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  1. love the little sweater suit, next best thing to animal ears. the mittens would be perfect for a little toddler too – luckily i have one of those at home. i wonder if they come in adult size – i’m not above matching!

  2. I have been totally in love with Oeuf for years. I love all the neutrals, and the clothes are made so well. That little girl’s heart sweater is adorable. I would totally wear it.

  3. I love this little line! So cute. But to be honest, the mittens totally creeped me out for a sec! Reminded me too much of one of the characters from Pan’s Labyrinth!

  4. I love the bunny face onesie, (last pic) would love to get it for a friend who’s having a baby but I can’t find it on Oeuf’s website, sold out maybe??


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