

  47. Definitely a loaf of good bread, some cheeses (brie and manchego maybe?), strawberries, and some tarts with sorbet for dessert! Oh and wine of course!

  48. I love to pack tons of fresh fruit, french bread, deli meats and a good bottle of wine and Jeni’s riesling pear sorbet for dessert!

  49. For my last picnic (on the 4th here in DC, like commenter Carol S. above!), my friends and I brought: jalepeรฑo/herbed corn on the cob, freshly cut cantaloupe, veggie quesadilla triangles, mixed baby green salad, sparkling juice, and cherries.
    Oh, I love, love, love cherries!

  50. I like to pack salads that won’t spoil, cheese and fruit, especially cherries and watermelon.

  51. I’d bring some Stacked Wine ( or any similar single-serve wine-thing, a loaf of crusty bread, a soft cheese, a hard cheese, some cured meats, and some cake batter popcorn for dessert.
    And then the book I’m reading because no matter what’s going on, I gotta have my reads.

  52. OoOOoo…I’d pack a pine of Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate Pint from Jeni’s Spendid Ice Cream along with a some deliciously ripe strawberries for a nice summer treat while out and about!

  53. What fun! I would bring a baguette, a few samples of rich cheese, mini red wines, and crudites, olives, dark choc or cookies. xoxo I sound like the others!

  54. What a great bag! Summer picnics should never be without wine, crusty bread, a great selection of cheese and of course — a refreshing dessert!

  55. I raid the olive bar, pick out a tasty cheese, a loaf of bread, some fruits, and a big bottle of beer to share.

  56. Apples to Apples has become a new favorite, along with a solar-powered speaker, fava beans (grilled in their pods), berries, a wedge of Brie, a baguette and plenty of paper towels!

  57. I’d pack the Adele Tote Shopping Bag with King of Pops popsicles, an assortment of cheese and cured meats, french bread, hard boiled eggs, and grapes ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), homemade lemonade, minty potato salad, and a nibble of chocolate.

  59. I’d fill up that gorgeous bag with cherries and strawberries, homemade bread, tapenade, creamy goat’s cheese, and a book to read aloud to my husband while he sketches the surroundings (our outdoor routine). After a long walk home, we’d feel ready to feast some more, on the most delicious ice creams waiting in our freezer!

  60. i’d love to pack some fresh fruit, my husband’s delicious guacamole with lime tortilla chips and pick up a sweetgreens salad on the way! (and a jeni’s buckeye state pint for a little treat!)

  61. if i wasnt pregnant i would pack salami, soft cheeses and wine up the wazoo! but since i am with child, i will pack watermelon and popsicles ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. My perfect picnic lunch: chicken salad sandwiches, bananas, and really junky cookies (like the ones with M&M chips)!

  63. Wine, cheese with crackers, fresh strawberries, a candle {battery operated, of course}, colorful blanket with two small pillows, and an iTouch with mini speakers.

  64. I like fried chicken, vegan coleslaw, and cobbler-in-a-jar for a lovely pic-a-nic.
    I’ve been DYING to try Jeni’s ice cream!

  65. My summer picnic isn’t exactly balanced… I go for fresh berries, baguette, a variety of cheeses, and a bottle of champagne!

  66. Definitely always pack a bottle of rose and a couple sandwiches from Bay Cities ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. This is the best time to put sandwiches together (we don’t usually eat them for lunch or dinner otherwise). Also, snacks like hummus and veggies. And you can’t forget a few beers!

  68. Fresh fruit, stinky cheese, spicy salami, really really good bread and something cold and sparkly to wash it all down.

  69. The last picnic I packed included PB&Js (one grape, one apricot), Krunchers chips, mini boxes of raisins and sodas in glass bottles (one grape, one orange). My husband thought it was the best! And I kinda have to agree =) Wouldn’t mind recreating it with the addition of those tasty ice creams and fun striped bag!

  70. My very favorite picnic treats are ice cream sandwiches from Ici here in Berkeley, CA. {So needless to say, I’d love to try some Jeni’s!}

  71. My fave picnic item is pretty standard! Sandwiches!!! But I love to make them “gourmet” with my fave bread, specialty meats/cheeses, and honey mustard. Can’t forget some salty chips and dessert! Maybe cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Every summer, my husband and I go to Griffith Park in LA to see the Independent Shakespeare Co. perform! It’s fun to get there early and enjoy the setting sun with some wine, cheese, meats, and fruits. Of course, we bring something sweet, too! Right now, we don’t have any bag to carry everything in (and definitely nothing as cute as these bags!!). Thanks for sharing Fabric & Handle with all of us!!!! Happy summer picnicking to all!!

  73. i would pack a nice bottle of prosecco, some cheese and a baguette, fresh berries, olives, some prosciutto, and a pint of Jeni’s Backyard Mint! MMMM!

  74. I usually pack cheese, crackers, and some fresh fruit. Also usually wine, though that’s off limits for me until this little babe joins us in a few months!
    LOVE Jeni’s, btw – we have her cookbook, and can’t wait to make the raspberry and sweet corn ice cream again as soon as the sweet corn is ready!

  75. I would pack an al fresco dinner of roasted chicken, crusty bread with olive oil, cherries, and dark chocolate. (And I’d bring cloth napkins to feel even more fancy.)

  76. I think I’d forgo healthy for the tempting treats! Jeni’s salted caramel and buckeye state pint for an evening concert and maybe a lovely dessert wine.

  77. We love packing different meats & cheeses (recently from Woodsman Market in Portland) & baguette (mini ones if we don’t feel like sharing :)) & local ginger ale or citrus soda. For dessert, the chocolate salaumi from Olympic Provision always hits the spot! Mmm. Wish I packed this for lunch!

  78. Oh gorgeous! Definitely some fresh fruit and cheese and cracker – the best kind of meal ever!!

  79. fresh fruit and chips with salsa/guacamole with a container of raspberry mojitos. love Jeni’s ice cream! I buy it in Charleston pretty often!

  80. My fave recent picnic involved bahn mi and homemade almond cake with fresh strawberries. Fruit is a must!

  81. I try to keep it simple– baguette or crackers, some cheeses, fruit (cherries if there’s a big group, watermelon for a smaller crowd), and white wine. And if I remember, some dark chocolate.

  82. i was just obsessing over these bags this morning! for a summer picnic i pack classic pb&j sandwiches on oat bread and some kosher dill pickles on the side. for beverages – sweet raspberry iced tea for me and fresh lemonade for my guy <3

  83. I’d definitely pack fresh fruit, cheese, a crusty loaf of bread and a chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc . A soft throw and our bocci set is also a must.

  84. For the perfect picnic in Dolores Park in SF, my essentials include seasonal fruit, wine, a baguette from Tartine, cured meat, sharp cheeses, homemade iced tea, and compostable cups – all wrapped up in a lovely tote!

  85. I like to pack our travel backgammon game in addition to some ginger lemonade and a chicken salad.

  86. I love jeni’s ice cream! We often run down to a local sandwich shop to pack a quick picnic. Picnics should always be low on work and high on fun.

  87. Those bags are beautiful. I love the leather details! Jeni’s website is super cute too – I’d die to try the blueberry lemon yogurt. YUM!
    My favorite things to bring to a picnic are definitely a bottle of wine (with a pretty label of course), a fresh baguette, olive oil & pepper for dipping, and some good cheese. I could eat an entire baguette in one sitting, no shame!
    xoxo Maria Anne

  88. I’d pack a blanket with goodies for my boys and I to have a lovely picnic together.
    How beautiful this bag is!

  89. what a truly versatile bag! when my husband and i go picnicking, we usually pack: a kleen kanteen bottle o’ water, either peaches or apples, something sweet, a picnic blanket, and a pack of cards.

