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happy friday + 10 months with ruby…




Ruby turned 10 months over the weekend! It's so crazy to think how fast time flies. As we head into the weekend, I leave you with…

10 ways I've changed in my 10 months as a mom:

01. I was never a baby person before and didn't know what to do with them until I had one. And now I am one of those people who ask strangers if I can hold their baby.

02. If people still had wallets with accordion photos of their kids in it, I'd be one of them {thank goodness for an iPhone}. I never understood when people would light up talking about their kids, but now I get it.

03. I'm used to being the boss at my job, but that doesn't always work for parenting. I'm still working on it, but I am learning that if you're parenting with a partner, you have to involve them in making decisions, too.

04. While schedules are important for getting things like sleep routines established, you also have to be flexible and live your life. I've learned not to be so rigid because sometimes a baby is just a baby and not every day goes as planned.

05. I've learned to say no. I can say no to jobs or to social gatherings when I need to. While I still feel like I'm missing out on the fun sometimes, I'm picking and choosing what's most important to me and works best with my family's needs and schedule.

06. I try and imagine the world though a baby's perspective…like the sounds that animals make or what new foods taste like for the first time. Everything that seems simple is actually so fascinating.

07. I have a terrible singing voice, but I can sing kid's songs for hours. And I can make up songs about everyday things…to the tune of Justin Bieber songs.

08. I look at my parents in a whole new way and appreciate them so much more now.

09. I can deal with a pile of stuff or when the house gets a little messy. I used to need everything to be in it's place immediately, and now it just take a little while longer {or sometimes that pile just sits there for weeks}…and I'm okay with that.

10. I've mastered how to make a baby laugh. Or at least how to make my baby laugh.

Have a great weekend guys! — Joy

{Photos by Oh Joy. Ruby's oneside by LemLem, hairpin by StellinaB}


  1. Such a cutie pie! I have a 6 month old and I’m amazed at how much they change your life and teach you! I’m learning new things every day! 🙂

  2. Phew! Thanks for coming clean with #1!
    I was the last born out of 21 cousins, so I have little experience with kids. I’m excited to have my own babies, so it’s good to know I’ll be able to figure it out.
    And Ruby is such a cutie!

  3. I’ve been following your blog for awhile and have never commented, so first, your blog is absolutely lovely! I love your photography and stories, and your little one is as cute as a button. I’m not a ‘baby person,’ and don’t know if I’ll ever have any of my own, but I look at yours and have the sudden urge to cuddle something, she’s that adorable (especially the pigtails!). Keep bloggin! Love the list as well.

  4. Nothing more lovely than the sound of a baby losing her ish lol. I just got caught up on all the Ruby vimeos lol…that kid is addicting!

  5. I love this list – it’s so fascinating how much our kiddos chance our life for the better! Since becoming a mom, I find myself singing in the car more and thinking that I sound good! Which in fact, I know I don’t!

  6. Too much cute. She is practically edible. I’m due in 3 weeks and my sister is determined to arrange a marriage between Ruby and my unborn child.

  7. OMG ain’t she cute? I can relate to what you said about the house getting messy. Now it’s more about ‘have I fed the cats?’ and watch the pile grow than having everything in its place. I’m loving every minute with my 15 week old boy. Watching him grow/smile/laugh/discovering new things is way better than cleaning up the house!

  8. happy 10 months!!!!
    my son just turned 8 months, and i just CANT believe it!
    i really enjoyed looking at those growth photos 🙂
    such a sweet idea, to compile them all on a big frame for her 1st birthday??
    will be keeping up on you two beauties!
    love, chelsea and arlo

  9. oh you’re precious ruby is too too cute! I love looking at the month by month progression of babies, mainly to try and figure out when their little faces first emerge. When they’re teenie tiny, it’s hard to make out their features but it looks like little miss ruby came into her own around 2-3 months. i’m currently 26 weeks and can not wait to see my little lady’s tiny face!
    congrats again!

  10. Hi Priscilla,
    Congrats on your little lady! Their faces change so much in the first year. Just in the last week her face is changing and shes looking more like me (she was a clone of my husband for the longest time!).
    Hope youre feeling well!!

  11. Hello. I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my first and starting to research what’s ahead of me 🙂 In so doing I found your blog. I found it when searching for an essential’s checklist and then have been going through your other posts.
    Ruby is gorgeous and I really love the monthly photos! Is the chair she’s sitting in the one you used for nursing? I like the idea of a rounded top edge and sloping arms … can you please tell me what kind of chair it is / where it’s from?
    Thanks and I look forward to reading more!

  12. she is so adorable! I would have to agree with almost every one of those items. It’s incredible how motherhood changes us (for the better)!

  13. My goodness, she is total sunshine.
    I hear ya on what you’ve learnt on relaxing the routine. Well done for working that out so quickly. Baby number two relaxed me (slightly). I sometimes mummer ‘she will not die if she misses a nap’ before going out somewhere her older brother wants to venture to. It’s really important to LIVE, show her all the colours & the adventure of being alive. Just yesterday I watched a dad cover his 8ish year old daughter in sand at the park while she cackled & giggled. When our girls are 8, we will let them get dirty!

  14. I can totally relate to every thing that you mentioned here. My son is turning 10 months on Thursday and I still can’t believe the journey we had. I think somehow I also matured, but I never loose the pregnancy weight yet. haha I am being too comfy being a fluffy mom! lol


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