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I love that LA has such a huge variety of food trucks all over the city. I guess the weather here really makes for easy eating on the fly, hunh? But it can be really hard to track those trucks down, and a lot of them tend to stick to regular locations which are often on the other side of town. So we love it when there's a bunch of food trucks all at one place. A sampling from each truck? Yes, please!

Almost every Monday night, Bob, Ruby and I head to Los Feliz for a weekly gathering of food trucks called On the Lot. They have different areas of LA they set up at on different nights, but on Monday nights On the Lot is in Los Feliz—which is the neighborhood next door to us. Eating there has become a weekly ritual, and we love meeting up with friends there, too. They announce their weekly lineup on Twitter, so it's fun to see what new trucks are coming each week.

Here are a few of my favorites from past visits…


These Crispy Pork & Shrimp Potstickers with Curry Aioli & Sweet Soy Reduction from the Asian Cravings truck…


Lobster Tacos from Cousins Main Lobster…totally the California version of a Lobster Roll!


Strawberry shaved ice with blue honey boba and drizzled with condensed milk from the Fluff Ice truck…



…and the crazy awesome variety of boba milk tea drinks from the Boba Truck. I get a decaf almond milk tea so that I'm not wide awake that night and take home a jasmine milk tea for the next day's treat. While there are some weekly regulars, most of the trucks change every week, so we've been able to try so many new ones. Do you guys have food truck nights like this where you live? It's seriously one of my favorite things to do in LA! 

On the Lot LA | 2060 N. Vermont Ave. | Los Angeles, CA 90027 | 5:30-9pm

{First and bottom two photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy. All others are Instagram photos by me. My outfit: StyleMint tee, necklace c/o A-Thread. }


  1. That top photo is too adorable for words. It looks like Ruby shares her Mama’s love of a good meal. But seriously, who wouldn’t make that face for lobster tacos! Lucky baby!

  2. YUM!! That boba looks so good – both in the shaved ice and the drink! 🙂 We have food truck events here in the OC, but they’re not nearly as amazing as the ones you have in LA. I’m definitely jealous of your proximity to such a yummy gathering!
    Great photos!

  3. Love that first picture Joy!. Ruby is getting so big. I got a chance to meet you at the Pinterest meet up last year, you were glowing with your belly. Is super cute to get to see Ruby grow. Time flies! Those lobster tacos look to die for.

  4. [sigh] even more reasons why I miss living in LA. Wow that blue honey bobba looks stunning and yummy! I’ll have to try that next time I’m in town.
    – Sarah

  5. This pictures make me want to go out looking for food trucks right now! And how I sure hope you got your rest, load up on lavender oil to help you relax, I felt exhausted just reading about your busy week!
    I also wanted to tell you I bought your book, Blog Inc. and its fabulous, it has helped me tremendously in starting my blog. It has only been 14 days, and I am enjoying it tremendously!

  6. Yes! This post is incomplete without the ‘what you are wearing’ description! 🙂 I love your t-shirt – the gray but also a subtle fleck of gold sparkling. Where is it from?

  7. The food truck gathering sounds like so much fun. I love trying new eats and it would be so perfect if you could purchase from a group of food trucks. The only food trucks we have where I live (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)are fry trucks. Don’t get me wrong, the fries are delicious and you can enjoy them with a view of Lake Huron but a little variety would be nice.

  8. Food trucks- so fun! I love going downtown here in DC for lunch at the food trucks, although we don’t have a Boba truck. Love the idea! Thanks for posting!

  9. We go to the Highland Park one on Tuesday nights. The area is a bit sketchy though. We should really check out the Los Feliz one. The first apartment I lived in when I moved to LA was backed up to that parking lot where the trucks meet. It would be a bit nostalgic to be back there.

  10. Those lobster tacos are making me miss my So Cal home. There is no comparison to fish tacos from Southern California. I have yet to find something even close to par in New Mexico. I miss the lightness of coastal Mex food. Your sweet baby seems to be having a good time. Love her sweet little pony tail.

  11. We have a bunch of food trucks in Reno, NV but unfortunately I work about 45 minutes away, so it’s never really possible for me to get lunch from them (unless I find them on the weekend!) But on Friday nights during the summer, some of them get together either downtown or at a park and you can just walk around and choose what you want from whatever truck. I love going to it, but last week was the last week for the season 🙁

  12. Lovely! Here in the bay area on Mondays, 6 or more food trucks gather together in a large parking lot. It’s always fun to pick up your appetizer, entree, and dessert from 3 separate trucks. I often spend more than I need to, but the experience is well worth it.

  13. That shirt is pretty on you! So glad you wear Stylemint so I know how it looks in real life! (I’m the one that asked you about their Tribeca Pant– AND GOT THEM THEIR AMAZING!) Read your blog everyday!

  14. the bay area has Off the Grid food events. They pretty much run every day in different locations all over, majority in San Francisco. There are others in Berkeley, Alameda, and Hayward. the largest is friday nights at fort mason. check it out while you are here on your book tour! One of my faves is Curry Up Now, an Indian food truck with Sexy Fries, waffles fries covered in Chicken Tikka Masala, or also their burritos.

  15. Your little Ruby is so so cute!!! I am way envious of your culinary adventures… while I love the south, we just don’t have the delicious variety you all do out west. I’d love to take a foodie vacation using your posts to plan my itinerary!!! Someday. 🙂

  16. Oh wow. The food looks simply amazing. I’m sorry to say this though, but Ruby just outdoes everyone and everything. She is the most adorable – so cute she’s the most delicious! Lucky little lady, growing up with all these amazing flavours too 🙂 Gorgeous picture of you all at the top!

  17. nah.. Australia doesn’t have that… I am planning to visit LA next summer en route back to Vancouver. I will be asking you where these night trucks are parked so I can have a late night treat in LA!!!

  18. yummy. it looks like on the lot is only operational in los feliz for now… hopefully they expand and set up in all areas of LA (westside, westside, westside)!


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