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{outside/inside} a quirky cloud…

oh joy | outside/inside | cloud house

oh joy | outside/inside | cloud house

OUTSIDE / The Cloud House sits besides an inviting pool, proving that the architects at McBride Charles Ryan can balance playfulness and modernity. This house inspires…

oh joy | outside/inside | cloud house

…an INSIDE that's all fun and games, but in a very grown-up way. What could be more exciting than an overstuffed gingham chair, colorblocked rugs, and striped candles, all with hints of whimsy? I picture a budding photographer lives here; someone with a real eye for color and a passion for seeing life through the viewfinder… — Joanna 

{left to right, top to bottom: striped taper candles from Leif, colorblocked wool rug from A+R Store, ceramic clock from Woonwinkel, shuffle table from Horne, piazza gingham chair from CB2, mineral birdhouse from Terrain, blackbird fly twin lens reflex camera from Poketo, cord table lamp from The Future Perfect.} 

{Cloud House image from Arch Daily}


  1. There are some houses that just look so boring (including my own). I would love to come home to this house after a long day at work. I think it would put a smile on my face every day. You’ve gotta have fun with life especially in the home you plan on spending the rest of your life and this artistic person did just that! Thanks for sharing.


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