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Make Someone Happy – No. 03: Food & Friends

Make Someone Happy - No. 03: Food & Friends

With the upcoming holidays approaching and lots of merriment to be had with family and friends, here's the newest in my Make Someone Happy series. It's all about setting up a fun and festive table for those you love…and giving them some fun surprises when they sit down to dinner.

I love mixing and matching, so I wanted to provide a little inspiration on how I'd mix pieces for the tabletop. And with each place setting, I offered up a few fun things specially picked out for each guest. You can download a template for the photo cube right here (I simply used Instagram photos that were special to each of my special guests), and see all of the mix-and-match dinnerware I used in the video right here. Enjoy!

P.S. Special thanks to Heirloom LA for providing the food and letting us shoot in their beautiful space. And big hugs to BonnieJen, and Bri for being in the video!

{Video by Modshift; music by Freak Owls.  Tabletop decor kindly provided by Crate & Barrel, Design Within ReachFerm LivingHeath CeramicsJonathan Adler, Kate SpadeLeifMuhs Home, Terrain, Unison, and West Elm.}


  1. This is lovely Joy! Friends do make our lives amazingly beautiful. 😉 Thanks for sharing too. You certainly add that extra sparkle to our days up north.

  2. I had a sneaking suspicion you’d say that! 😉 It’s lovely! I never thought to look there for vintage clothes. Good tip!


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