  90. I’ve been really into gin fizzes this summer – so I’ve been packing some gin fizzs, fresh bread, fruit, and cheese. maybe some cranberry chicken salad sandwiches too!
    I absolutely love Jeni’s – backyard mint is my favorite summer flavor, it’s so refreshing on a hot day!

  91. I would pack a lot of fresh fruits and a Korean style picnic lunch to enjoy like old times.

  92. Wine, Cheese, and a Bauguette are a must in any picnic basket! But of course, I also need a little something sweet!

  93. Prosciutto arugula sandwiches with a little bit of tomato, mozzarella, and balsamic, cute little bottles of Orangina or white sangria in mason jars when we’re feeling particularly fun, and some fresh fruit! I’d love to pack some of Jeni’s lemon blueberry fro-yo also! And of course, a comfy blanket, plenty of napkins, utensils, and a frisbee!

  94. I live in Texas so I avoid the outdoors in the summertime, but with ice cream flavors like those and an adorable bag I’ll sit anywhere you want!

  95. I love pack delicious goats cheese, bread, fresh fruit, and snap peas! A good bottle of wine never hurts either:)

  96. I like to pack a fruit salad and a pasta salad, along with some cheese and crackers, with the picnic blanket big enough for the whole family.

  97. I go Mediterranean! Tabouli, hummus, and even grape leaves if I can get my hands on some. I also like to bring a loaf of fresh bread, a hunk of yummy cheese, and lots of fresh fruit. To drink: lemonade and/or San Pelligrino.

  98. my favorite picnic and one that i often enjoy on my couch even is a variety of meats (cured or even just some sliced ham and turkey) cheeses (i’m all about aged gouda and smoked cheddar), and fresh fruit (apples and grapes please)!

  99. hmmm… for summer picnics i’d pack mini croissant sandwiches, fresh strawberries, slices of watermelon, ice cold lemonade and my all time fav… “pocky” japanese pretzel sticks!!

  100. For summer picnics I usually love a good sandwich, oddly enough tuna. Drives my boyfriend crazy. And I have to have macaroni salad on the side. Fruits of course (mainly grapes) and carrots with whatever dip I fancy that morning. After this post though I feel like I need to be carrying all of this in a Sander Tote Backpack with some Jeni’s Plum Sake Sorbet for dessert. lol

  101. I like to pack a chicken salad wrap with red grapes and the Crunchy Kale Salad from Gelson’s! And wine.

  102. picnics are always my excuse to eat way too much cheese, olives & crackers. Then I usually like to have my staple almond butter with truffle honey sandwiches…yumm!!

  103. i love izze sodas, classic potato chips, french onion dips, oranges and cold fried chicken. so good!

  104. My summer picnic consists of lemonade, vodka, and a variety of unique cheeses. Yum!

  105. I would pack the salty caramel Jeni’s ice cream in the beautiful Agate S shoulder bag and sneak away to the park to eat it. Yum!

  106. Those totes are great! My typical picnic fare includes foods of all types in jars. Summer gazpacho, or grain salads, or layered caprese. For dessert, usually i’ll bake right in the jar – add toppings, screw on the lid and take with me. (Of course I’d love to take some Salted Caramel with me, but Jeni’s doesn’t last long in picnic weather…)

  107. We tend to picnic with my children, so I always pack some of the their favorites: salami, cheese, cherries, and chicken.

  108. my perfect picnic is potato salad, some fresh fruit and veggies, and an ice cold beer. maybe a stop for a popsicle or an ice cream cone on the way home! mmmm.

  109. I love to pack fruit, macaroni salad, and roast beef sandwiches!!! And ice cream, of course
    shanahattis at gmail dot com

  110. Cheese and salami to start, then a homemade chicken sandwich with a lemony quinoa, all enjoyed with wine ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Quinoa salad, cookies and sparkling water. And those little pink cans of Sofia Coppola sparkling wine are excellent too!

  112. love that einar tote backpack. gorgeous! for summer picnics: wine, good bread and cheese. yum.

  113. My favorite picnic foods are simple: wine, cheese, bread with a great crust, and seasonal fruits and/or veggies.

  114. I would take the Danette tote shopping bag and fill it with Jeni’s Ugandan vanilla bean, fresh berries and a couple warm Pillsbury biscuits. It is my little rendition of strawberry shortcake. Top it off with a few mason jars of vodka lemonade and you’ve got yourself a great picnic.

  115. My favorite things to bring on a picnic are: a soft blanket, speakers for the iPod, Skip-Bo card game, sunglasses, a jug of Arnold Palmers and ice; delicious picnic food like pasta salad and turkey and cheese pinwheels, a frisbee, and all my loved ones. I can spend all day this way! My favorite Jeni’s ice cream flavors are Salty Caramel and Lemon Frozen Yogurt and that would be the grand finale!

  116. For summer picnics we love to pack the iPhone and speakers first foremost! And then some meals that can be assembled on arrival (so as to not get soggy on the trip) like tacos and tortilla chips and homemade spicy guacamole or marinated sliced steak sandwiches with veggies on a bun or baguette to soak up the steak marinade… And there’s always got to be an ice cream stop on the way home ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love this season.
    Michelle S.

  117. Freshly baked bread, a variety of cheeses, and wine never gets old! A few fresh peaches or a batch of freshly made guacamole really make it great.

  118. I pack fresh fruit, cheese, french bread, assorted jams and some prosecco! Picnics are my favorite part of summer!!

  119. The Lars Tote Backpack is roomy enough to hold lots of picnic yummies: homemade panini (filled with lunch meat, cheese, spinach, and tomato-basil bruschetta and brushed with olive oil), organic Brown Cow yogurt, fresh strawberries, baby carrots with hummus, Tazo tea, and some cannoli picked up along the way. There’s even room to throw in the camera for capturing those special outdoor moments at the beach or the park.

  120. I love that bag! Picnics are sweltering in Alabama, the only option is a cooler filled with chicken salad sandwiches, cold beer and popsicles.

  121. I would pack freshly prepared italian sandwiches from Guiliano’s and fresh fruit.

  122. I would pack dairy on dairy: cheese, crackers and wine plus Jeni’s and berries for dessert.

  123. fresh fruits and veggies, cocktails in mason jars, mini cakes and pies. Hand foods are always great. Sunscreen.

  124. wine, a soft blanket to relax on, and some delicious sandwiches, all toted around in a nice bag (fabric & handle’s would be divine), perfect for biking to the best beach spot!

  125. I love Jeni’s, and being an Ohio native, I love it when you show love for our home state’s ice cream sensation on this blog. I love to take a jar of peanut butter on picnics, and dip everything right in the jar… pretzels, apples, celery, you name it. Peanut Butter is made for picnics.

  126. I like to keep it simple and pack some cheese and seasonal fruit. Easy summer finger foods.

  127. Lovely! I like to pack those little wax covered cheeses & on special occasions, a box of French Rabbit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  128. What a lovely bag! I’d like to pack a comfy blanket, chicken salad sandwiches, chips with fresh guacamole, and of course watermelon! Additional must have items would be my camera and a good book to read!

