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  1. Those heels! That bag! I’m a romantic and I love all these pieces for that reason. Feels like springtime is coming. (Wishful thinking? I’m in New England and just dying for some cherry blossoms.)

  2. those anthro heels are amazing– i would LOVE to rock them this spring. we just did two spring wishlists over on my blog if you want to check them out! thanks for the cute post as always, joy 🙂

  3. Little romper shorts, SO cute. Joy, I was shooting a wedding the other day and a girl with your style, hair cut, asianess walked into the door and I almost was star struck… but she didn’t have a baby or a husband, and we were in Oklahoma…. so I sighed.

  4. Ahhh! I just studied Monet last week in class–this def takes it a fun route!! I love it 🙂 maybe id get some extra credit if I came in wearing that total Monet-like blouse!!

  5. You had me at those shoes!!!! Love the contrast of patterns. So funny I feel like a monet today (still in my pj’s – oops!) so I just had to click through on your post! Have a good one.


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