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a summer picnic {giveaway}…

oh joy + terrain summer picnic

oh joy + terrain summer picnic

oh joy + terrain summer picnic

This week, it's all about celebrating summer! I love having a stash of things on hand to grab and go for planned (or impromptu) summer picnics. Just add a simple, summery dish and some bottled beverages, and you're ready to go.

So for your summer picnics, I've partnered with Terrain to give away this entire set of picnic-ready items shown below (including a straw tote, travel throw, four outdoor pillows, bamboo plates, wooden utensils, four cloth napkins, saltwater taffy, and marshmallows) to one lucky Oh Joy reader (a $694 value)!

oh joy + terrain summer picnic

oh joy + terrain summer picnic

To enter, simply repin two of the items from this Pinterest board, and then leave a comment here telling me who or what else you'd take with you to make your picnic complete (I'd bring a farro and edamame salad!) Entries must be posted by this Friday, June 28th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. 

As a special bonus, Terrain is offering Oh Joy readers 15% off all items (excluding sale items) through July 9th. Simply enter OHJOY2013 at checkout.

UPDATE: Congrats to Erin N. from Denver, CO for being our winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to readers in the U.S. only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $694 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. Production Assistant: Julia Sir. My dress by Kate Spade Saturday. This giveaway is brought to you in collaboration with Terrain.}


  1. I would take my best friend. We have picnics on campus all the time, and it’s absolutely lovely!

  2. my other mom girlfriends who could use a sunny-day break, and some delicious bread and cheese.

  3. Let’s be really honest ourselves: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, or if I’m feeling fancy, a good bottle of wine.

  4. I would bring my amazing fiancΓ©e, his adorable dog, a delicious cold noodle salad and some boozy lemonade!

  5. I would bring my hubby, son, and some ice cream sandwiches πŸ™‚ Love that throw blanket! (and everything else, too!)

  6. Sigh to picnics! My boyfriend lives 3,600 miles away and all I want is a central park picnic with him and a little bubbly.

  7. I would bring my husband and to eat I would bring burrata and heirloom salad with lots of fresh basil and crostini. To drink I would bring a sparkling lemonade!

  8. I’d bring a peach beer and sandwiches from the local italian deli…and my husband πŸ™‚

  9. A picnic is not a picnic without my mother’s potato salad and lemonade! Of course my other half can come too but really just to help carry the basket!

  10. I would bring avocado sandwiches, arugula and honey salad and Windy Hill Cider and a bocce set. See you in the park!

  11. I’ve pinned the Blanket and pillows, i’ll need to bring some food! My favorite picinic snacks are apple slices and a nice cheese. Currently loving goats milk gouda!

  12. i would bring my fiance, one of the promises we’re making to each other before our wedding is to never stop going on small thoughtful dates each week….. like picnics!

  13. I’d be so happy to win this picnic set! A bottle of wine and deviled eggs would be fantastic additions.

  14. I’m planning an old fashioned picnic for my birthday next week-complete with fried chicken, potato salad, lemonade, and coconut cake. Yum! Can’t wait!

  15. Some fresh squeezed lemonade, a polaroid camera, and my best friend! Memory Making Time!

  16. I would bring my two favorite boys and a watermelon, my favorite summer treat. Thank you for the inspiring little giveaway!

  17. I am head over heels for that travel throw! A picnic just isn’t complete without pineapple iced tea

  18. Gorgeous! I would bring my husband and little girl, who would think it was a fabulous adventure. πŸ™‚ Also some thick slices of a berry cake….

  19. Thanks for this giveaway! I love Terrain! I would bring a yummy bottle of Prosecco and my hubby. twitter: kfayeh

  20. i would bring my little sister jen and a pitcher of strawberry mint lemonade πŸ™‚

  21. I’d bring ….. My dog + my husband, a summer panzanella + a bottle of rosΓ© (oh, and some picnic friendly wine glasses too!)

  22. I’d ride my bike down to the lakefront with my good friend and bring a bottle of wine and some nice cheese and freshly baked bread to complete the picnic!

  23. A bowl full of watermelon with mint, my hubby, and our new 2 month old baby girl, Elodie.

  24. I would bring a blind fold for a game of blind man’s bluff and ice cold lemonade.

  25. Oh my – it’s all so pretty! I would bring my husband, some watermelon, and freshly made mint iced tea.

  26. Call me old fashioned but cold, fried chicken is the best picnic food. Also some fancy lemonade and of course some sort of bar-style dessert. Yum!

  27. My hubby, some fresh lemonade and a farro salad (my favorite is from Shutterbean!) would make a perfect picnic!

  28. I would bring my family, fresh fruit and a bottle of chilled Prosecco (and apple juice for my 2 year old)!

  29. I’m newly in love with Ina Garten’s lobster and potato salad (as recently posted by Deb at Smitten Kitchen). Perfect picnic fare!

  30. I would bring watermelon water, BLT sandwiches, and some grahams to go with the Wondermade marshmallows. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. What a great idea–I will try to do a picnic soon….I would bring my new adorable husband, bocce, and pesto chicken, a fresh salad, and sparkling white wine. Yum!

  32. Would love to have a picnic basket and all the essential things for the summer.

  33. my sweet baby girl combined with basically anything from the whole foods salad bar…yum!

  34. I would take my love, a jar of nutella, and a french baguette. That’s all we need to have a good time!

  35. What a fab giveaway! My husband and I would use this picnicking gear to enjoy a sweet evening in the park. We’d make our new summer favorite, watermelon gazpacho. We’d sip lemonade and read a funny book (like David Sedaris’ new one) outloud to each other.

  36. I’d bring a few take out menus that deliver to the park! The ultimate in NYC laziness/awesomeness.

  37. ohh, i love this! i especially love the bamboo plates from terrain. to make my picnic complete, i would bring my husband and some prosecco!

  38. I’d take a bottle of wine, a baguette, and some cheese for an picnic with my friend Jessi as our boyfriends play soccer in the park.

  39. I’d love to win for the throw alone! It’s beautiful.
    For me, the perfect picnic would be complete with my husband and two pups, a nice refreshing cocktail, and some bread.

  40. I’d bring my boyfriend (I’ve wanted to go on a picnic for such a long while!) and some delicious wine!

  41. A bottle of sparkling wine and delicious cheese!
    These items are beautiful! what a fun giveaway.

  42. Some lemonade and maybe champagne to mix with it πŸ˜‰ Thanks for a great giveaway!

  43. I would bring along my sweet husband and our pup Oscar. I believe no summer picnic is complete without a good crisp white wine, and my favorite fig jam tarte with chevre.

  44. I would need to have My Love with me and a bowl full of amazing summer berries.

  45. Pinned away. Such cute, inspirational images, which combines two of my favs…you and Terrain. Let’s see…I’d bring orzo salad and a fun game to play.

  46. well, my fiance and our son. πŸ™‚ and, also, fresh tomatoes and basil from our garden and the best mozzarella we could find. yum.

