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little girl, grown-up gestures…






Sometimes I look at my toddler and her chubby baby cheeks and remember she's still so tiny. And then sometimes she does these things that are so adult-like (often things she picked up from us) and that make my mind fast-forward into the future way too fast. The other day Ruby was talking to herself in the mirror, and then pointed to her chest and said, "Boobies!" (I told her once what those are and it obviously stuck with her).

Here are just a few moments lately—taking a "rest" on the sidewalk in the middle of playing, practicing downward puppy, checking out Daddy's computer, and wearing Mama's glasses—that make me so curious (and excited) to watch her personality unfold…

Hope you have a great weekend full of fun peeks into the future!

P.S. If you're looking for some last-minute Valentine's Day inspiration, here are a few of my faves found around the web…

{Photos by Bob Cho}


  1. Ha! They always remember the phrases you hope won’t stick with them. My daughter, who is 2.5, still occasionally yells “That’s not a parking spot, lady,” from a moment of road rage weakness over 6 months ago.

  2. She sure is a sweetheart and growing up so fast! I think Ruby is the same age as my niece Abigail, I think even born within a week or two of each other. It’s so fun to see them starting to show their personalities and it’s true that they do very adult things sometimes! So funny.

  3. She is so sweet! I love her outfit in the first pic too! Love that scarf on her! My daughter is about the same age and she is just cracking us up all the time with her adult mannerisms too. But then, she’ll turn around and be upset and need to be babied, and cuddled, and it makes you remember that they are only babies still. Parenthood is such an incredible journey. She’s so lovely 🙂

  4. oh that lil belly.. 🙂 it’s really amazing to witness the growth of such a young person. they’re like sponges! my nephew’s favorites right now are the words “sheesh” and “whoops”. they make him laugh!

  5. So cute and what a joy it must be to watch her grow and develop! Your sidewalks are so high! I was just thinking ours tend to be at least half that. Any toddler would look like they’re squatting if they sat on the side of the street. Plus they are a dirty dark grey and not half as clean as yours. So envious haha! What a thing to be envious about 😛

  6. So stinkin’ adorable! You’ll be so glad you have so many pictures of her, it all goes by so fast! As a nanny I tried to capture as many cute moments for the parents so they never felt like they missed anything! If only Vine was around then!

  7. great photos! it’s funny to think what goes through her mind as she’s doing all these things. my one year old does some pretty funny things sometimes and you can see the wheels turning in her head.

  8. She is adorable!
    I work in childcare, and it is incredible how adult children can act at times. They also seem to know what words you don’t want them to pick up, I’ve had a little girl repeat “Boobs” after I had asked her to please stop poking my boobs.

  9. I feel the same about my daughter. When I hold her she feels so tiny and in my arms. But, when she is sleeping and spread out on the bed she looks 7 feet tall!

  10. Hahah oh gosh, the “Boobies” thing reminds me of the time my (now) 2 year-old little girl held my breast pump up to her chest and said “My boobies”. I just about died, it was so hilarious.
    I have to know where her little booties in the first picture came from!

  11. Awwwdorable. I remember putting on my dad’s glasses as a kid and walking around the house. It was so trippy. It looked like I was walking through a fun house.

  12. She is so sweet! I’m a follower of your instagram and I’ve been enjoying photos that you posted of her and those witty captions 🙂


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