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hers & mine…





Oftentimes we end up matching, whether I plan it or not…

top | Hers: silver mocs from Freshly Picked. Mine: Clare Vivier messenger bag from Roztayger.

middle | Hers: MaS hooded jacket (similar). Mine: Kate Spade jacket (from a few years ago).

bottomHers: Bunny from Walnut Animal Society. Mine: CrewCuts oxfords.
(Yep, kids' shoes fit grown-ups if you're a size 7 or below!)

Do you guys ever find yourself matching your loves ones by accident?

{Photos by Oh Joy. Rug by Nuloom.}


  1. So cute 🙂 I’m addicted to stripes – for me and my two girls – so yes, I’ve often unwittingly dressed us in matching looks and not realised til someone commented on it!

  2. In answer to the last question, yes. I have no idea how it happens, but my friend (whom I ever only see once a month or so), usually wind up matching. The color of his shirts are usually reflected somewhere in the colors of my dresses, or if I’m wearing neutrals, it’s reflected in the accent colors of my accessories. It’s kinda funny.

  3. This whole “adults can wear Crewcuts” is rocking my world. I need to give it a go. SO cute and great prices! Thank you Joy!

  4. Its amazing, right? The downside is it only works if youre petite, but if you are..its such a great way to save money on similar styles!

  5. It IS amazing. I’ll have to try it. I think it will be especially good for my mom who is rather petite. Thank you again.

  6. This happens to me and my Hubbie all the time, Naff really when itt happens with a hubbie…me thinks but super cute with kiddies

  7. her little shoes are too cute. i like how crewcuts is one of your go-tos for clothes and now shoes too. i’m petite like you so it’s a tip i’ll be jumping on as soon as i can fit into anything non-maternity.

  8. Hi Esther!
    I wear a size 6.5-7 and wear the largest size in CrewCuts. So youd prob be the next size down. If you look at their size chart, it gives a measurement for the foot length.
    Hope that helps!

  9. Emily,
    Im kind of a Crew Cuts addict! 😉 Yes, Ive gotten skirts and tops but you def. have to be careful of the cut and length. I find the dresses dont work as for me because they are definitely meant for no curves at all. But the jackets, tops, and shoes have been great!

  10. This is pretty adorable! I love all the prints in this post. You have truly great taste. And p.s. I wear a 5.5/6 and never considered crewcuts. Genius! xoxo

  11. This is too funny. My husband just this morning pointed out that my daughter and I have matched the past two days in a row! Not match as in we’re wearing creepy mommy/daughter twinkies outfits, we just happened to be dressed in similar palettes and everything just kind of fit together. It may have something to do with the fact that I picked out both our outfits. I used to be guilty of this same thing in college. I’d show up to present my final design project and magically be dressed in a presentation worthy outfit that just happened to match the direct mail piece I’d been up all night designing.
    PS: I’m totally buying J.Crew kiddie shoes for myself


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