  47. I’d bring my husband, some sancerre wine (so good in the summer!) and baguettes with prosciutto and butter! So fun.

  48. can I pick three?? Because no picnic is complete without wine, my husband and my dog (in no particular order) πŸ™‚

  49. A puppy! I would bring along my beautiful basset hound Valentine. She would keep us all laughing and smiling! Also, some great wine wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring as well…. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. i’d bring my husband and pup! Also some fresh fruit and stinky cheese πŸ™‚

  51. i would bring some mexican corn bean salad, fresh heirloom radishes, and my perfect picnic companions – outdoor enthusiast pup tacoma and lover of all things lovely danielle quigley.

  52. I would bring some hummus to go with that yummy pita bread and some fresh squeezed lemonade and iced green tea πŸ™‚ yummy

  53. I’d bring my hubby and my dog, Bandit to make the picnic complete! (Oh, and wine of course!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. I would bring some white wine for me and some Shipyard summer ale for the hubby πŸ™‚

  55. I would bring my Mom, pasta salad, chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery, and some watermelon agua fresca.

  56. I would bring my famous Giada recipe that has been a huge hit. It’s a Cannelini and edemame bean salad with chunks of pecorino cheese!

  57. I’d bring along a few of the bon appetit magazines that haven’t been touched since my little girl was born 7 months ago and my favorite greek shrimp and orzo salad.

  58. I have an excellent recipe for orzo, asparagus and feta salad, from Smitten Kitchen I think. Also my husband and daughter and her adorably miniature golf set πŸ™‚

  59. “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…”
    The fixings for a charcuterie board and chilled white wine are always on the top of my list for a picnic. Napkins are always important too. πŸ™‚

  60. A bottle of wine, a loaf of crusty bread and maybe some gouda would make this such a delightful picnic!

  61. I’d bring quinoa salad, smoked salmon hors d’oeuvres, and Lorina French Lemonade!!… and my husband! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  62. Well, in a month or so, I’d bring my new baby! Also, my husband and some excellent bread and cheese.

  63. I’d bring my little girl – nothing beats a picnic with a 2 yr old running circles around the blanket!

  64. A perfect picnic — all of those things plus some sparkly, bubbly drinks and sandwiches made with crusty bread! Also, of course, my good friends and my frenchie in tow!

  65. Definitely my besties and a some good drinks!!! Nothing like lying under the sun and gossiping with those you love. xo

  66. I’d bring a couple bottles of red wine, cheese, meats, and really good bread.

  67. With my pyramid travels throw and bamboo plates, I’d bring cheese, olives, fresh bread and some besties πŸ™‚

  68. To complete my picnic and I would bring my two main men, husband and little, a bottle of wine and some cheese! Cheese and wine…two very important picnic staples.

  69. I would bring my pekingese puppy Chewy! We love loafing around in the sun together. My husband can come too. πŸ˜‰ I would pack up vietnamese hoagies and ice cold soybean drinks!

  70. I would bring my boo thang and definitely some bottles of wine! Also, bacon and mac and cheese is a must. Maybe even bacon IN the mac and cheese mmmmmm.

  71. I don’t play ^^ but I will take pleasure for a picnic if summer will coming (here summer is not coming soon we are waiting ^^)

  72. i would bring tomato, basil, cucumber salad, my niece + nephew ( they add so much life to everything! ) and a bocce ball set πŸ™‚

  73. I would bring my husband. We had a picnic dinner for our wedding anniversary last year and it was so fun. Even if it isn’t for our anniversary, I think more picnic dates are in order! Great giveaway!

  74. i’d bring my four children and husband and add a cold macaroni cold salad to the menu because it’s our favorite.

  75. I would definitely bring my sweet hound dog, Townes and some melon balls (watermelon and honeydew are a must)!

  76. I would bring my hubby, three kiddies, some snacks, and our portable iPod speaker.

  77. That blanket!!
    I would bring a friend, some wine, and a delicious cheese. Daydreaming of this today!

  78. I would bring a bottle of bubbly, my husband, friends, and Cards Against Humanity.

  79. I’d bring friends I haven’t seen in a while, and I’d ask everyone to bring one of their favorite foods or drinks. Mine would be homemade arnie palmers, lemonade & iced tea, in individual ball jars with pretty straws to go with it!

  80. I would bring my mom, my portable iPhone speakers for some good tunes, homemade lemonade, watermelon, feta and mint salad, strawberries & blueberries and my two pups, Molly and Isabella!

  81. Beautiful picnic set up! I’d bring a pint of Jeni’s Brambleberry Crisp ice cream and a four pack of Stewarts Key Lime soda. And obviously all of the white wine sangria I can carry.

  82. Wine for the adults, fancy lemonade for the kids,
    antipasti for everyone, sparklers to end the evening shining.

  83. I would bring my boyfriend, cranberry walnut chicken salad croissants, and peach iced tea!

  84. I would have to bring along my sweet boyfriend and some fruit and cheese. A perfect summer evening date.

  85. Oh this is a beautiful set, whoever wins this is LUCKY! I would bring my husband (his guitar too!) our puppy dog and some crisp white wine… yum!

  86. oh how i love picnics. i would bring an array of fresh fruit and homemade guacamole …and my boyfriend of course!

  87. Oh, how I love this! I would bring a friend or two, bocce ball, my mom’s potato salad, and chai chocolate brownies!

  88. I literally have been searching for the perfect basket bag and that one is the one. I also need a picnic blanket desperately (I’m a nanny) and a big bag of plums and raspberry lemonade:) mmm

  89. I would bring a bottle of Stella Rosa Stella Pink and some of the best ooey gooey chocolate cookies from Brick and Bell in La Jolla. Yummy.

  90. I would bring a watermelon – mint – feta salad and a best friend to catch up with πŸ™‚

  91. Repinned! I would definitely say a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, and some brie!!

  92. I would bring my sister, my daughter, my mom and her incredible gruyere potato salad.

  93. two things that make all picnics better: my honey and a transistor radio! we just had a fancy antipasta picnic to watch the super moon and I’m planning a drive-in movie picnic for this coming weekend!

  94. I would bring my family, my pups, and some homemade strawberry and honey Popsicles!

  95. I would bring my husband and our two month old sweet boy! And to eat-we’d bring applewood BL(roasted)T sandwiches and a perfect summer watermelon.

  96. I would take my lil family and our favorite watermelon salad… Oh and a little wine πŸ™‚

  97. Love it. I’d bring my boyfriend and his daughter … and make a fancy tea party picnic! Tea and little finger sandwiches πŸ˜‰

  98. I’d bring my husband and partner in crime. And I’d also bring fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil from the porch. I love mixing those together for a summer salad.

  99. I’m so excited for picnics this summer with my husband and baby, who turns one soon. We’d bring her faves–pickles, hummus, and lots of fruit. And some cold white wine for us.

  100. I would bring my husband,a watermelon feta salad,a sweet kale salad and some white wine.

  101. I would bring my handsome husband and our sweet 1 year old son and a BIG bowl of fresh strawberries.

  102. I’d bring along my fiance plus a bottle of wine and all of our favorite snacks!

  103. I would bring a few of my friends and and some fruit, cheese, wine, and maybe either some cards or dominos.

  104. Watermelon/Cucumber cooler and orzo pasta salad. Love picnics and that blanket is so so so cute!

  105. I would take my fiancΓ© and instate a rule of no conversation about wedding planning! πŸ™‚

  106. French bread and bousin…and my hubby. A perfect picnic for two exhausted parents.

  107. I can’t recall ever going on a real picnic! I’d love to spread out that beautiful blanket and nosh on sandwiches and pie!

