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{los angeles} top 20 bites of 2012…


Ohjoyeats_la_bites_2012With a new family member in tow, 2012 included a lot more casual dining as we attempted to keep meals on the quicker side whenever possible. But I certainly continued to snack {a lot!} and explore the range of foods that L.A. has to offer. Here are my Top 20 Bites of 2012 in Los Angeles {in no particular order}


1. The Brown Bread and Brown Rice Green Tea ice cream from Scoops {more here}.
Photo by Bonnie Tsang.


2. Crispy Pork &and Shrimp Potstickers with Curry Aioli &and Sweet Soy Reduction from the Asian Cravings truck.


3. Twenty-course omakase from Sushi Nishi-ya.


4. An ice cream sandwich {made with cupcake tops!} from Sprinkles Ice Cream {more here}.
Photo by Bonnie Tsang.


5. Canelé from Proof Bakery.


6. Thai boat noodles (this dish is called "Yen Ta Fo") from Sapp Coffee Shop.


7. Lemon meringue pie from The Pie Hole {more here}Photo by Bonnie Tsang.


9. Chocolate Chunk cookie dough from FarmShop.


10. Firecracker Shrimp burrito from the Jogasaki Burrito truck.


11. Chocolate, Nutella, and Banana S'mores Bao from Take a Bao{more here}Photo by Bonnie Tsang.


12. Korean fried chicken wings from KyoChon.


13. Strawberry Shaved Ice with Blue Honey Boba drizzled with condensed milk from the Fluff Ice truck.


14. Tonkatsu ramen from Silver Lake Ramen.


15. Cornbread hushpuppies from L&E Oyster Bar.


16. Sopressato, pistachio, and shishito pepper pizza from Mother Dough.


17. Black sesame financier from Proof Bakery.


18. Mini lobster roll from Son of a Gun.


19. Sushi from Sushi Yuzu.


20. Lemon curd and lavender pop tart from C+M {more here}Photo by Bonnie Tsang. 

Enjoy! And, of course, you can see more food adventures in L.A. right here and see last year's Top 20 Bites in Los Angeles for 2011.

{Photos by Oh Joy, unless otherwise specified above.}


  1. You’ve listed some of my faves. I really want to try Jogasaki and I’m thinking I have to just bite the bullet and drive to Burbank. I’ll have to pair it with an Ikea run.
    Some additional recommendations: Musha (risotto, okonomiyaki, saba), beef roll from 101 noodle express, paradise cake from King’s Hawaiian, ramen from santouka or daikokuya, hwedopbap (sushi rice) from a-won, city center food court in ktown, Paris Baguette’s cakes,
    School Food Blooming Roll, and hainan chicken from savoy kitchen. I just realized that I listed all Asian food. Love LA!

  2. We had those lobster rolls at a company party, TO DIE FOR… Absolutely amazing! The bread is absolutely incredible.

  3. Joy, seriously, if I ever make it back to LA, I would love love love to meet you for lunch. I feel like you and I would have the best time getting crazy foods!!!!

  4. Thanks for the list! I live in Los Angeles and your list is so handy. I’ve tried few of your recommended places and love every single one of them. I am craving Pie Hole pies as I type this.

  5. OMG, those always look so good! I love your food posts! I’m going to have to visit these places the next time I’m in town.

  6. solid list! try the canele at the casbah cafe when you get the chance. it’s the best in town. and have you been to R23 sushi yet? i lived in LA for 8 years and am a total sushi snob and it’s by far the best sushi meal in town.

  7. I am TOTALLY jealous of that cupcake top ice cream sandwich from Sprinkles!!! I now live in Atlanta but lived in LA for two and a half years and desperately miss Sprinkles! Also, if you ever go to Bar Centro at the SLS Hotel, please have a Magic Mojito for me (they strain it over cotton candy, YUM!).


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