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four eyes are better than two…

Oh Joy | Rivet & Sway | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy | Rivet & Sway | photo by Bonnie Tsang

One day in sixth grade, I couldn't see the chalkboard very clearly. I squinted and squinted until I gave myself a headache. Soon, my parents realized I was becoming near-sighted, and I started wearing glasses. I dreaded having to pull them out in class. Glasses were not cool in junior high, especially in the early '90s (unless you were Sally Jesse Raphael), and as soon as I was allowed to get contacts in high school, I wore them every day ever since and saved my glasses for nighttime, right-before-bed only.

Oh Joy | Rivet & Sway | photo by Bonnie Tsang

I bet you guys didn't even know I wear glasses, right? I mean, my normal vision is so bad that I wouldn't be able to see you if you were standing in front of me. It's all a blur. However, once more fun frame options became available, I decided to revisit the idea of wearing glasses. I loved the idea of wearing them all day, but with an Asian nose-bridge, plastic-framed glasses rarely stay on my face. It wasn't until I tried Rivet & Sway—a company that focuses on glasses only for women, and those with smaller or more narrow faces specifically—that I was finally able to wear cool spectacles again. These actually stay on my face!

I've since become a big fan of Rivet & Sway, and have joined forces with them today to show you how I now wear glasses as a part of my everyday life—and how they can even be an accessory to work into your outfit.

Oh Joy | Rivet & Sway | photo by Bonnie Tsang

For everyday, I love adding a pop of color—because when you're in a T-shirt and jeans, it's that extra little detail that feels fun and special.

Oh Joy | Rivet & Sway | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy | Rivet & Sway | photo by Bonnie Tsang

For dressier occassions, I love a thinner frame in classic black. The glasses make a subtle statement and let whatever you're wearing shine.

Oh Joy | Rivet & Sway | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy | Rivet & Sway | photo by Bonnie Tsang

For when I'm wearing lots of patterns or in a more bohemian mood, I love neutral, tortoise-colored frames with a twist. They add interest and a little spark of surprise…they're like what your local librarian would wear, but with a kick!

Do you guys wear glasses? If you do, are you a glasses-only-at-night wearer like I once was? Or do you love rocking them on a daily basis?

P.S. Rivet & Sway is kindly offering Oh Joy readers $50 off a single pair of frames (a $199 retail value) through March 31, 2013. Enter OHJOYSWAYS at checkout. (You can try up to three pairs at home!)

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Rivet & Sway. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Oh Joy. 

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. Hair and makeup by Danielle Walch. Casual outfit: sweatshirt from Hello Merch, jeans by J.Crew, tote by Mar y Sol, sneakers c/o Loeffler Randall, Punchline glasses by Rivet & Sway. Dressy outfit: dress by Madewell (past season), jacket by Anthropologie (past season), clutch by J.Crew (past season), All Who Wander glasses by Rivet & Sway. Boho outfit: dress c/o Lauren Moffatt, cardigan from A-Thread, Core Strength glasses by Rivet & Sway.


  1. I love the first frames with pink, they are so cute! I used to be a contacts-only gal until I recently, now I rock my glasses once or twice a week.
    Kristina does the Internets

  2. love this post–my vision is equally a nightmare, and i just re-claimed glasses over contacts! [super chic deep tortoise-shell cat eye lenses]
    enjoy! (=

  3. Hi Joy!
    I’ve been near sighted since I was 12, I think. I also had to go through junior high with glasses, though this was in the very late 90’s, so it I didn’t get made fun of much. I still didn’t like them much, though… but my mom wouldn’t let me get contacts until I turned 16.
    Now I really like my glasses, especially playing around with different frame options, as you said. I’ll check out rivet and sway! 🙂

  4. I’m a farsighted four-eyes myself, and have been sporting the same brown pair for ten years. Thanks for inspiring me to buy something new—with color. Just curious: how did you figure out what size you were with an online store? And how do they know what your vision (prescription) is? Thanks!

  5. Hi Joy! I was shocked into wearing glasses in elementary school, and in middle school figured out that I was highly allergic to the cool thin metal frames I had picked. I’ve been wearing plastic for 15 years now. But back then, plastic frames weren’t cool yet and I was a nerd. I looked like Harry Potter before Harry Potter was out there.
    I wear my glasses every day now – I used to be a contacts-all-the-time person. But for whatever reason, contacts have really been bothering my eyes lately. I am in the market for new frames – thanks for this great post!