  108. I’d bring my lovely husband, and the quinoa and beet salad we had at our wedding brunch, for a perfect anniversary picnic.

  109. I would bring a board game (scrabble or cards against humanity), popsicles, and a kite!

  110. I’d take my grandma — we’d pop champagne and eat pub cheese and ritz crackers while she retold me the story of meeting my grandfather. Heaven.

  111. I’d bring my entire family, lots of fresh summer berries, and some tortilla chips, too. Such a great giveaway and I’m so glad I’m following + reading your blog now! πŸ™‚

  112. I would also take with me some friends and some wine to make our picnic complete!

  113. I would bring my family, some bubbles, fresh mint lemonade, cheese, fruit, bread and prosecco.

  114. Pinned! I’d bring roasted veggie paninis with watermelon and lemonade. Plus, my S.O. and a certain four legged, furry rascal.

  115. i’d bring a few friends to the park for shakespeare in the park with grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit! πŸ™‚

  116. I’d bring my guitar, my mom (because she works too hard) and my nieces and nephew (because they’re adorable). And I’d make homemade ice cream sandwiches!

  117. not healthy but i would bring a giant bag of jalapeΓ±o chips! what a beautiful giveaway!

  118. I’d bring my little baby girl and hubby, as well as some delicious olive bread and goat cheese!

  119. This would be a total mama and baby date:
    My 16 month old boy, his favorite books, a quinoa salad to share and greek yogurt popsicles for dessert! ahh…dreamy.

  120. To make my picnic complete I would bring my little family, my brother, huge parasol, and sandwiches from our favorite local deli. Yum!

  121. My darling mom, since it’s been awhile since our last picnic together, and some delicious fruit to complement sunny weather!

  122. I’d have to bring the dogs, for a game of frisbee, a cold roast chicken, some crusty french bread and a bottle of something cold and fizzy. Heaven!

  123. I would bring my handsome husband and beautiful daughter for a picnic by the lake. And I would bring along my camera to capture some summer memories!

  124. I would bring my husband, Jordan, and our dogs, Lois and Duncan. I know that is three, but I can’t leave one of them at home to miss all of the fun!

  125. Wowzer, that throw. I just love Terrain. Our (meaning my dear hubby is a must-bring) picnics are never complete without bread and cheese, to echo some others. Also a bib for my daughter (who is about Ruby’s age) which I always seem to forget! Already mentally packing my picnic supplies for watching the July 4th fireworks.

  126. I’d bring my camera, my husband, some citronella candles, sangria, and bread and cheese. We’d eat fancy cheese and reminisce about when we traveled around Spain in college and ate cheap bread, cheese, Nutella, and boxed red wine from the grocery store.

  127. Hi, I am a wife and a mother to 5 beautiful, amazing, funny, kind hearted children and this will be our first picnic with myself, my husband, our children and my wonderful step son whom I just adopted and when I look at this picnic set all I think about is my stepson whom I call “my son” saying to me “mom, I never had a picnic before.” This would be fantastic and a blessing for my family to win, especially for our first summer togther because its all about building family memories! God Bless!

  128. I’d bring my friends, my yoga mat, and a gluten free Mediterranean quinoa salad πŸ™‚

  129. I’d bring a big bottle of sparkling apple cider to enjoy some quiet time with my husband before our little one arrives πŸ™‚

  130. I would bring a big pasta salad and a bottle of Rose. I pinned the seersucker napkins…perfect for a New Orleans picnic.

  131. The perfect stuff for the perfect picnic, watermelon, feta, basil salad, spritzers and all my girlfriends. Moms on the loose.

  132. I’d bring my boyfriend and a big cheeseboard covered in french cheeses and a fresh-baked baguette.

  133. Wow, that blanket!! I’d bring a bottle of wine and my wife πŸ™‚ Not our dog, though…very cute, but not quite mature enough for picnics πŸ˜‰

  134. I’d bring some rose – my favorite summer wine! I’d also bring my best friend Ashley who I haven’t seen in far too long. Finally I’d bring (or travel using) my new boat (EEEE!) because a remote picnic is simply magical and irreplacable!

  135. I would bring a carafe filled with fresh lemonade and lots of ice to beat the heat and feel refreshed.
    Thanks for the giveaway the throw and the cushions are really nice and summery. Would love to win it!

  136. My current foodie obsession…chicken wraps with cranberries, feta, spinach and chia seeds, drizzled with raspberry vinegarette. They would be perfect on a summer picnic!!!

  137. I’d bring my little 15-month girl and let her experience her very first picnic. Also, I’d bring some champagne. Champagne goes perfectly with anything picnic ;).

  138. I would bring my husband, friends and all of their kids and a basket full of fresh cherries! MMMM!

  139. To make my picnic complete, I’d keep it classic with some delicious sandwiches and a nice, crisp salad. And summer berries for dessert!
    And it’s funny, I was just at terrain in Glen Mills on Sunday and saw all these wonderful products! LOVE that place!

  140. I would take my best friends from high school for a much needed girls vacation picnic. And with one of them being pregnant I’d bring plenty of whoopie pies and some BBQ potato chips, to be eaten in no particular order.

  141. I’d bring a cute boy (like my husband!) and some summer sangria. What a perfect outing!

  142. I’d bring a selection of cheeses and some wine for an outdoor cheese tasting picnic. My best buds and a bocci ball set would be musts as well!

  143. All the ingredients for white wine spritzers would go great with the beautiful setting. Seersucker napkins – such a great idea!

  144. I would bring my dearest best friend to this wonderful picnic in a nice sprawling green park with some cool iced tea, bacon arugula salad and mini cheese sandwiches! This would be a dream to win!

  145. I’d bring my camera! Along with lots of yummy food, bug spray, sunblock, a big hat, and books and toys for Eva (my boyfriend’s two year-old) my camera would make it complete.

  146. This giveaway includes so many GREAT and beautiful things! I would be so happy if I won as I am sure everyone else would be! πŸ™‚ One of my best friends is moving back to our area with her husband. I would love to take them on a picnic double date with my husband! We have been waiting for them to move back for awhile and this would be a great way to celebrate!

  147. Beautiful picnic spread! I’d bring something for dessert, maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies. And of course my husband and 2 year old boy, who loves picnicking at the Meadow!

  148. I forgot to add what we would bring with us!
    We would probably bring some additional summer snacks like cheese & crackers, a fresh salad, wine/summer brews and homemade cupcakes to celebrate!

  149. And they are moving back on her birthday (which is today) so it would be a great way to also celebrate her birthday a little late! … I promise this is my last post. πŸ˜€

  150. this picnic would be wonderful with my husband and my two little girls, we’ll bring some hummus with pita chips and vegetables and some fruit.

  151. I would bring my furry little side-kick Elliott, my lovely boyfriend, a delicious green bean, feta, and heirloom tomato salad, and my new favorite summer quencher: a red spanish table wine mixed with lemon soda!