  129. In the Delmare Tote Shopping Bag I would pack egg salad sandwiches, watermelon, water and wheatgrass, pear, & vinho sorbet from Jeni’s

  130. i love summer berries and stone fruits, reuben sandwiches from my neighborhood french bakery, and ice cold limeade.

  131. What a great giveaway! I’d pack fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and lemonade. I live the Valerie tote from the site too, and of course all ice cream! ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. I pack frozen grapes (they keep other things cool, and make a refreshing snack), good cheese, and plenty of wine!

  133. I like to pack tomato/cucumber salad, fruit salad, bread and cookies! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway. yum!

  134. wow. great sites. for a picnic, I love some cut up fresh fruit and a great sandwich.

  135. Pasta salad is one of my favorite picnic eats. Especially with black olives and feta cheese. Yum.

  136. I would fill that lovely tote with tea sandwiches, pink lemonade and Jenni s ice cream it

  137. i like some chilled sauvignon blanc, cheese, crackers, hummus, carrots, and grapes!!

  138. goat cheese with red cherries! juniper lemon curd!
    I also love to bring carrots on a picnic.

  139. we always make sure to pack a lot of salt and vinegar chips to go with fresh sandwiches with a lot of arugula.

  140. For the beach its always a large plain pie. Cold pizza on the beach is the best. But for your regular every day picnic, baguette, ham, cheese, proseco or aranciata. I’m a simple girl.

  141. THIS is perfect! It’s not a picnic without fried chicken, I’ll be honest. And I’m the crazy girl who finds it perfectly reasonable to pack a cooler of dry ice and homemade ice cream sandwiches. Jeni’s in that ice cream sandwich?! Too perfect!

  142. it depends… i love a pressed sandwich that you cut a wedge out of with good meats and aromatic herbs and dressing on it. but sometimes…a bucket of fried chicken and some watermelon is just the best!

  143. Wine of course! And probably some snacks to go a long with that… like some sorbet, fruit, and of course chocolate in some form!

  144. I’d love to pack some sandwiches full of nutella and strawberries, fresh fruits, and a bottle of wine.

  145. I always try to pack lots of fresh fruit and some delicious bread and cheese. Mmmm

  146. I pack my dog, a huge bag of chips, and some fruity guacamole. The juicier the fruit, the better.

  147. Some pretty similar tastes here!
    A bottle of Chardonnay, fresh bread, cheese, mustard, book, camera, paper, pens,
    and bring someone to enjoy it!

  148. I will fill any of the tote bags with some of the roasted strawberry and pistachio ice cream from jeni’s. I just had the ice cream for the first time this weekend with the girls I coach! It was insanely good! Even brought back a pint of coffee to my hubby.
    Then maybe some really good chardonnay and crackers.

  149. Winning this contest would be like winning the lottery. Anyways, I typically bring a light pasta salad, diced watermelon, and a fresh baguette for deli meats and cheese. Those are the essentials in my book. And, good company, of course.

  150. I usually pack nutella/ham and cheese sandwiches for the kiddos, summer fruit (watermelon, nectarines, peaches, berries, etc), a caprese salad for me, chips, and water.

  151. I like to stop by the local bakery for fresh soft pretzels! Packed with a chilled bottle of rose wine. Yum!

  152. I looove this giveaway! My favorite thing to pack on picnics is Banh Mi Sandwiches from my local spot!

  153. Summer fruit is always packed. Along with some chips and sandwich. Of course, I can’t forget a blanket and a good book.

  154. Most of my picnics involve a nice long hike first so nothing that melts or spoils is allowed. I like to pack acme’s epi rolls, charcuterie, some salty cheeses, and a cookie for dessert. The stuff also needs to be in a backpack so the lars tote backpack would be perfect!

  155. these bags look so handy!! i only ever want to eat fruit in the summer, so raspberries, grapes…maybe a ham sandwich for a particularly exhausting beach day!

  156. to me, a perfect picnic consists of a cheese plate with crackers, meats, and fruit! with some bubbly of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. The perfect picnic includes cold fried chicken & fruit hand pies ( I like cherry ). Add some homemade lemonade and you’re all set!

  158. For a summer picnic I would pack fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market—goat cheese and a baguette or two, heirloom tomatoes and balsamic and sea salt, pasta salad made with homemade noodles and plenty of fresh veggies, and a pie using handpicked blackberries. Yum!

  159. A vintage tablecloth, fruit, sandwiches, cupcakes & frosting, a bottle of wine and lots of napkins.

  160. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  161. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  162. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  163. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  164. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  165. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  166. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  167. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  168. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  169. What a perfect summer giveaway! We love having picnics outside in the summer – fresh bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, caprese salad, and fruit are our go-to picnic items!

  170. I would pack the Jenis Hat’s Off Collection in a Fabric and Handle Adele tote bag!!

  171. I like to pack a bottle of champagne, some yummy bread, cheese, jam and olives from Bi-Rite and ride my bike to dolores park! This bag would be perfect for a bike ride and picnic!

  172. A nice blanket, a juicy book and some cheese, crackers and fruit. And throw in a few cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. I love fruit, bread and cheese! I wouldn’t say no to Jeni’s Brown Butter Almond Brittle though… that stuff is the best!

  174. I love picnics! I enjoy packing a tapestry, candles, enamel mugs, wine, fresh fruit, a baguette, stinky cheese, cold sesame noodles, and a homemade treat. Pair with a sunset, friends, and belly laughs and you’ve got yourself a perfect evening!

  175. I’d pack a nice bottle of wine, an assortment of cheeses and some summer fruit.

  176. My discman and the Zima beverages I still have from the 90s. Just kidding.
    I’d really bring: champagne, nice cheese and crackers, and the salted caramels you can get at Huckleberry in Santa Monica.

  177. I always like to bring a nice refreshing summer drink like vodka and limeade or Tom Collins.

  178. I like to pack strawberries, carrots and hummus, homemade salsa and some tortilla chips with my beach towel, sunscreen and towel for a day on the beach. That amazing tote would be a perfect beach bag and some ice cream would be the (white house) cherry on top!

  179. I’d pack summer berries, cheese, crusty bread, hummus, white wine, a blanket, and a good book to read.

  180. Fresh pita, harissa, hummus, veggies, and tzatziki for a Greek-inspired picnic!

  181. watermelon, rice crackers, goats’ cheese, a slice of homemade lemon merengue pie, and a good, long paperback. yum!

  182. I like to pack sangria in a carafe. With different cheeses, dried meat, french bread, apples and grapes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. Ah I love Jeni’s! My husband and I are planning a picnic this month for our anniversary, our meal will definitely include some soft cheese, crusty bread, and olives – and maybe a pint of Jeni’s at home!

  184. Steak sandwiches with caramelized onions and blue cheese with watermelon chunks for dessert!

  185. For summer picnics, I love to make sweet tea, fruit salad, and a fresh baguette with several kinds of cheese!

  186. I love the versatility of this bag; I’ve been looking for a great backpack and this does the work times three! Years ago, I started making this pineapple whipped cream concoction that I found out about on from the food network. Their version was fancier and I think they called it a semifreddo. Cuties (the tangerines) would also be a perfect, no-muss no-fuss addition to picnics. I really like your idea of bringing ice cream though!

  187. I like to keep it simple with some boursin and baguettes and delicious cookies from dibruno brothers

  188. I always pack lots and lots of snacks, a giant jug of water, sunscreen, and a blanket. I would love to win that gorgeous bag – it could definitely fit it all!