  6. I used to be super embarrassed by wearing glasses too-so mostly I’d just walk around squinting all through school! I finally did get contacts but now, like you, I have cute glasses that I really love. The frames are a deep red, and I love the effect of that pop of color.
    Yay four eyes! 🙂 🙂

  7. My story is almost identical to yours. I had to get glasses in 7th grade and jumped at the chance of contacts in 8th. Until this January, I was a only-at-night kind of glasses wearer. I invested in a new pair of frames and am so happy I did. I still tend to wear my glasses on “lazy” days but I love having the option now!

  8. thanks for sharing about this brand! i have a horrible time shopping for glasses with my asian nose as well, and i’ve only lucked out with a couple brands over the years. i like that rivet & sway is an all-in-one price. usually the lenses add a couple extra hundred on top of the frames, so $199 isn’t a bad price at all!

  9. you look great in glasses! I used to only wear glasses at night when I get home, but I just bought new frames and I love wearing them. Turns out I had to buy the right frames to fit my face.

  10. Ah, this post makes me so happy! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 2 years old; and, my prescription makes it difficult to find a suitable contact lens.
    So I wear glasses all.the.time. and sometimes feel a tad frustrated at the limitations. Thanks for brightening my day (you look fantastic in glasses by the way) and making me see the possibilities!

  11. Those glasses look great on you! My story is similar to yours, but I got glasses when I was seven (also in the early ’90s)…started wearing contacts when I was 13, and was so glad not to be teased anymore!
    I’ve only just started wearing glasses more often, although my eyesight’s so bad and I’m so used to contacts that it’s a bit of a challenge – I mainly wear them on days when I don’t need to walk around too much, to avoid the ‘drunk foal’ effect.

  12. Joy, do you mind if I ask your prescription? I am extremely nearsighted (in the -11 range) and as such have a pretty hideous time finding frames that feature small enough lenses to minimize the distortion that comes with a script that strong. In the photos, are you wearing your actual prescription lenses or just modeling non-script glass lenses? Sorry if that’s a weird question – just dying to find a company that could make me a pair of glasses I’d feel comfortable out and about in.

  13. Everybody has been talking about their glasses lately! Not sure if it’s because glasses are in style (perhaps for the first time ever), or because of all the great affordable online eyeglass retailers that have been popping up over the past few years. Either way, I’m in wholeheartedly. I’m a Warby Parker kinda gal, though!

  14. Love the colour-pop glasses!
    I had glasses in grade six….hated it and after a few months stopped wearing them. Luckily my eye sight fixed itself and as long as I didn’t sit too far away from stuff or read for 6 hours straight I was ok.
    Living and working in a technological world I feel my eyes getting tired out way too quickly and may need to get these pretty eyes checked again. Now that glasses can be so stylist and fun I may even be slightly excited at the thought of wearing glasses 🙂

  15. I have started wearing glasses for reading and it takes quite a bit of getting used to. I have some tortoise shell frames similar to yours and love the look of them, just keep forgetting to put them on and then wonder why I have headache :/. Yours all look great! Katie B x

  16. I’ve had my eye on those pink Neapolitan glasses for a while. I wear my contacts most of the time but I seem to want to collect a whole stockpile of cute glasses to wear on ‘glasses’ days.

  17. super cute, joy!
    i am also a glasses-wearing nerd (although i tend to wear contacts, too) and just got an awesome tortoise shell pair of glasses online through Warby Parker – similar online stylish glasses biz as Rivet & Sway, except they have some frames that are great for a wider face and some styles that are more masculine!
    my sis TOTALLY had a pair of Sally Jessy Raphael specs when she was in high school… she might even read this comment! heehee… although SJR specs are kind of cool now, too … ie late 80s/90s revival…

  18. I’m supposed to wear glasses when I drive at night but I so rarely do that living in San Francisco that I haven’t updated my pair in quite some time. These are adorable, though. Also, I adore the backdrop of your photo shoot. Is that your lovely home?
    Jules of Canines & Couture

  19. Out of curiosity, what is your glasses prescription? I’m near-sighted and can’t see anything without my glasses as well, but always felt limited to steel frames because even thin-cut lenses are thick and heavy for my prescription!
    would love to go with plastic frames as there are many more stylish options, but I am worried that my lenses will be too heavy for them and they’ll fall off my face!