  152. I always bring chicken salad, fruit, cheese and a great bottle of wine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  153. I would bring a book and my bike to find a nice cozy spot in Fairmount Park in Philly to relax

  154. I would bring my darling 2-year old, husband, and any lovely neighbors we find along the way. I would also bring a delicious jicama/mango/cilantro salad, french bread, and a bottle of Portuguese Vinho Verde.

  155. No picnic is complete without cold fried chicken and my dog-eared copy of Middlemarch.

  156. I would bring Avocado BLT’s and White Bean Salad…and my hubs and Bernese Mountain Dog of course πŸ˜‰

  157. My boyfriend and I are planning a picnic when he comes to visit in a couple of weeks! We’ve been living in different states all summer long.
    My picnic wouldn’t be complete without him, homemade bread, fresh berries, and a sweet red wine!. The daydreaming has begun!

  158. I would get sandwiches at the local deli and bring the hubby and my dog along! We would set up on the Charles river Esplanade and eat watching the sail boats sliding by…

  159. I would bring best friends, cold ginger brussel sprout soba noodles (addicted!) , champagne (on the down low) and speakers for music!

  160. i would bring some comfy clothes, a good book, and food i didn’t have to cook! and then find some shade. a good outside nap sounds simply divine!

  161. i’d brig (more like force) the boyfriend naturally and fresh fruit, nothing like fresh fruit on a hot summer day!!

  162. I’d bring my husband and two littles plus a summery treat like mixed berry pie bars.

  163. I’m thinking of a picnic at the beach with my partner and a few friends!! We’d have a local bottle of chilled rose and lots of little things to nibble on!! If we’re having fun, we might even end the day with a bonfire!!

  164. I would bring my husband, my ten-month old and my dog! I love the idea of outdoor pillows! The chevron pattern is so cute, too.

  165. A picnic just wouldn’t feel complete without a bottle of wine, my husband, and our three pups!

  166. My sister-in-law’s homemade chocolate hazelnut spread (a la Nutella) and homegrown organic fruit from my dad’s garden

  167. I would bring my boyfriend! I always keep a blanket in the car for our spontaneous picnics. πŸ™‚

  168. I would bring my two dogs, fiance, and my bento with rice and soy-brown sugar glazed salmon. And those pillows and throw will DEFINITELY attract all the dogs in the park. yey πŸ™‚

  169. i would bring a cold shrimp quinoa salad, grilled cauliflower w/ lemon dressing, a chocolate chip banana bread made with almond and coconut flour, a bottle of sparkling wine, and my dear husband.

  170. i’d bring my best friend and her favorite pasta dish–grilled summer veggies with feta and basil!

  171. Caprese sandwiches and some yummy summer fruit as well as my daughters and husband! Beautiful!

  172. I’d bring my family. No picnic would be complete without my 2 year old son πŸ™‚

  173. I’d bring my boyfriend, some elderflower champagne, watermelon, a baguette, Manchego and Drunken Goat cheese, and Scrabble.

  174. I love a good picnic, great food, a pretty location and friends/family = great summer fun!

  175. I dream of fixing up a vintage Airstream trailer. All of this would be lovely for my future dream Airstream! I would bring my sister and potato salad (that I am now craving).

  176. I would bring some delicious white peach and blackberry with basil sangria and my quinoa salad with marinated mozzerella, homegrown tomatoes, green onions, persian cucumber and salami. Thanks for the opportunity!

  177. Oh Joy! This really is the perfect summer picnic! I would bring my husband and a watermelon!

  178. Such pretty textiles! i would bring my sister and her new puppy for some outdoor fun.

  179. I would pack salami mozzarella & pesto sandwiches in the straw tote, and my hubby would come along

  180. Humbolt Fog cheese and local ripe dark cherries. YUM.
    …plus husband, Rue dog, Soter Brut RosΓ© and a fresh baguette. Craving some sunshine for this! Come on Portland!

  181. i’d bring some pasta salad, a fruit salad and some veggies with hummus for a picnic in the park!

  182. Easy, whimsical picnics are the best kind. I would pack PB&J sandwiches, grapes and cookies for as many summer-loving people as I could fit on that adorable blanket.

  183. Oh joy! I Have been craving a summer picnic like nobody’s business – this looks gorgeous! The recent new york times feature was so inspiring that the next thing on my list for a perfect picnic would be the pan bagnat as described by melissa clark :)…and sunscreen so I can while away the hours with good summer reading. Sigh!

  184. definitely pressed cold cut sandwiches, homemade strawberry lemonade, the hubster and my kiddo!

  185. I’d bring a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a bag of tennis balls to keep our puppy Daphne busy!

  186. I would bring my two little boys who love being outside especially when there is a picnic involved πŸ™‚

  187. I would bring my girl friends and enjoy some watermelon salad, cheese quiche, and sangria. Makes me smile πŸ™‚

  188. Watermelon and some nice crisp wine except not now since I’m expecting πŸ™‚

  189. I would bring my best friend and my love, my husband, some fresh fruit, and watch the sun set over the gulf.

  190. I would bring a pair of sunglasses and a book. What’s better than spending an afternoon reading and napping in the sun.

  191. My husband will bring the chilled bottle of Moscato, and our 5yo daughter will blow bubbles!

  192. I would bring a nice baguette with some ham and cheese, my husband, and a bottle of wine!

  193. I would bring my husband, my twenty-week son and bottle of chilled Rose! Maybe two bottles. πŸ™‚

  194. My husband and 1 year old daughter are determined to try to go on a picnic most weekends this summer and we pick a new spot every week. I I’d bring fried chicken, watermelon and feta salad and yummy s’mores fudge. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

  195. I’d take some bubbles and grahams for my s’mores. Then head to the park with my little one and Daddy for a sunset watching party.

  196. I’d bring my dogs and fried chicken, of course! The fried chicken would be the best way to get my husband to come along too πŸ™‚

  197. I’d have the picnic for my grandma. So, we’d definitely need peach sweet tea, ice cream sandwiches, a few shrimp po’boys, and some good old blues. Sounds like a perfect day.

  198. I’d grab my husband, our dog and a little grill to head to the park and whip up a grilled vegetable pesto salad.

  199. I would bring a Stewarts Orange n’cream Soda with a bowl of the freshest fruit along with a book for a super relaxing, solo, peaceful picnic.

  200. I would bring my girls and the hubs! and maybe some dark chocolate too!! this looks so perfect for all the concerts in the park we plan on doing this summer

  201. I always bring my badminton set or a frisbee and the most luscious fruit I can find, cut into easy to eat kabobs.

  202. i used terrain’s whittled utensils at my last picnic – love them!!! my summertime picnics are not complete without a cold bottle of root beer and a nathan’s hot dog. for dessert, a fresh fruit crisp paired with a yummy bottle of wine!
    i know, so cliche’, but always a summertime favorite for me!

  203. I would love the spend the entire day, sunrise to sunset on Sanibel Island with my husband, enjoying the contents of this basket along with an Antipasto Salad that’s freshly made at our local market!

  204. I’d bring fresh bread, goat cheese and chives. and Bellwether Hard Cider No. 4.

  205. I would bring my husband and 3 small boys. On the menu would be P&B jelly sandwiches, ban mi sandwiches, summer rolls with ice cold soy bean drink.

