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hers & mine…

hers & mine | oh joy

hers & mine | oh joy

hers & mine | oh joy

hers & mine | oh joy

hers & mine | oh joy

An on-going photo journal of our often similar things and moments…

top | Hers: leggings by Candy Kirby. Mine: shorts by Kate Spade Saturday.

middle | Hers: hair pin by Homako. Mine: necklace by Homako.

bottom | Hers & Mine: fun in the giant yellow noodle installation at LACMA.

See past ones right here

{Ruby photo by Bob Cho, photo of me by Bonnie Tsang, all others by Oh Joy}


  1. these are my favorite little posts. i love matching my son (we do a lot of stripes with boat shoes). the way i see it, i carry him around more often than i carry my purse. i would always want my purse to match so why shouldn’t my son match as well?!

  2. I love your “Hers & Mine” series. I marvel at how often I start out the door with my girls and realize that we are all unintentionally color-coordinated. 🙂


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