  20. I had 20/20 perfect vision until I was twenty, when I started getting headaches every single morning. My eye doc said my eye muscles weren’t focusing properly, so that meant glasses for me for the rest of my life. No contacts allowed! It’s a big adjustment (big being an understatement). You, however, look darling in your new frames! I especially like how you took different styles/occasions into which frames you wore…something that I have to try to accomplish with just one perfect frame!

  21. This is such a great post! I am a contacts-by-day and glasses-by-night kind of girl. I am blind without (-6.5 in one eye and -7.5 in the other!) and am still traumatized to wear glasses in public from my 3rd grade debut of my pink and white striped glasses (oh, the early 90s). Perhaps I should get an interesting new pair and get over my fear!

  22. You look so cute in your glasses! You should wear them all the time 🙂
    I also have a small face and have always struggled to find frames that fit. I’ll definitely be checking out Rivet & Sway. Thanks for bringing them to my attention 🙂
    I find that the choice at most optometrists for petite faces is pretty dismal. Everything is always too big and I HATE it when they suggest I try the kids’ glasses. I’m already small, I don’t need to look like a child with Barbie or Hannah Montana frames! I won’t even buy those for my 6 year old daughter who also wears glasses!
    In the past the only brand that I’ve found with smaller sizes in stylish designs is Prada but of course Prada glasses come with Prada price tags! It’s nice to know that there’s another alternative out there. Thanks 🙂

  23. LOVE these. You chose all the ones I would have I think. It’s tricky shopping for glasses when you have a small face. So few designs seem to suit and takes me ages to find suitable ones.
    Alas someone broke into my car last month and stole both pairs of driving glasses I had so am making do with my ugly old 20 year old ones from school until I find a replacement. They did leave all my music though!
    Shame they don’t ship to UK 🙁

  24. They’ve been added to my list to watch for future international shipping, for sure! Such cute styles. There are only so many for me to choose from locally with an asian nose bridge. (That aren’t wire frames!)

  25. I had to laugh when I saw this post! I just made an appointment for the eye doctor today because I’m in desperate need of new glasses. I’ve had the same pair for the past 5 years so its definitely time for an upgrade. You look so cute in all the different styles! Maybe I’ll treat myself and get 2 pair this time! It’s nice to switch it up!

  26. It saddens me how many of my fav bloggers have completely sold out. If I wanted to watch commercials, I would just turn on the tv..

  27. I think most bloggers take on sponsorships because they truly love the products :)Everybody has their own ways of making a living and this is not an illegal way to do so 🙂 Love the first pair of glasses btw 🙂

  28. I love all of these options! You look cute in all of them. I can’t wait to check out Rivet & Sway. I’m a mostly night-glasses wearer, but I love mixing it up every now and again and wearing them during the day. Thanks for this great post.

  29. I love all these glasses stories! I had my own pair of Sally Jessies in middle school…but they were GREEN. Boy, did I think I was cool.
    Coincidentally, I just tried the free home try-on from Rivet & Sway this past weekend. They glasses were shipped super quickly, and in fun packaging (I’m a sucker for nice packaging). I’m ordering the Punchline glasses right now.
    Thanks, Joy!

  30. Joy I absolutely love your frames. I didn’t have to wear glasses ’till I was 21 and I’ve actually have always loved wearing them, I don’t think I could do contacts! I just bought a tortoise shell frame and a red frame one. I think it’s great to have options and I loved how you displayed yours.

  31. You are so gorgeous, Joy!!!
    For years, I only wore contacts. Then, I got an eye infection and it was back to glasses. Almost two years later, I haven’t gone back yet. But, I just have the one pair. Now, I’m thinking I should get another pair or two!!
    Great collection!!

  32. I found out about Rivet & Sway because of a little image you posted a month or two ago, maybe pastel themed items? They are so awesome. The coolest part, besides their awesome customer service and great frames, is their packaging! I got the three try-on frames and the box was so adorable, minimal and whimsical! I actually decided on the pair you are wearing in the first pictures! Thanks for the promo…I haven’t bought the frames yet so this is incredible! I even wrote the company to thank them for being awesome and told them I found them through you. 🙂

  33. Oh, you look so adorable in the first pair! I sometimes actually envy people who need glasses, because there are so many cool frames.
    Also, I love your jumper. I pinned the green version a while ago and have been seriously tempted 🙂

  34. Both pairs look great on you.
    I wear glasses all the time. My eyes are too sensitive for eye surgery and I’m squeamish about putting items in my eyes, so no contacts for me. I like wearing my designer frames.