  206. I’d bring my 3 boys and Hubby. On the menu, P&B sandwiches and ice cold
    Soy bean drinks.

  207. Love, love, LOVE Terrain! I would bring peach soda with champagne….and a frisbee. Gotta always have a frisbee at a picnic.

  208. I’d invite my mom down for a long weekend because I don’t see her nearly enough, and take some delicious wine, cheeses and breads and we’d sit and talk for hours. Even if we were just in the back yard.

  209. I would bring roasted vegetable sandwiches (with havarti cheese), Pellegrino water and some strawberries.

  210. I would bring roasted vegetable sandwiches (with Havarti cheese) , Pellegrino water and some strawberries.

  211. Oh Goodness, I would bring Strawberry Shortcake, all the WAy!! I LOVE every item in this post & your style is impeccable.

  212. Nothing says summer to me like some summer fruits, so i’d definitely bring some watermelon and some champagne mangoes [and maybe some coconut sticky rice just because]

  213. I’d bring one of my favorite dishes–homegrown organic kale salad tossed with citrus vinaigrette, almond slivers and shaved Parmesan cheese. For drinks I’ll make watermelon juice with mint.

  214. I would bring my husband and daughter. For food – a quinoa salad, peaches and of course some cookies for the kiddo.

  215. Thank you so much, Oh Joy and Terrain. I’d go with my boyfriend, a little bottle of vino, and some kale chips!

  216. I would bring a baguette and some delicious cheese from my favorite local cheesemonger, The Truffle — maybe also a cΓ΄tes du rhΓ΄ne-villages!

  217. playing cards, some dark chocolate, a bottle of white sangria & a variety of cheeses! What an absolutely beautiful giveaway!!

  218. One of the best things about summer in Portland is the berries. I would bring an extra basket for berry picking and eat fresh berries on the beautiful blanket.

  219. summer picnic
    family, friends
    oozing camembert and crispy baguette
    bamboo plates
    ants are welcome

  220. I would bring my sister and mom. We would sit back and enjoy homemade orange creamsicles.

  221. Ooh I would love to win this! I would bring my favorite straw hat, magazine and a deli sandwich to complete the perfect picnic πŸ™‚

  222. I would definitely bring my husband, our pup, and sunscreen! We would probably keep it simple and stick to classic cheese, hummus and spinach sandwiches.

  223. I’d bring my hubby (of course) and a bottle of wine!!
    mcchaublog at gmail dot com

  224. Hmmm, for sure sparking water and Proseco, some great summertime tunes, my sunglasses, peanut butter blondie bars for dessert, a Greek salad with extra olives. And my closest friends, who, like myself haven’t had a chance to simply relax, connect and chill out thanks to our much too busy lives.

  225. I would bring my ma because she’s lovely company, and my dear friend Mary. We would have a delightful time no matter what we had with us. πŸ™‚

  226. I would bring my husband and some strawberry cheesecake bites with champaign….

  227. I always bring my badminton set and a frisbee and the most luscious fruit kabobs I can create!

  228. I would bring my new husband! And a bottle of personalized sparkling cider from our wedding =)

  229. I hate to admit it, but when it comes to picnics, I like to cheat. . . I like to pick up some yummy sandwiches and sides from the Fresh Market (and then repack them so they look less like I just bought them). . . I know, I know, shame on me. . . but my family & friends don’t seem to mind.

  230. I would bring hummus, roasted red peppers,
    pita bread and my family- what a great idea!

  231. I’d bring backgammon, two bottles of Lavender DRY soda (with a flask of Hendrick’s tucked away in the tote) and my love.
    What a gorgeous giveaway, can’t imagine a more lovely afternoon!

  232. The chamomile was a great touch! I recently bought a bunch and love the scent it fills my room with. Looks like you created the perfect picnic!

  233. I would bring tasty treats like mini chicken salad sandwiches, fixins for arnald palmers, the love of my life (chad) & a puppy!

  234. I would take my husband and one of the bottles of wine we bought home from our honeymoon in Napa. A picnic would be the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  235. I’d bring my besties, Sarah and Cory, who will no doubt bring cheese from Venissimo Cheese. I’ll bring the wine!

  236. Some nice sparkling white wine or even a light, crisp Sauvignon Blanc would be perfect to add to this lovely picnic!

  237. I’d head to Prospect Park with my husband, our little boy, as well as some chickpea salad and ice cream cookie sandwiches!

  238. My best friend and a pair of bikes. It would be an all day adventure! πŸ™‚

  239. Hmmmm….I would bring my best friend, some argentinian wine, greek salad and some portable speakers for good music! Maybe an sun umbrella for some shade. Sounds like a perfect summer day!

  240. Nothing beats a picnic during the summer with my beautiful family! 2 things that I could not have a picnic without is big slices of watermelon and plenty of bubbles for playing with our little guy. Happy summer Joy!

  241. My husband and I would bring our sweet lab Rusty to our picnic in the park, and I would would make small but sweet blueberry fruit pies for dessert. Of course I would bring a lil snack for the pup. πŸ˜‰

  242. I would bring my daughter, who’s turning 1 in a month, my husband , a watermelon and avocado salad and some honey lemonade. Can’t wait to see her romp around on the grass.

  243. umm for sure some wine and cheese!! maybe a nice little piece of chocolate too

  244. I’d bring curried chicken salad sandwiches and fresh chilled mangos topped with yogurt!

  245. I would bring my handsome hubby and our adorable daughter, some Schlafly beer, orzo salad, and a big bowl of cherries.

  246. I would bring my dog, Winnie, wine, and good friends. What more can you ask for!

  247. I would most definitely need my little Mupps, (baby girl), the hubster, watermelon, and bubbles πŸ™‚

  248. No picnic would be complete without my two pups (Betty & Charlie), my hubs, and a fresh corn and basil salad! Wine wouldn’t hurt either πŸ™‚

  249. I would bring my fiance and a nice charcuterie! That’s one of our favorite things πŸ™‚

  250. My guy, my pup, something bubbly, and curry chicken salad would complete this picnic set for me!

  251. This picnic would be COMPLETE w/ my husband & my two sons and some wine for us and mint lemonade for the boys.

  252. Great bread, chocolate and wine… and most importantly some close girlfriends to enjoy the summer sunshine!

  253. I would bring my husband, our son and of course, our English bulldog. A nice pitcher lemonade, fresh cherries and a watermelon wouldn’t hurt either.

  254. I would definitely bring my daughter. This will be our first summer picnic as a family. I would bring our tradtional vietnamese banh mi and the asian sweet desserts and fresh fruits..

  255. As far as i’m concerned, NO picnic is complete without a homemade dessert! I would bring along some sea salt chocolate chip cookies or s’mores style brownies. Or both. πŸ™‚ I’d bring all my friends for a big picnic party!

  256. I’d bring my sweet hubby and two little girls for a family picnic! Nothing better!

  257. I love Terrain… great giveaway!! I’d bring snacks, wine and my favorite two boys πŸ™‚

  258. I would bring my whole family with some simple sandwiches, snacks, and of course some dessert! Preferably a berry pie. Yum!

  259. I would definitely bring my man, some wine coolers, fruit salad, and a frisbee!
    Oh, and some water and sunscreen for these hot LA summer days πŸ™‚

  260. I’d bring a nice loaf of bread, cheese (probably goat!) and some sliced tomatoes marinated in balsamic. I’d also bring a magazine and of course my husband and son!

