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Have you guys ever had a canelé? While I've seen photos of them for a long time, I only first tried one earlier this year after my friend Mari introduced me to them. This petite French pastry has a custard batter that's baked inside the prettiest mold.


The result is a caramelized crust and custard-like inside. It has my favorite kind of texture—a mix of firm, with bite on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside. It's how I love my cookies too. You might think I was fancy and made these, but I avoid baking French desserts at all costs. There are people who go to school for years for that kind of thing! I got this one at my favorite bakery in LA, Proof, and will happily let them be the experts at making them while I'll be the expert at eating them… — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy. spoons from Sucre Shop}


  1. Agreed – leave the French baking to the experts! Oh, my mouth is watering just looking at those photos. Definitely added to my list of places to visit next time I’m in LA.

  2. Ohhh Joy, you make my day with your posts. 🙂 One day I’ll come see all these lovely places you post about, but for now, living through your blog will have to do 🙂

  3. That looks incredible! So much better than the breakfast I have planned at my desk. And those spoons – swoon!!

  4. OHHH i looove canele! One of my favorite desserts. I don’t have a bakery nearby where i live that make decent caneles. BUT Trader Joes have them in their frozen section. And of course they aren’t as good as the ones fresh off the oven, it’s not bad. enough to make me happy 🙂

  5. My friend is living in France and sent me a photo of one of these little gems! These sealed the deal – now on the hunt for the perfect canelé molds!

  6. I’m french and canele is one of my favourite pastry! I got a recipe in case you change your mind and want to pretend you’re a french chief for few minutes 😉

  7. I’ve had one!! Interestingly enough, because of the soft, bready texture, I feel like they are healthier than a cupcake alternative 🙂 Love them!


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