  189. Crusty bread, stinky cheese, olives, nectarines, dark chocolate, and white wine! Mmm.

  190. Caprese skewers, some sliced proscuitto and salami, a demi baguette, a thermos of sangria, and individual icebox cakes in mason jars. All of it travels so easily and tastes fab!

  191. I would pack an mp3 player with sweet tunes, champagne, an assortment of charcuterie and cheese, fruits and Nutella.

  192. Last night we went to the park to listen to some Jazz and we packed a comfy blanket and a cute cooler bag with finger foods. Grapes, cheese, peanut butter crackers and some chocolate covered almonds. Also brought along a citronella candle! fun!

  193. White sangria, homemade tortilla chips, mango salsa, and maybe some cold, grilled chicken if I felt like some protein. Another favorite is making a hummus platter (olives, marinated artichokes, pita chips) and bringing homemade falafel. Delicious on a summer day! Can’t forget the sunscreen and good books, as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  194. Flo Tote Bag + Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt = a sweet, sweet combination perfect for a trip to the park on a summer Sunday afternoon (:

  195. manchego cheese, wheat crackers, red vino, and chocolate covered strawberries (in a cooler).

  196. Oh my, I love the Demos Tote Backpack! For a summer picnic, I’d fill it with a baguette, aged cheddar, and cherries!

  197. I think I’d pack fun treats and fruits and take my girlies on a fun picnic!

  198. a great picnic always consists of wine, cheese, bread, and some sort of sweet treat (usually a cupcake)

  199. i’m a sucker for a cold sandwich with chips and fruit, and a bottle of wine on a picnic. ooo and some crackers and cheese ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe some guacamole.

  200. I’m going on a picnic tomorrow and I’m thinking about bringing a batch of spicy avocado cucumber gazpacho, corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes with basil and balsamic, and perhaps a blueberry crumble!

  201. My friends and I always pack a mix of items, but the basket always includes pita, hummus, veggies, and a frisbee/soccer ball.

  202. I love that Demos Tote Backpack… the mustard color is amazing. We love to pack some cold beers, cold homemade fried chicken (my mom’s 4th of July specialty!), potato salad, and sliced melon. It’s not fancy, but it’s summer. Oh and that mango lassi flavored Jeni’s ice cream looks delicious and refreshing, too!

  203. i love to pack some awesome pita chips & hummus from trader joe’s! and watermelon is a definite must! thanks for letting us in on this giveaway!

  204. I picnic frequently in the summer, and I usually go all- out with the menu, but some of my favorite picnics have been last minute affairs. It usually involves running into the grocery store, grabbing whatever bread, fruit, and cheese is on sale, then splurging on a really good chocolate bar. I like to pair all that with either the freshest lemonade I can find or a nice summer beer – Belgian or Blonde.

  205. This bag would be great because I usually bike to the park. Packing a picnic of yummy cheese, red wine sausage, hummus, and bite-sized veggies would be super easy if I could throw them in that bag and wear it as a backpack. Sometimes I like to throw some McClure’s pickles in with the picnic too because I can’t get enough of the tangy taste.

  206. I’m packing hummus with pita, veggies and taboulli. And, of course, icecream. All the favorites ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. Love the bag, and I’ve heard so many things about Jeni’s – been wanting to try it!
    To pack: blanket, wine, wine glasses, cheese board, grapes, olives, French bread. Yum~

  208. I recently had a picnic in Central Park with my boyfriend and we brought onion focaccia, roast beef, turkey breast, montery jack cheese, egg salad, whitefish salad, hummus, celery, carrots, pita chips and watermelon! A lot of food for two people.

  209. I’d take that gorgeous Demos tote backpack and pack it with fruit salad and fried chicken!

  210. I’d love to pack cold, fruity, sangria, a spanish tortilla, olives, cheese and crusty bread.

  211. Is there anything better than wine, cheese, and bread? And an heirloom tomato salad if I’ve been to the farmer’s market.

  212. I would pack multiple pints of Jeni’s cherry lambic. So delicious…I suppose some BBQ pulled pork would work as the protein!

  213. We usually pack fruit like cherries or plums, cheese, crackers or bread, and salami… stuff like that!

  214. Seriously looks like amazing ice cream. I always always pack a bright quilt/blanket, hummus, lemonade w/ fresh raspberries dropped in it, and a game like Scrabble for enjoying in the sun!

  215. I like to pack a loaf of french bread, fresh mozzarella, and fresh fruit with a bottle of sparkling wine.

  216. impromptu picnic with what’s in the fridge/pantry right now: japanese-style cucumbers, organic cherries, strawberry sorbet, rough pate, a sourdough baguette, and a soft sheep’s milk cheese. Lime guac and tortilla chips would do it too! Plus a pocketknife and picnic blanket of course.

  217. Love those bags- especially the tote backpacks. I’d pack mine with crusty sourdough, gruyere and as many summer berries as I could eat. Wouldn’t mind finishing it off with some of that Jeni’s ice cream either!

  218. i love to pack some olives, cheese, bread, hummus and crispy grapes. i’ve been loving every single second of this summer so far!

  219. Love the bag! For picnics I love to pack fresh fruit and salt and vinegar chips..don’t judge haha! and a cold diet coke!

  220. I love summer picnics! We like to go and hear live classical music, so some white wine and fresh fruit is always a must!

  221. crackers and cheese and brie and bread and prosciutto and melon and plenty o vino. nom!

  222. My favorite picnics are when I bring my best friend, a baguette, some brie, prosciutto, strawberries, Perrier,and salted dark chocolate. And of course they aren’t complete without a blanket and a something fun to read!

  223. I would pack my old fisheye camera, sparkling water, a chicken curry tartine, purple grapes, and a baked good from a recipe I’ve never tried-I’m thinking a cute strawberry tart with homemade vanilla bean ice cream that magically never melts.
    I’d also bring my sister (who introduced me to your site!) and her extensive picnic set she bought last year and has yet to use.

  224. My husband and I always do spontaneous picnics and we love being creative with what we already have. Some of the best meals have come from this! Always good to have a perfect crusty bread, soft cheese, and a sparkling wine like prosecco or lambrusco.

  225. I would pack my brother’s delicious bread rolls, spinach greek yogurt dip and cheese, watermelon iced tea, and an assortment of different flavored popsicles!

  226. My favorite snack to pack for picnics – watermelon. Tons and tons of watermelon.

  227. a summer salad and a sandwich. fruity sodas in glass bottles and a good book ๐Ÿ™‚

  228. We tend to pack what’s in the fridge for summer picnics, but most recently that included fresh salsa with chips, salad wraps and cookies.

  229. For my two kids, who are voracious eaters, I pack almond butter and jam sandwiches, lots of summer fruit (strawberries, watermelon, blueberries), trail mix, and yogurt!

  230. What a lovely giveaway!
    On a summer picnic I would pack: fresh fruits, sandwiches from my local artisan bakery, fresh veggies & some sort of yummy treat to enjoy : )

  231. I’d pack a giant blanket to sprawl out on, an iPod and portable speakers, minty lemonade to sip on, fresh berries for sweetness and soft pretzels (with plenty of good mustard) for savory!

  232. I usually pack sandwiches, fruit, some chips and salsa. Sometimes I switch things up by packing up some sushi with icepacks as a must!

  233. I’m a big fan of throw-backs: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, juice boxes, and apple slices. Tried and true!