  261. Oh how we love picnics in our beautiful field! I would bring my children along with me….in the picnic basket would be strawberry lemonade (with fresh picked strawberries of course!), probiotic potato salad, and sandwiches made with some of my freshly baked bread:)

  262. i have been craving fish tacos so i’d try a new recipe and bring those all wrapped up for a picnic on the esplanade in boston. I’d love to have a family picnic with my parents and little brother.

  263. I would bring smoked chicken salad with red grapes wrapped in red lettuce leaves and lemonade .

  264. I like to take a big, floppy, hat to shade the sun and my vintage aluminum cups to keep our beverages extra cold.

  265. I would bring my boyfriend, some tunes, and a six pack of craft beer! Sounds like a fun picnic to me πŸ™‚

  266. I’d bring crackers, cheese and my 5-month old son for his first picnic πŸ™‚

  267. A perfect picnic would be complete with my 3 month old, husband, and four-legged puppy child. And I’d make Vietnamese summer rolls πŸ™‚

  268. I think all I’d need with all of those super cute terrain goodies would be my baby girl and an arnold palmer πŸ™‚

  269. A picnic is not complete without a lot of friends to share it with and a few bottles of crisp, white wine (for the impossibly hot midwest summers).

  270. I would bringggggggggg my puppies of course!!! (well they aren’t puppies but I would bring them πŸ˜€ )

  271. I would bring my little princess and her baby doll, lucy (along with a yummy lunch for the three of us)!

  272. The “what” that I’d bring along, would be a great bottle of micro-brew from some west coast brewery that I’d try for the first time. The “who” that I’d bring along would be my mom, she’s so fun and she loves SF, she’d enjoy a picnic up on some hill as we’re wrapped in our parka’s on a nice sunny, cold day πŸ˜‰

  273. While my picnics usually consist of well-thought goodies for events such as Cinespia, my future picnic is a fun one. We’re doing a campfire picnic the night before our wedding on the beach with all the guests. We’re making individual s’mores for everyone so those ingredients are a must as well as some fun cups for hot chocolate. (It will be chilly out there!) The throws are a great idea as well…
    Good things happen around a campfire. Thanks for creating this fun contest! You have me excited to start planning all the fun details!

  274. While my picnics usually consist of well-thought goodies for events such as Cinespia, my future picnic is a fun one. We’re doing a campfire picnic the night before our wedding on the beach with all the guests. We’re making individual s’mores for everyone so those ingredients are a must as well as some fun cups for hot chocolate. (It will be chilly out there!) The throws are a great idea as well…
    Good things happen around a campfire. Thanks for creating this fun contest! You have me excited to start planning all the fun details!

  275. I’d bring sparkling water and fruit salad with lots of mango and citrus. And my best friends to share it with me!

  276. I’ve been meaning to have a picnic on the Great Lawn in Central Park with my friends for many summers now, and this is the year I’m going to make it happen! With some deli takeout, of course!

  277. I would bring my college friends and their little ones, a mixed berry pie (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry probably!), wine and cheese. <3

  278. I would bring my college friends and their little ones, a mixed berry pie (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry probably!), wine and cheese. <3

  279. i think that farro and edamame salad would be perfect with a glass of wine! maybe some ice cold watermelon with sea salt for dessert πŸ™‚

  280. I’d bring my two boys (the big one and the small one), and some olives and cheese.

  281. I would bring a bowl full of bing cherries and a cheese plate, a bottle of wine, and my handsome boyfriend. No doubts about it.

  282. I would bring watermelon, peach and mint salad to be shared with my sweet husband and daughter!

  283. I would bring a pitcher of refreshing lemonaid a good book to read after I’m done eating and my husband to enjoy it all with

  284. Besides bring my hubby and little lady, I’d bring cheese with crackers and some charcuterie and maybe some yummy dry Riesling or Pinot Noir. And fruit. Thinking we need a picnic this weekend!

  285. I’d be packing my 2 little girls and always a sparkling beverage…orangina perhaps.

  286. Definitely my hubby and kiddo…along with a pitcher of iced Calpico and spam musubis

  287. Growing up with an Indian Mother, picnics(or any outing)were an extravagant ordeal! She would wake up early to make masala chai, a puffed rice mixture and some sort of ‘indian sandwich.’ So, I would bring my Mother and treat her to an Indian style picnic with aloo paratha’s (which she just taught me to make) and spicy masala chai in a thermos! It would be an ode to the wonderful childhood memories she lovingly gave me!
    Thanks for this opportunity, here is a link to my board:

  288. Oooo I would bring some bruschetta and wine! I love this beautiful picnic set!

  289. No picnic is complete without my dachshund Weinerschnitzel romping around and a Diana F+ camera to capture the moment : )

  290. I’d bring my finds from our local farmers market, the hubby and Mr. G (my baby boy).

  291. I’d bring my favorite BLTs, homemade lemonade and brownies–all easy clean-up which is key. And my boyfriend, bien sur!

  292. I would bring my daughter and husband and my 2 dogs! We would have wine (well just my husband and I) and some sparkling soda for my daughter.

  293. I would bring a bottle of white wine, fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream and a vanilla/lemon/pepper cake!!

  294. I would bring my best friend, my golden retriever, wine, chocolate, cheese, crackers, and avocado. She and I had frequent park picnics like this when we spent time in Argentina and I’d love to recreat it.

  295. I’d bring my best friend and my dog, Emerson. A watermelon and feta salad and homemade gingerale would make for a perfect treat!

  296. I would bring my husband for some desperately needed alone time! Oh, and some fried chicken, potato salad…and some PIE!

  297. I would bring my yellow vintage birdcage with my Finches Blueberry and Chip Chip.

  298. I would bring some yummy food, lemonade (spiked of course), a few friends, and since I live in the Pacific Northwest an umbrella.

  299. I’d bring my husband, a chilled bottle of Rose, a spinach and strawberry salad and a crusty loaf of bread. Oh yeah, and our picnic ready old school radio turned MP3 player for some great tunes!

  300. I would make and take my favorite British picnic treats; scotch eggs, pork pie and elderflower cordial. Yum.

  301. Champagne, baby! or a nice bottle of wine from the California Central Coast. and my ipod. and a friend. πŸ™‚

  302. I’d bring an heirloom tomato salad topped with burrata, wine and of course, friends!

  303. To complete the picnic I’d bring along my wife, a few friends, a frisbee, and a frisbee to toss around.

  304. Sounds like a great opportunity to relax and read a good mystery novel, enjoy a cold bottle of wine and a fresh tomato salad.

  305. I’d bring my best friend and her little family (all the way from Guam) and have our favorite summer succotash (with bacon) and marionberry lemonades!

  306. I would bring some homemade scones with clotted cream and fresh strawberries, and some coffee…. And enjoy a morning picnic with my husband.

  307. I would bring my best friend, wine, cheese, crackers, salami, avocado and some chocolate! We had picnics like this quite often while visiting Argentina and I’d love to recreate those moments.

