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happy friday + pure joy…

Ruby is an "Oprah Lady" About Banana Bread - 38 weeks

Happy Friday folks! Hope you enjoyed this short holiday week for those of you who celebrated the 4th of July. It felt kind of strange to have a holiday smack dab in the middle of the week, but it was a nice and welcomed break for me for sure. I'm ending the week sharing my favorite moment from the past week with our little Ruby. Bob and I have always loved this SNL skit poking fun at the "Oprah Ladies" and how excited the audience gets over the swag their receive. Apparently, Ruby feels the same way about banana bread {which she tried for the first time just minutes before we took this video}. Have a great weekend all! I hope it's full of moments of pure delight just like this… — Joy


  1. OMG–she is such a doll–I don’t get it though–doesn’t everyone get that excited over banana bread? I know I do!! Great video 🙂

  2. Okay, by far the funniest thing is Bob’s excited “yeah banana bread!” cheering in the background (though Ruby is cute too). Too funny.

  3. Lol~ she is just the cutest!!! Totally made me smile seeing this! Reminded me of when I was one of those Oprah Ladies~ even though I got no swag I was soo excited just to be there. Just like Ruby & her banana bread. =)


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