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happy friday + ruby’s 1st haircut…



Ruby got her first haircut this week! Well, it was mainly a bang trim to get those bangs out of her eyes. It was the quickest hair cut ever, but someone was not so happy to have her head held and poked at while scissors came so close to her face. She cried for a minute near the end, but we all walked out 5 minutes later unscathed. She looks thrilled, right? And her short little bangs crack me up. She's totally kickin' it Parent Trap style.

Hope you guys have some fun things in store for the weekend. My in-laws come into town this afternoon for a week to get some one-on-one time with their granddaughter. I seriously cannot wait for my mother-in-law's Korean home cooking…yum. Enjoy your weekend guys! — Joy

Oh, and just a reminder to those of you in Chicago, if you're planning to attend the September 5th Blog, Inc. Book Party, please be sure to RSVP by early next week. The book doesn't officially come out until after this party, so we want to make sure to have enough for everyone there!

{photo of Ruby at 10.5 months by Oh Joy}


  1. Omg! My son Tucker is also ten months and I’ve been thinking he needs a haircut but was worried he was much too young. His hair is coming down in the front of his face and I fear bangs might also be in his near future…not the best look for baby boys! Haha! I’m glad you posted this so now I am not so scared of the first cut! Hope you saved those locks for the baby book! : )

  2. Very cute. I have a Ruby too. She’ll be 4 next week. Her hair is long and past her shoulder blades (needs a little trim after all the sun and swimming this summer). Happy weekend.

  3. joy! ruby looks exactly like you! i always wonder why kids cry when they have haircuts. they scared of the sharp scissors, or they don’t like to be held down? or they are scared of the person cutting their hair!? not sure! i dun recall going to the hair salon when i was young, my mom cut my hair up until grade 7!
    PS. do u know any brands (that i can buy online) have nice sleek ties? looking for sth unusual but subtle!!


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