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Every so often, something so simple yet unexpected comes along and blows my mind. This thing, my friends, is the mix of savory cheddar popcorn with sweet caramel popcorn. I randomly picked up G.H. Cretors' Chicago Mix at the grocery store the other day and have since become obsessed. Sometimes you want a sweet little snack, sometimes you want savory…and pow! Here's both, playfully dancing together in a way you wouldn't expect would work, but actually does—really, really well.

{Photos by Oh Joy. Glass egg coddler from Herriott Grace, tea towel from Design Within Reach.}


  1. Oh this reminds me of Garrett Popcorn – I pick some up every time I fly through Chicago. It’s the best. That cheese and caramel combo is hard to beat!

  2. Oh a person from my company sent small tins of these to all of the execs at my company and as their assistant, you bet I snagged one. The perfect snack!

  3. I love popcorn! Yum! I’m debating on making a Valentine’s day popcorn mix! Kind of excited! I just can’t make the decisions on what to include in it!

  4. Should you ever find yourself in Chicago, please stop by Garrett’s! I don’t actually like popcorn all that much, but when you can get the Chicago mix that’s freshly made so the cheese is still warm and runs over your fingers and the caramel is the perfect sweet complement … it is amazing. (And you’ll frequently see lines that wrap run down the block at Garrett’s!)

  5. You HAVE to try Garrets’s Popcorn in Chicago. I really enjoy the GH Creators Chicago Mix but Garret’s is 100X’s better. 100x’s! Especially when its still warm 🙂

  6. Garrett’s is pretty much why I moved to Chicago. The caramel and cheese mix is crazy good. A definite MUST next time you’re in town.

  7. ohhhhh yes. i’ve had this popcorn mix before. but what i like even more is the DENVER mix, which is caramel corn and white cheddar popcorn…it is IRRESISTIBLE!

  8. I picked some of this up at Costco after the sample lady offered me some. So good and it stays fresh despite the giant amount I purchased in just one bag. Perfection!

  9. Yes, definitely go! They even have a shop/stand at O’hare Airport. So yummy! I was only in Chicago for a few days, and I live in LA but I’ve been carving their popcorn ever since LOL!


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