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my go-to gift wrap…




I remember when I first heard about washi tape. I was crazy excited and amassed rolls by the dozen because it was something I could keep around that was just crafty enough for me without requiring too much time to make something look cool. I'm sure you've seen all kinds of washi tapes around the web over the last couple years, but I still love using it as my go-to for wrapping gifts because I never seem to have any real wrapping paper lying around. Last week, I bought these limited edition washi tapes with these amazing patterns and colors {hello gold foil and neon!} from Crafty Japan, and it was perfect for a friend's upcoming birthday gift. I usually stick to two or three different colors or patterns and simply cross them in both directions until you cover as much of the paper as you want! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I love this wrapping idea! It’s sad how excited I get about these things. What’s even more sad is that I have shopping sprees at Paper Source quite often!

  2. Hi Sheena,
    I just continue it and overlap on the back so that you really cant tell where it ends. I usually use a smaller piece of tape to hold the end flaps down, but once the decorate tape overlaps, you can remove those pieces so its just the decorative tape. Hope that makes sense!

  3. Another blogger named Louise organized a craft date using washi tape as the featured medium, which is how I first discovered washi, and now I’m hooked! Loving the patterns that you selected here. I saw the colorful scales featured on Pinterest last night; I like the way they lean more toward classy than cute. Thanks for always introducing products that are just a smidge on the side of edgy.

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