  234. Ice cream sandwiches are definitely a summertime favorite of mine! I would also bring along regular sandwiches, fruit and a good book for my picnic.

  235. for a summer picnic I would pack white wine, fresh mozzarella and tomato with fresh basil, watermelon, and mint! And sunscreen of course.

  236. my bf bought me a picnic basket for my birthday that comes with wine glasses and silverware. we haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but i’d imagine our picnic would include a bottle of white wine, frozen mangoes, fresh strawberries, finger sandwiches, a picnic blanket, and a camera to document our lovely day.

  237. kale, quinoa, roasted tomato salad; hummus, olives, Finn crisp crackers if a crusty baguette isn’t available, and (if it’s not too hot) a bar of Mast brothers chocolate (Maine sea salt). fresh sour cherries. Chilled white wine (decanted in a Nalgene bottle so you don’t get busted) and seltzer.

  238. I’d love to fill an entire tote shopping bag with Jeni’s black coffee ice cream – it is just delicious. Thanks,

  239. I’d like to pack some fresh guacamole and chips, fruit (mostly watermelon) and sandwiches!

  240. I like to pack a blanket, a book, raspberries, gouda cheese and French bread. My husband and I always throw in a couple bottles of Ale8, too– it’s a ginger soda in the cutest green glass bottles. Ice cream for dessert would be the best end to an awesome picnic!

  241. I love to grab a multi-grain baguette, some good cheese and a nice bottle of white wine.

  242. if we’re lazy we grab some take out pad thai. if not, we take along some cheese, crackers, fruit and wine!

  243. I like to keep picnics easy but picking up sandwiches and tea from the local deli. That way I don’t waste a single second of a beautiful day indoors. Love Fabric & Handle’s totes and would love to try Jeni’s ice cream–I’ve heard such yummy things about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  244. That bag is divine!! My favorite picnic treat…. spiced peaches, which I preserve in mason jars for all my spring/summer outings.

  245. Picnics remind me of boating as a kid with my friend Janell. Her mom had the best (albeit simple) snacks – fresh cucumber and dip, fruit salad cut up big enough you could eat with your hands, mini sandwiches, chips and Oreos. I wouldn’t change a thing today, other than add some cold beers!

  246. For picnics in Prospect Park, I pack some vino, some cheese, some fruit and my husband…because no picnic is complete without him!!

  247. I’m one of those fair-skin gals, so I always pack sunscreen. A book, camera, and sunglasses would fill out the rest of my bag.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  248. I would pack cheese & crackers, mojitos, my camera, a blanket & music speakers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  249. We like to picnic in our yard with chicken salad sandwiches, potato chips & orange soda! Would love to have some Whiskey & pecan ice cream for after.. Or maybe brown butter almond brittle. The Jeni’s website is so pretty, everything looks yummy! And I may have to get the Fabric & Handle shopping tote for farmer’s market trips…

  250. what a beautiful bag!! I love getting fresh fruits and cheese….and then jazzing it up with a little wine ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. Pack: anything plus my baby and a blanket! Now, packing ice cream…especially Jeni’s – that would be the best! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway. I’d LOVE to win it.

  252. A lovely give away… I could totally indulge in this. :)Thanks for sharing the bits of sunshine!

  253. Picnic heaven: mini champagne bottles, tapas with toothpicks (skip the silverware),and french macaroons for dessert. No mess, easy to pack and SO fun!!

  254. I would love to pack some frozen grapes, lots of icy agua fresca, veggies & hummus, and some Jeni’s backyard mint ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

  255. Hi Joy, thanks so much for the giveaway! I always used to pack triangle sandwiches from Marks & Spencer for picnics when we lived in Scotland. We just moved back to the U.S. so I’ll be packing pasta salad, fresh fruit and iced tea!

  256. I like to pack cherries, sandwiches, and something for dessert, like cookies-yum!

  257. Perfect picnic for me includes a crusty baguette, some brie, and fresh strawberries. Nothing better (except maybe the ice cream you’re giving away… only time will tell.)

  258. I love a good picnic! I like to pack lighter fare, like fresh mozzarella, tomato and avocado salad with a little salt & pepper, drizzled with olive oil. For beverages I would pack an assortment of San Pellegrino sparkling fruit juices (my favorites are the blood orange & grapefruit) and maybe sneak a little champagne to mix in. And I would love to pack some of Jeni’s ice cream for dessert…salted caramel…yum! ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. I like turkey pesto sandwiches, fruit salad and sparkly beverages and of course my best ladies!

  260. That Paige tote is adorable (scratch that, loving everything on the Fabric and Handle site!). And when I need ice cream, which is often, I always grab Jeni’s salty caramel ice cream, mmm.
    I went on a picnic last week in Prospect Park, and we packed a yummy corn/feta/tomato salad, peach salsa and tortilla chips, and of course cheese: Pepperjack, goat cheese with slivered almonds, and a hunk of cheddar.

  261. i would pack crackers, cheese, prociutto, grapes, maybe some finger sandwiches….sparkling water and pie and cookies! yum! kinda wanna go right now. lol

  262. I’m a master at making sandwiches, so I’d probably pack a variety of those – chicken caesar, turkey with creole mustard, peanut butter and Nutella – and some berries.

  263. What a fun giveaway! I’m lucky to live in Nashville, so I have easy access to Jeni’s ice cream. My fave is the goat cheese and cherries flavor, so that’d be necessary for my picnic. I’d also bring along some watermelon, a delicious salad, and fresh rolls. Yum!

  264. I’d pack that cute bag with a picnic blanket, a couple of grilled sandwiches & lots of fresh fruit….

  265. Oooh – I love that striped linen on the tote and the style of the canvas backpacks – great find!
    I’m a simple girl on a picnic – cheese, wine, tons of bakery-fresh bread, and maybe some little munchies from my garden when it has something to offer!

  266. We love to do picnics on the beach in the summer. the best part is watching the sunset. we always pick up a rotisserie chicken or two from the grocery store, make a simple potatoe salad, have some chips and guac, and a fruit pie. simple and delicious.
    olivia [email protected]

  267. I like to pack potato salad and lemonade! I probably would like to pack wine but I’m only 17 (tomorrow’s my birthday!) so I’m not sure if that would be appropriate…

  268. my friend and i had an impromptu picnic in central park. she packed a delicious quinoa salad with garlic, tomatoes, and basil and a brought along two venti passion tea lemonades from starbucks. it was perfect! i love the Lars Tote Backpack and i’ve always wanted to try jeni’s ice creams!

  269. The perfect picnic would include a nice chilled Rose, a cold lentil and veggie salad, fresh baguette and cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, and fresh berries!

  270. I like rustic picnics full of snacks… cheese, artisian bread, fresh fruits and a sampling of sweet treats!

  271. I love to pack sparkling lemonade, Greek salad, pita bread or a nice sourdough and cheeses and some sweet treat – it just doesn’t feel like a picnic without at least one of these…

  272. I love the Lars Tote but also really like all the shopping bags, esp the one in the chambray ๐Ÿ™‚ For Jeni’s, I’d have to go for the pint of salty caramel ice cream. nomnom!

  273. I make sure to bring tasty cheeses, cherries, a chocolate dessert, and who could forget–white wine sangria!

  274. i would pack chilled wine, sparkling water, some good cheese, and a comfy blanket!

  275. Now that the weather is more picnic-ready, I’d love to pack white wine, fruit, fresh bread and something sweet to snack on.