  35. Hi Liz,
    Im sorry you feel that way. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. When I do have sponsored posts they are always with brands I like and would use regardless. I look at them as opportunities to bring my readers content in new ways that I might not get to do otherwise. While you get to read blogs for free, some bloggers, such as myself, make a living and support our families from our sites. Therefore I do take on sponsored projects only when I feel they are good fit for my aesthetic, my readers, and my life in general. That may not mean anything to you, but figured Id share my thoughts on it.
    Best to you,

  36. I wear mine on a daily basis, mostly because I’m too lazy to take them off. Have plain ol’ black frames but love them so much – I call them face jewellery!

  37. I’m a far-sighted four-eyes, but I like wearing my Warby Parkers! I ordered them this past summer after wearing the same Paul Frank frames for about 7 years, which I accidentally broke in the middle when I was boothing at SD Comic Con. I even had to use electrical tape to keep them together while I waited for my new glasses to arrive! I had eye strain for a week. I find that story pretty hilarious now.
    Pardon my tangent there! I love the Punchline frames you’re wearing in the first few photos. Also gotta say I love that Lauren Moffatt dress as well. 🙂

  38. I really love that they partnered with you, Joy! There are so many beautiful frames out there (especially with all these glasses websites popping up) but when I try them on they end up looking SO ridiculous because I don’t have much of a nose bridge and they end up resting low/ on my cheeks. I’m so happy to see their frames on someone with similar facial structure!

  39. Now, your story sounds very familiar!
    I remember (at the age of 10) dreading the idea of wearing glasses (early 90s, you know). After struggling (a lot!) when reading the chalkboard, I ended up with glasses one year later.
    In high school, I switched to contacts, but when eventually more frame options became available I started to wear glasses again. I now have 3 frames and occasionally wear contacts.
    I love the frame with the touch of pink, it’s fun & special indeed!

  40. I’ve always wanted to wear glasses since was a kid, but only 2 years ago I’ve got a prescription to wear them when reading, working in front of a computer or driving at night. I’m a frame addicted and really think that glasses are everyday acessories just like sun glasses.. Love them!
    Also, I need to say I’ve read your book or should I say I devorated it? I really love it! Thank you for such great content!

  41. You look so cute in glasses! I really like the half pink glasses and love the brands that you recommend, I just wish half of them existed or would ship to the UK. Nonetheless, your blog still remains a joy to read!

  42. I didn’t need glasses until high school and I was so bummed at the time, but now I love my glasses! I love your collection too, makes me want to expand my own!

  43. I didn’t need to have my vision corrected until I was 19. At that time I started wearing glasses and wore them for two years before getting contacts. During that time I really came to enjoy using my glasses as an accessory. I currently have a pair of black frames (dressy) and a pair of blue frames (fun) and I really like the way I look in my glasses.

  44. Hi Joy,
    i’m a big fan of your blog & your style! The glasses are all adorable, love them! Question, What is it you did with the Lauren Moffatt Dress in the shoot? The dress has a black criss cross with a cut out in the middle of the chest yet I don’t see it in your pics. What did you do to close it up so that it is not so revealing?
    Thanks so much!

  45. I have the same issue as Sally: I’m 31, but I can only wear child-sized frames! I have a narrow face and a not-very-prominent nose bridge, so adult frames invariably end up slipping down my nose or hitting the tops of my cheeks. And like Sally, I also found that it was nearly impossible to find hip styles in such small sizes. (Most children’s frames are made in bright colors that look very juvenile on an adult.) BUT I finally discovered the frames made by Selima Optique for Crewcuts (J.Crew’s children’s line), and they are perfect! There are only a few styles, but they’re all fashionable and are just the right size for my face. I bought the “Scout” tortoiseshell frames and outfitted them with prescription high-index lenses, and now I wear them every day. Just wanted to pass along the recommendation!

  46. I have been using glasses since I was 10 I think, I can’t remember but I didn’t like it at all. Just now with the new designs and contact lenses sometimes I can feel more comfortable.
    I like your glasses they look fantastic!

  47. Joy! can i ask what size your hello sweater is? im 5’3 and 120 lbs.
    it’s so hard buying clothes online without trying them on – how do you do it?? :/
    thanks joy for always sharing. <3

  48. Hi Jennie!
    Mine is the smallest size they make. So either XS or S, I don’t have it on me right now but whatever is the smallest 😉
    Ha, and I buy everything online because I have little time to go shopping in real life anymore! ;P


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