  308. I’d bring my husband, his deviled eggs, our Golden, San Pellegrino, red wine, fresh bread and Vermont cheese!

  309. Best friends and outdoor pillows for a philharmonic concert in Central Park! I absolutely adore this collection πŸ™‚

  310. I’d bring my best friends and some RosΓ©. Also some melty cheese or decadent french butter with good crusty bread.

  311. I would bring brocolli salada (my favorite summer food, a bottle of champangne and my husband.

  312. Seghesio’s Rock Pile Zin {perfect summer wine}, mt. tam cheese, crackers, my dog, my mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and my husband. πŸ™‚

  313. I would bring my husband (my best friend!) and our neices along with a watermelon arugula salad with plenty of jars to save the special trinkets we always seem to find when we’re out in nature.

  314. I would bring along few friends to enjoy a late morning full of laughs, great conversation and delicious food. Of course, blueberry muffins, fresh fruit, quinoa/avocado salad, and mimosas would be involved!

  315. I would bring some manchego cheese along with sliced proscuitto. A fresh baguette to pull apart as well.

  316. I would bring vodka-lime lemonade and a fresh cranberry, pine nut, and basil orzo salad.

  317. my boys (husband + son), cow girl creamery mt. tam cheese, lesley stowe’s fig and olive crackers and a bottle of gloria ferrer sonoma brut.

  318. I’d bring my sisters dressed like Daisy Buchanan for some jazz age flair, a wonderful rose and a grilled vegetable salad.

  319. After a long day with the two dogs, three kids, and no swimming pool nearby, I’d take us all to the shores of Skaneatles Lake for what appears to be a divinely inspired sunset…

  320. I would bring friends, a chilled crisp white wine, sandwiches wrapped in pretty paper, and great tunes on the MP3 player.

  321. All this party needs is buttermilk biscuits, chilled strawberries, and a thermos of iced sweet tea.

  322. This is all I want in life!: food and the outdoors… with a barrier between me and the grass, of course. I’d also bring a cheeseboard and some tarts and a citronella candle (very very important!) and my dog. πŸ˜‰

  323. It would not be complete without my boyfriend and a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

  324. I would bring my husband, two best friends (and their men) and some wine and cheese!

  325. I’d bring the hubby, hot sweaty kids, two wet dogs, and a big bouquet-like salad of edible flowers and greens from the garden. Bubbly drinks for all!!!

  326. husband, our baby girl, spelt freekeh and lentil salad, pudding pops.. sun umbrella (so square).

  327. A picnic and swimming at the Blue Hole, with all the family is a summertime treat! We always pack up way too much to carry, but who can have a picnic without lots of Texas-grown watermelon, potato salad, fried chicken and chocolate brownies?! The give-a-way items are perfect for a cool spot under a big cypress tree.

  328. I’d take it to the park down by the river with my husband, and my grandchildren. We’d sit in the sun, eat and drink, then wade in the river and feed the crumbs to the ducks and geese.

  329. I would bring my fiance, and a great photographer!!! Such lovely imagines would happen πŸ™‚

  330. I’d bring some sun tea made with decaf earl grey and chai and lots of good friends

  331. I would bring my best friend Julie and her new baby along with our dogs, Ellie and Otis. I would bring a frittata made with veggies from my csa box and a berry dessert! We would bring it up to the beach just after 5 when everyone goes home and the beach is magically quiet and beautiful!

  332. I would love to do more picnics, considering I’ve never done one myself! But I would love to bring my husband and these pillows and throws are adorable, the patterns are so cute! The bamboo dinnerware are also to die for! Hope to win, thanks!

  333. Of course a hungry husband, and hopefully my children have come to visit. I would pick up sandwiches and hope for cooperating weather!

  334. err, opps think I messed up on my last entry. I’d bring my best friend my puppy and watermelon πŸ˜€
    Thanks for being patient time for a new computer…

  335. I would make my Mom’s famous lemonade and bring along avocado chicken salad! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this contest! Love your site and love Terrain!

  336. A picnic collection sounds like a perfect idea for a gift. My best friend is struggling with Cancer I’d bring her and my puppy and Watermelon (of course!) πŸ™‚ mmm

  337. I’d bring my husband and dog down to the beach for a sunset picnic with some prosecco.

  338. I’d have to throw in a watermelon-feta salad and some lemon poppyseed muffins to complete this picnic….such perfection!

  339. I would bring a watermelon panzanella salad and lime agua fresca, mmm. Beautiful items, by the way!

  340. My boyfriend and I would go on a picnic somewhere he loves to fish. And we’d take a little grill so he could cook up some fish. We’d take salad, cheese and some crusty bread! Mmmmm…. Even if I don’t win the give away, I think I’m going to plan this picnic! πŸ™‚

  341. I’d bring my husband and dog for a sunset picnic on the beach with a bottle of prosecco!

  342. I would bring orzo salad, watermelon, corn, and other summertime faves; invite friends and family to share the day with me!

  343. Picnics are pretty much my very favorite summer activity and this little set is perfect! I would bring my husband, little pup, and cupcakes. No picnic is complete without cupcakes.

  344. I would bring my husband, Jim, an icy cold bottle of champagne, lobster salad and a baguette.

  345. Marcella Hazen’s panzanela, and my husband. A picnic w/o the kiddos would be grand! Oh, and a chilled bottle of rose.

  346. I would bring a salad with red quinoa fresh veggies and a champagne vinegar, white bean dip with rice crackers and watermelon

  347. i would bring a mini s’more-maker and a box of wafers to toast up those wondermade marshmallows. & i’d probably bring my mom too.

  348. i would bring a mini s’more-maker to toast up those wonderland marshmallows. & i’d bring my mom too.

  349. I’d bring my boyfriend and we’d have a Summer Love picnic. Homemade avocado-romaine-mozzarella-pesto wraps, lavender lemonade in mason jars, some fruits like watermelon, green grapes and kiwi. And to match with the marshmallows, some graham cookies and chocolate to make s’mores πŸ™‚

  350. Definitely have to bring a couple bottles of vino. The vino will bring out the friends. Perfection!

  351. I would bring my fiancee, a fresh and clean dry rose wine, some crusty bread and brie cheese with prosciutto, grapes, and strawberries! And probably a quinoa salad, as well.

  352. I would have to take my hubby and two boys on my picnic, of course. Also, some yummy cupcakes and iced coffee!

  353. I would bring a Le Petit Outre baguette and some bourgogne cheese. Oh, and my husband too πŸ˜‰

  354. I would bring some music and some ladybugs it’s not a picnic with out them.
    Love all things romantic over here with its rustic grace and beauty.

  355. I would invite my sister and bring sangria and a cheese plate to Brooklyn’s prospect park for Celebrate Brooklyn!

  356. I’d bring my sister, because then no matter where we were or what we had to eat, I’d be sure to have a great time!

  357. I’d make it an early evening picnic with my Grandmother’s cool and refreshing Lemon-Berry Tart as dessert. I’d bring my husband-to-be and of course a few romantic candles to keep bugs at bay.

  358. Oh wow,this giveaway is lovely! I would bring my beautiful family and buttermilk fried chicken, some homemade lemonade for the littles and a rose for my husband and I!

  359. my sweetie and my dog.. and our local cider, bread, cheese, and a perfect ripe tomato!

  360. I’d get the girls together and bring some good bread, cheese, and a dessert using some of the wonderful seasonal fruits!