  276. I could have a picnic of nothing but that Pistachio and Honey ice cream of Jeni’s and be happy ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  277. The brown butter almond brittle sounds amazing! For my picnics, I like to pack lots of little things to be eaten together…strawberries, cheese, and some fixings for little make-your-own sandwiches. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  278. I would pack a loaf of crusty baguette, prosciutto, a log of goat cheese, honey to drizzle on top, & fresh berries!

  279. I love to pack cheese and fruit! And some sparkling lemonade! With a few sandwiches! It would be great to have some Jeni’s ice cream too! The Salty Caramel is my favorite!

  280. I like two kinds of picnics: in the park on a blanket, and on a mountain top after a hike. This bag looks like it can do both! In the park, I like a fun veggie filled salad, a couple cheeses, salami and baguette, and something decadent for dessert of course! On top of a mountain, I go for the standby of turkey, cheese and avocado wrapped in a tortilla, carrot sticks, a piece of fruit and dark chocolate for the sweet.
    On a side note, I want one of each style of Fabric and Handle’s bags! LOVE

  281. in the alaynass tote, i would bring some tomato sandwiches drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper on crusty bread and a sweet pea salad with radish, sunflower seeds, and shallots to prospect park.
    i’d hope we’d have a pint of jeni’s lime cardamom frozen yogurt waiting at home to eat on the stoop.

  282. I love fresh tomatoes, cheese, good wine and a couple of really decadent cookies or cupcakes.

  283. I love packing sangria, bread and cheese! Perfect for a picnic in the park near my beau’s house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  284. What a fantastic giveaway! My favorite thing to pack for picnics is good, crusty bread, a delicious soft cheese like brie, fresh cherries or strawberries, and of course a little bit of wine!

  285. Cheese, bread, fresh fruit and bubbly drinks are a must!(Maybe some root beer for a float~)

  286. I would pack vodka soaked watermelon slices, Vanity Fair magazine, a frisbee for my dog, a blanket, and my cell phone to call my friends to share in bringing the food and fun.

  287. I like to pack fresh fruit, like cold watermelon spears and cubed mango. But I can’t forget a bottle of one of my favorite lime wines from the farmer’s market.

  288. Brie, walnut bread, fruit, tomato, cucumber and mozzarella salad marinated in olive oil, iced tea, cookies!

  289. My summer picnics include infused water, rose or lavender lemonade, fresh fruit and cupcakes in tiny jars. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  290. Darling! I’m all about simple picnics. A good picnic blanket. That darling bag and those yummy sweets. And then some dry rose and salami and cheeses with fruit. Yum!

  291. I’d pack a sandwich with fresh avocado spread, a fruit or pasta salad, and a small container of ice cream for dessert!

  292. I love to pack leftover fried chicken, some cherry tomatoes served with blue cheese dressing and a few fresh peaches for dessert. A couple of bottles of root beer to wash it all down and I’m all set!

  293. I’d pack some of Jeni’s Brambleberry Crisp in the Kyrie Tote Bag–so cute! Love Jeni’s, one of our friends shipped us some a couple years ago for my birthday, and it was divine!

  294. I like to pack fruit with crackers and a homemade dip. Maybe some wine as well ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’d love to pack it in this cute bag!

  295. I am a picnic and beach fanatic, and I have it down to a science! I pack the iPad for music, and fresh fruit. My iPhone is mandatory for pictures!

  296. I like to pack fresh berries, an avocado and tomato sandwich, and a bottle of lambic. Oh, and a book to read, too!

  297. Love those tote bags and I’ve always wanted to try Jeni’s ice cream – I have her recipe book but I’d love to try the real thing…summer picnics means bringing a bunch of snacks to the beach. I love grapes, crackers & salami and lemonade!

  298. I’d pack some fresh bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip it in. Add some cheeses, like brie and port wine cheese and prosciutto. Top it off with some wine, yum!
    I’d also make sure to have a blanket so my husband and I can relax while the sun sets. Work day dreaming, anyone?

  299. I like to pack lemonade, iced tea, fresh strawberries, pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad. Gotta make sure to have the bug spray and sunscreen too

  300. I love to pack wraps, cold hansens, and lots of fresh berries but those ice creams looks pretty good too!!

  301. Piqunique packing: Blackberry lemonade, avocado turkey sandwiches, and a pint of that Reisling Poached Pear Sorbet or Grapefruit FroYo.

  302. Cold fried chicken and beer or a crisp rose with sides of fresh baba ganoush and pita from the local Middle Eastern deli and lots of fruit (sliced peaches, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and then wash it down with homemade brownies and a pint of Jeni’s ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

  303. Summer picnics mean the Hollywood Bowl, which means a chilled bottle of white wine, fresh sliced cured meats and LOTS of cheese on crackers.

  304. every picnic needs some cheese! or if it’s too hot to each something heavy I love a good orzo/grain salad. some watermelon, a good book and a lawn game or two

  305. The Ananda Tote Backpack stuffed to the gills with the Cherry Lambic sorbet FTW!

  306. My favorite thing to pack for a picnic? Bug spray! I am a magnet for mosquitoes, and nothing ruins fun like itching yourself to insanity.
    Oh, and that salty caramel Jeni’s…drool!

  307. gotta have chicken with nice glass wear. learned that from grace kelly in to catch a thief. it brings a regular picnic to another level with the right accessories

  308. Caprese, a little wine, some prosciutto, berries, a blanket, and – of course! – how could I forget my husband?

  309. This super yummy “Colorful Corn Salad”
    2 packages (10 ounces each) frozen corn, thawed
    2 cups diced green pepper
    2 cups diced sweet red pepper
    2 cups diced celery
    1 cup minced fresh parsley
    1 cup chopped green onions
    4 ounces of Orzo.
    1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
    2 teaspoons ground cumin
    1-1/2 teaspoons salt
    3/4 teaspoons pepper
    1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
    1/8 cayenne pepper
    3 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil( I used olive oil)
    2 garlic cloves, minced
    6 tablespoons lime juice
    In a large bowl, combine the first 12 ingredients. In a
    microwave-safe dish, combine oil and garlic.
    Microwave, uncovered, on high for 1 minute. Cool.
    Whisk in lime juice. Pour over the corn.
    Cover and refrigerate until serving. Yield: 16-18 servings
    And Strawberries and chocolate for dessert!
    Also books and Ipods for relaxing.

  310. Good crusty bread, cheese from the in-park farmer’s market, charcuterie, olives, watermelon salad and brownies for dessert! We wash it down with some watermelon beer (best summer beverage ever).

  311. i like to pack for summer picnics:
    jeremiah weed and lemonade in a thermos
    potato chips
    jello salad with berries
    caesar salad

  312. For a picnic… It’s gotta be fresh fruits and breads, of course. Also, my grandma makes the best little onigiri that she makes sure we take with us everywhere for extra snacking. Any good picnic should have lots of fresh-made onigiri!

  313. Such a fun giveaway!! The Jeni’s would have to go in my belly and not in the tote, but of course!! For picnics, I love to stop at a local cheese shop, pick up whatever yummy cheese they recommend and head out with some bread, fruit, or olives to munch on. I was just in Capri and we tucked in a little bottle of Prosecco as well!!

  314. Spinach dip, chips, and wine are my favorite for relaxing picnics and book-reading at the park on a summer afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

  315. Yum! The idea of a picnic is delightful! I would pack a crusty baguette with salami, prosciutto and a spread of cheeses. A bottle of bubbly and some fresh fruit and I’d be a happy girl!

