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feeling like a little meal…



It's been so fun watching Ruby's little palate develop over the last several months. Now that she eats whatever we do, I love being able to nurture her exploration of food through tasting different things, reading about different foods, and making meal time fun in general. Here are a few of my favorite ways to instill a love of eating in the littles..

{01. Skip Hop plate and mat, 02. Brita water bottle for kids, 03. French Bull plate set, 04. Hola! Jalapeno and Yum Yum Dim Sum books,  05. Baguette sandwich toy from Land of Nod, 06. Skip Hop bento box, 07. Prince Lionheart seat (so great for places that don't have high chairs!), 08. Lollacup.}

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Brita Bottle for Kids. Help teach your kids to learn to love water. Learn more right hereAll content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow me to create special content like this for Oh Joy.


  1. I love that little plate, too cute! My daughter is all about her owl plate from Skip Hop. Choosing the plate has become an important part of meal time. Just wait til Ruby is a little bit older and wants to help you cook, we make great pretend foodies like chocolate spagetti!

  2. I was actually tempted to message you to ask how you go about mealtime. Our 14 month old refuses to eat with us unless it’s noodles/rice/or some other Asian food, makes it really tough at restaurants. Any tips? Do you only eat together or do you feed her certain meals of the day? I’m worried she’s picky because maybe she is drinking too much milk.

  3. Hi Sheena!
    We always eat meals together now so that she sees us eating and knows that we all eat together. (Of course there are exceptions, like if were going to go on a date night after she goes to bed, then wed give her dinner on her own and just sit with her or on the days I have childcare, I make a separate lunch for her). How much milk does your little one drink? Ruby has 4oz of milk before meals. So its not too much to make her full. But sometimes well give her the food first, and then shell eat way more. Id definitely suggest less milk or have the milk feedings be more spaced out from the food feedings.
    Hope that helps!


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