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You might know I love mixing and matching color and pattern in my wardrobe and in my home. I find so much inspiration on what works from brands who really push the envelope and who aren't afraid to really shake things up. always does an amazing job when it comes to hair accessories, and their new black label collection is gorgeous.



Falcon Wright's patterned bags mix color, hand-drawn patterns, and colorful leather so well. These bags feel like pieces you'd wear right off the pages of some amazing comic book.



And J.Crew keeps killing it in the "mix-and-match for everyday" department. Just take a look at this peek from their new Spring 2013 collection coming out next year. Seriously, love!

{ photos by Max Wanger, Falcon Wright photos by Falcon Wright, J.Crew photos by J.Crew}


  1. Gorgeous! I’ve always been a huge J.Crew fan and within the last year fell quickly in love with But Falcon Wright is new to me, which means I have a lot of fun looking to do! Thanks!

  2. I am totally too chicken to mix and match crazy colors and prints but I would love to dress like these lovely ladies!! Great inspirations!

  3. I’m a sucker for flower crowns. I like the idea of mixing and matching patterns and colors like the outfits in the photos but its always very daunting because I’m afraid I’ll look like, well, a clown.

  4. I remember as a kid finding polka dots and floral patterns completely horrifying. I can’t even fathom that anymore- this stuff is SO cute!
    Any thoughts on styling this for real life so you DON’T wind up looking like a clown? Maybe make sure to wear solid-colored tights, few accessories, or something? Or would that ruin it…..


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