  316. chicken salad mix + slices of rosemary bread, fruit cobbler topped with mint + fresh cream, iced fruit tea and music! ๐Ÿ™‚

  317. Sliced meat and cheese from the deli, a fresh soft loaf of bread, whatever fruit is in season, and–of course–wine!

  318. I like to pack all kinds of fruit and crunchy carrots with a side of hummus. A good magazine or book does the trick too!

  319. I love to pack homemade sangria, some of my favorite tapas, and flan while enjoying a nice picnic with my boyfriend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  320. I take a crazy-mixed-up-salad made from whatever we’ve gotten in our CSA box that week. And cocktails, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  321. This makes me salivate! I like wine, chips and homemade salsa! And I’d LOVE some of that Askinosie Dark Chocolate!! Mmmmmm….!

  322. For a picnic, I would bring my bike, pack sandwiches from Medocino farms, some cookies from Milk, and Sarapsilla soda.

  323. I’d pack the tote full of a simple meal: a nice baguette, cheese, and cured meat. Some watermelon and simple salad. And to finish it off, a fruit tart with a scoop of lime cardamon yogurt. Delicious!

  324. For a perfect summer picnic, I would pack a light delicious dip (guac) and crunchy tortilla chips, fresh berries and icy lemonade ! (in a Fabric & Handle tote bag-im my dreams!)

  325. i like to pack sandwiches, fresh fruit, and juices, along with a song book, a big bouncy ball, and some bubbles for my son!

  326. i like to pack sparkling water, cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, quinoa salad, mango slices, and jeni’s ice cream on ice!

  327. I love to pack sandwiches from the specialty deli down by the beach. They taste even better on the sand!

  328. I’d love to pack the gorgeous tote with watermelon, spinach salad, and a lovely loaf of sourdough. Living in AZ, we’d have to save the always delicious Jeni’s ice cream for when we get home.

  329. My picnic essentials include a good cheese and some sort of chocolate dessert ๐Ÿ™‚

  330. I like to pack some trail mix and fruit, perhaps a peanut butter sandwich with honey. Food that that’s good to snack on the whole trip!

  331. First of all, those ice cream flavors look too delicious (is that even possible?) and those bags are beyond adorable. Thank you so much for such a great giveaway! As for a picnic, I like to pack the classic pasta salad, minty watermelon, cheesy goldfish, and lemonade. Yum!

  332. For summer picnics, I would pack homemade raspberry lemonade or watermelon mint agua fresca, various sandwich components for on-site assembly (different bread, deli meat, cheese, vegetable assortments), and in-season fruits like watermelon, cherries, and blueberries!

  333. I like to have breakfast picnics! I bring my two dogs, egg and cheese on an english muffin, and a big cup of coffee (iced if its really hot). I live by a big outdoor screen that plays old movies and sports mostly, so the last couple of weeks it was “breakfast picnics at Wimbledon”.

  334. various delicious cheeses and bread, plus some prepared salads from whole foods or another gourmet foods store!

  335. I love to pack sandwiches, cookies, fruit and nuts, and lemonade. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. I pack some homemade meyer lemon lemonaide, cheese, fruit, almonds and then the left overs from last night. I like to use real flatwear, real glasses and plates. I always keep picnic blankets at the ready in my car – ya never know.
    When I was little my parents would pack us three kids in the car and drive to Big Sur (we lived really close) for the afternoon. My dad would go into the little grocer and buy sardines, warm garlic french bread, cheese and some wine for him and mom. We would picnic by the creekside – my mom and dad chatting and we kids splashed around. One of my favorite memories.
    Diana from San Francisco

  337. my summer picnic would be a simple but filling lunch- consisting of a bottle of pellegrino, bite sized tuna sandwiches and for dessert…cubed watermelon & chocolate chip cookies =)
    cute giveaway!

  338. Stuffed dates picnic well – fill with chevre, walnuts, and rosemary. A loaf of crusty bread, some hard cheeses and salami, fresh fruit, sparkling water… what could be better?

  339. Cheese (fave = campo de montalban), a baguette, fresh fruit, wine and a great orzo salad. And a dessert from Whole Foods (tiramisu or moon mountain torte)!

  340. olives, cheese, some ripe fruit, and chocolate! oh, and don’t forget the bubbly.

  341. Joy, i love this. thank you for the lovely giveaway. ๐Ÿ™‚ my favorite picnic was one that i took a whole roasted chicken, baguette, cheese, wine, apricots dried, etc. fancy picnics feel special and are worth the trouble. xo!

  342. I’d fill up one of those gorgeous bags (I like the sander!) with some of Jeni’s tasty ice cream sandwiches and maybe a pint of wild lavender (why is lavender ice cream so amazing?) along with some farmer’s market BLTs, peaches, and a big thing of iced tea, and hit the park!

  343. good company, a nice bottle of vino and a comfy blanket would all go quite well with the Flo tote bag and a nice pint of coffee ice cream.

  344. I like to pack cold cuts for sandwiches with fresh baked bread. Depending on the day, we may stick to water, or we might pack a nice bottle of wine, too.

  345. i can’t remember the last time i actually got to go on a picnic…. but in my head, i’ve got a nice big blanket, some cold pasta salad, fresh fruit, cold beer, and of course a book to read.

  346. For a summer picnic, I’d pack a cute blanket, a jug of lemonade..or sangria if in good company :)..homemade chicken salad..bread..sweets that won’t melt..a good book..a nice baseball cap..& a big tree to sit next to!

  347. I love packing fresh fruit (usually watermelon), potato salad, beautiful, ripe tomatoes, a head of lettuce, and our favorite sandwich fixings. Oh! And if I had some choices from Jeni’s, I’d pick the dark chocolate for me and the bangkok peanut for my husband.

  348. What a great bag. I’d pack all the necessities to keep my two boys busy for being outdoors … sunscreen, hats but for fun, maybe some bubbles and water guns. ๐Ÿ™‚

  349. Wine & crackers with cheese, cherry tomatoes & chicken apple sausage… and then chill out in the vineyards here in VA!

  350. i love packing:
    watermelon mojitos (with basil)
    turkey sandwiches with spicy mayo
    fresh peaches and nectarines
    cheddar bunnies
    strawberry shortcake

  351. i’d like to have some white house cherry ice cream, and tote around my Sander Tote Backpack. But I’d probably also need to keep the hubby happy with a whiskey and pecan pint.

  352. totally agree on the fresh fruit (esp melons and nectarines) and maybe some prosciutto. and, of course, sunscreen!

  353. I’d love to have another bag from Fabric and Handle, just love them! And what could be better than winning ice cream in summer ๐Ÿ™‚ When I pack a picnic I like cool, fresh foods like guac and fresh fruit salad, light cheese and some amazing bread.

  354. Perfect or summer nights at the Hollywood Bowl – we pavk wine, cheese and crackers, olives, taboule, hummus and pita, berries and dark chocolate. A Meditarranean feast to go.

  355. Hmm… That’s a fun, roomy bag, perfect for antipasti: cured meats, cheeses, olives, pickles, hummus, crusty breads of yumminess. Maybe (definitely) a little wine. And Jeni’s Wildberry lavendar, or The Milkiest Chocolate in the World, or the Salted Caramel, or maybe the Goat Cheese with Red Cherries…

  356. Homemade sandwiches, cheese and crackers and sangria would be perfect packed into a Fabric and Handle tote with a cosy blanket for a summer picnic in Griffith Park.