  361. I would bring a bowl of my mom’s famous chicken salad ( with madarine oranges and grapes ) crackers, cranberry&malibu beverage and some good music.

  362. I would bring my fiance and some fried chicken. Picnics always need a little fried chicken. πŸ™‚

  363. I would surprise my husband, pick him up from work then go to the beach with white wine, brie, fig jam and a baguette. Date night!

  364. I would bring my fiance and some fried chicken, no picnic is complete without fried chicken. πŸ™‚

  365. I would have to bring my husband, our pup, some friends and locally made Son of a Peach beer!

  366. I’d bring my husband, my pooch, some Manchego cheese, crackers, almonds, craisins, and a bottle of wine!

  367. I would bring to this lovely picnic … My dog “Rocky”
    & husband and…..a watermelon ( Yummy)!

  368. I can see myself doing this with my boyfriend or a few friends during the summer! I would definitely bring a pitcher of mint iced tea or strawberry lemonade, homemade horchata cupcakes, and a set of watercolors to use in my sketchbook while I paint my picnic surroundings πŸ™‚

  369. I’d bring along my husband, our neighbors, a couple bottles of Prosecco, and some well-chilled, homemade popsicles.

  370. I would bring my best friends, some good board games, lots of cheese, a big bowl of mango avocado quinoa salad and lots of chilled white wine to wash it all down!

  371. I’d bring my husband and lovely children, along with 9 pies to recreate Harold And The Purple Crayon πŸ™‚

  372. good friends, fresh mozzarella with garden tomatoes, salted chocolate chip cookies and chilled white wine…

  373. My husband and I have been dying to have a picnic together. He is a chef though, so I’d leave the meal to him!

  374. I would fly to New Jersey and make a first time visit to Terrain. I would pick up another basket and fill it too with goodies and take my sister, her partner and her friends on a picnic on the Jersey shore. We could celebrate being back at the shore after Sandy.

  375. I would gather up the baby and the dog and head out with a basket full of fresh garden goodies!!

  376. I’d bring strawberry gin fizzes and my uke for some strumming!
    (Also, I can’t get the images to pin – maybe it’s just me though.)

  377. I would take some pinapple sage mint iced tea and a Jam Box so we could listen to some floaty tunes in the open air πŸ™‚

  378. i would take my husband, and one of my biggest pregnancy cravings – strawberries!
    no picnic is complete without loads of fresh picked fruits. πŸ˜‰
    Love this giveaway! thank you xx

  379. The throw is divine. I would speed it out on the grass for my two kids to lounge on as they munch in pita chips, hummus, and veggies. And I sneak in some sangria.

  380. I’ve been wanting to make some pies/crumbles in jars! Plus, I’m a fan of Olympic Provision salumi, so that would be in tow too. (You have to try their “chocolate salumi” that’s like a truffle with pistachios and orange rind and rolled in powdered sugar to look like a salumi!)

  381. I’d bring Blood Orange Italian Soda, and some manchego. Oh, and a good book to enjoy!

  382. Sania, my 2-yr-old, is definitely coming with me, a magnifying glass for her to search for bugs (keeps her busy while mom relaxes!) and a fizzy Fentimans drink. A perfect summer day!

  383. I’d bring a chilled bottle of raspberry lemon spritzer with guacamole grilled cheese sandwich. Some waterballoons and waterguns to cool off from the summer heat.

  384. I would bring my homemade chicken salad with tarragon and sage, a big loaf of crusty artisanal sourdough bread, tricolor pasta salad with carrots / broccoli / and cauliflower pieces, and a big pitcher of sparkling summer punch (made with pomegranate juice, club soda, and “Mike’s Hard cranberry lemonade”) – its refreshing AND alcoholic!
    Then my guest (s) and I would lie back on that fabulous blanket and soak up the perfect day.

  385. Such a fresh and inviting setting I would love to take my family with sandwich fixings and cold fresh fruit. Don’t forget the camera!

  386. I’d bring a bottle of chilled white wine, a summery tunes playlist, and a frisbee πŸ™‚

  387. I would bring my husband and we’d eat chicken salad, french loaf, and fruit, with rhubarb drink.

  388. For such a lovely picnic I would have to invite my husband, who is also my best friend. Second, homemade scones and jam.

  389. For such a lovely picnic I would have to invite my husband, who is also my best friend. Second, homemade scones and jam.

  390. I would bring along my sister, and a freshly baked baguette with some meat and cheese.

  391. For such a lovely picnic I would have to invite my husband, who is also my best friend. Second, homemade scones and jam.

  392. Hahaha … I don’t know if I can just pick two. This summer I’ve really been into watermelon – so it’s likely I’ll bring some watermelon lemonade to quench our thirst. And fried chicken sandwiches with kale slaw for my lovies πŸ™‚

  393. My handsome husband – who is a chef so I’m sure he’ll bring something delicious!

  394. My handsome husband who is a chef – I’m sure he’ll bring something delicious!

  395. Bringing my two little kiddies and some frozen grapes. We love picnics and those pillows.

  396. I would come supplied with some fresh, citrus-y drinks and a beautiful tomato and beet salad to share with my favorite friends!

  397. I would gather my boys, large and small, and pack up the tote and head out to the marin cheese farm. we’d stop and stock up on some fresh farm cheese and bread then make our way out to stinson beach.

  398. For a lovely picnic, I would bring along my boyfriend, a bottle of wine, a Greek quinoa salad and some fresh fruit.
    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  399. I would bring an orzo, sundried tomato, feta salad, a baguette and a cold bottle of pinot!

  400. I would have absolutely no choice (none at all) but to bring creamy melon bars, and some sparkling elderflower wine to wash it all down with

  401. I’d swing by the Ballard Sunday Farmer’s Market for yummy snacks! Honey crisp apples, fresh bread, smoked salmon… yum yum yum.

  402. I’d bring my yoga girlfriends, cherry tomato orzo salad and a bottle or two of Pinot Grigio!

  403. Have you ever had strawberry chamomile infused syrup with sparkling wine? Heaven. I’d bring bubbly and some homemade ricotta with figs & honey. My goodness, I love picnics.

  404. I would bring mexican sangria (tequila and red wine, with apples, watermelon, raspberries and lime juice … mmmm, yum!) some spicy salsa and light tortilla chips, some juicy and just-picked tomatoes, maybe a corn and poblano orzo salad, and some berry hand pies. Oh, picnics!

  405. I would bring a bottle of bubbles, homemade lemonade, a bowl of cherries, a great book to read and my handsome husband πŸ™‚

  406. I would bring some portabello mushrooms and wheat buns with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese. Strawberries and mixed berries for side salad. Berry infused lemonade. Dessert would be gourmet marshmallows! We could lay out on the beautiful throw..

  407. Gorgeous summer colors!
    I would bring avocado, tomato and corn bruschetta, and some homemade iced tea with a splash of lemonade, my 2 latest summer food obsessions!

  408. I would bring mexican sangria (tequila and red wine, with watermelon, apples, raspberries and lime juice!), some spicy salsa and light tortilla chips, some juicy and just-picked tomatoes, maybe some corn and poblano orzo salad, and berry hand pies. (Oh, picnics!)