  357. I like to keep my picnics simple. ๐Ÿ™‚ A hefty baguette. A wheel of brie. A bottle of sparkling wine (nice and light for the nice weather). And perhaps some fresh fruit: raspberries or watermelon chunks… Though looking at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, I wouldn’t mind also having some cherry lambic sorbet.
    Also, this tote bag is the best thing ever. (I’m nuts about tote bags, and have been on the hunt for a new one.)

  358. I like to keep my picnics simple. ๐Ÿ™‚ A hefty baguette. A wheel of brie. A bottle of sparkling wine (nice and light for the nice weather). And perhaps some fresh fruit: raspberries or watermelon chunks… Though looking at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, I wouldn’t mind also having some cherry lambic sorbet.
    Also, this tote bag is the best thing ever. (I’m nuts about tote bags, and have been on the hunt for a new one.)

  359. I love to pack fruit, pbjs and something sweet. Kinda boring, but that way I don’t have to worry about anything spoiling or needing utensils.

  360. I love packing some freshly-baked bread, great cheese, and ripe, juicy fruit; a perfect complement to the company of people you love.

  361. I pack a comfy blanket, fruit, pasta salad, lemonade, and sweet dessert! And, of course, wonderful company is a picnic essential!

  362. I would pack wildberry lavender ice cream, Cherry lambic sorbet and reisling poached pear sorbet in the Papillon tote shopping bag.

  363. I like to pack cold salads… pasta salad, potato, broccoli, cucumber, bean – you name it!

  364. One bottle of homemaderaspberry cordial–like Anne of Green Gables–and a patchwork quilt.

  365. I like to pack a blanket, some spicy chicken from bonchon, a big bottle of water and a nice book.

  366. In my perfect picnic basket, you would find a french baguette, cheeses, a fruit salad and some chilled white wine. Cards, frisbee, paddleball or apples to apples would keep us occupied all afternoon.

  367. I’m inspired by Jeni’s whiskey and pecan ice cream. But for a picnic, would have to leave the frozen bits at home. Or, perhaps its a picnic in the backyard. Whiskey floats in the sun!

  368. My beagle Bella will always tote along on a picnic! Which means we’ll need dog biscuits for her, and a nice sandwich and pasta salad for me! Oh, and watermelons!

  369. I LOVE these bags and the Ice Cream looks amazing!!!! I would pack a picnic for me and my love, a book and a frisbee! And for everyday wear I would pack my laptop, red lipstick and my wallet!

  370. Creamy cheese, crispy crackers, and a “juice box” of wine! Of course, some ice cream never hurt anyone… ๐Ÿ™‚

  371. I’d pack my Roche Backpack filled with some signature flavors like pistachio & honey, milky chocolate, and wild lavender with a plum sake sorbet in the mix. What a great summer treat!

  372. For a perfect picnic, I love to pack lemonade and home brewed ice coffee (with toffeenut!). To snack on, most fruits like cherries, blueberries, and watermelon with a simple yet tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Don’t forget the blanket and napkins!!

  373. I like to keep it simple with chicken salad on wheat bread, yogurt covered pretzels, and pasta sald. Oh, and some pink lemonade!

  374. the best kind of question!
    first things first: a wide rimmed wicker picnic basket to keep from anything getting mushed. berries, vino, a cold veggie/pasta salad, freshest bread, a shade structure, and a cute boy.

  375. I love to pack my watermelon/cuc/onion/basil salad; roasted veggie, spinach, mozzarella & pesto sandwich; fresh berries for dessert! Yum!!

  376. A blanket is a must! (Starting with the obvious.) Then fruit, pita chips and some sharp swiss. An Izze a delight for the middle of the day! Did I mention a peanut butter and banana sandwich for the main stage! =)

  377. I would pack a pint of Jeni’s Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk in the Nia Tote Backpack along with my sketchbook and pens and head to the park for some creative time.

  378. I’d pack a fresh baguette, cheese, salami, am assortment of fresh vegetables and a chilled bottle of my favorite rose!

  379. I like to pack lots of finger foods and snacks as a meal. So, grapes, cheese, nuts, grape tomatoes, homemade bread, crackers with a spread…

  380. My ideal picnic would include a baguette, some delicious cheese, roasted red peppers, mustard, olives, clementines, and maybe some lemonade ๐Ÿ™‚

  381. For picnics, I like to pack some fresh baguette with sliced italian cold cuts along with some brie and shreds of parmesean. Water, seasonal fruit, and various pastries like cookies and lemon bars to top it all off! Of course, you can’t forget your blanket and utensils!

  382. Wow, so delicious and love the tote. I usually pack a mix of sweet and savory, fruit and cheese, I really love figs with goat cheese or even a blueberries. Along with that I love thinly sliced meats, a grain salad that holds up well and crusty bread. Of course, you have to have something sweet! Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Consummate Chocolate Chip cookies always get orgasmic eyerolls!

  383. I usually bring Pb&j, veggies and hummus, pretzels, and some sort of fruit (apples, grapes, etc.) I guess I make mommy picnics!

  384. A picnic packed with a salad variety is so refreshing during summer time… cesar salad, fruit salad, and a pasta salad! Yes please!

  385. oh my the fabric & handle tote back packs = <3!
    for my summer picnic -- a simple sandwich, fruit, hummus + crackers, and a tasty treat for dessert!

  386. First i’d pack up my mini schnauzer, Peanut with her goodies of toys and treats. I’d also bring a baguette, pรขtรฉ, Brie, watermelon, and a large bottle of water.

  387. I would definitely pack a book, sunblock, shades, edamame hummus, pita chips, fresh grapes, and a bottle of sparkling water for my sunny day out ๐Ÿ™‚

  388. For a perfect picnic with my love, I usually pack two home made vegan bacon, avocado & tomato sandwiches, roasted potato wedges, sliced apples, and two orange jarritos to wash it all down! Of course we bring our perfectly worn and used mexican blanket, too!

  389. a pain d’avignon baguette + french butter, d’arbo apricot jam, homemade hibiscus cherry soda, cantaloupe and prosciutto slices, and fresh caneles.

  390. The picnic contents are never consistent (sometimes just bread, cheese, and fruit) except there is always Ritter Sport chocolate!

  391. Picnics are so fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love watermelon, lemonade, chocolate treats, foil-wrapped hot dogs and sweet corn. All summery food!

  392. i’d pack up an awesome picnic spread with fried chicken, a baguette, cheese, wine, strawberries and a few cupcakes to top it off. ๐Ÿ™‚

  393. we are headed out to central park tonight and have only packed up a blanket, a deck of cards and our summer reading… still need to plan the food for our outdoor summer dinner… these ice cream treats would are a cute idea along with the bag.

  394. Whenever I pack a picnic, I love to start with a signature cocktail. My boyfriend & I have been very into Negroni’s recently! Then it’s usually some combination of local cheeses, salami & prosciutto, and a big salad! Dessert is usually a small watermelon or ice cream from our favorite local shop – Van Leeuwen!

  395. Love to pack crudities with sour cream onion dip, small toast, cheeses and fruit.

  396. some ewephoria, some fruit and crisp baguette, a little sparkling grape juice to hark back to the days when we couldn’t drink~

  397. I love mixing salty with sweet, especially when outdoors. Wraps or sandwiches, fresh fruit, a baguette, cheese and pickles, and blood orange sparkling soda.

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