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happy friday + feeling lucky…

Oh Joy | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Within the last week, three people in my office (including myself) got into car accidents. They happened on different days and in different cars. We're all safe and no one got hurt, but boy did it feel like an unlucky week over here with dented cars and tow trucks! I spent most of the week wallowing in my unfortune and feeling like nothing was going right. But I came out of it reminding myself that things could be way worse. We're alive, safe, and healthy. As we head into the long weekend, I hope you're surrounded with people and things that remind you what you have to feel lucky for.

I'll see you back here on Tuesday, friends!

P.S. Have you heard about Love for Leni? This sweet 4-month-old baby girl has been diagnosed with acute megakaryoblastic leukemia, a rare form of pediatric bone marrow cancer. Her parents are hoping to find a matching bone marrow donor, but it's proving hard because of Leni's mixed descent. Please click here if you'd like to read more or if you know anyone who could be a match for Leni.

{Photo by Bonnie Tsang}


  1. That’s bizarre that you guys had three accidents! I would sage the office, knock out alll those bad energies! Glad everyone is OK, though.

  2. oh wow that’s crazy but glad to hear all is ok. thanks for sharing the link for leni… such a sweet lil girl. just made a donation to her family. 🙂

  3. I too started my week with a car accident…and have been wallowing for a couple of days! I needed the reminder that life is still grand, even with a few scratches and dents! thanks!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the accidents! (Yes, things always seem to come in threes, don’t they?)
    I got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago, and it still feels like a big bummer, but knowing that others are going through really tough, life-altering things, really puts it all in perspective. Hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend, Joy!

  5. 3?? Oh dear, I’m so glad everyone is ok. Don’t work yourselves too hard- I’ve noticed when I stress about work, everything else seems to fall apart. Enjoy the long, much needed, weekend, Joy!
    xx Erin

  6. thanks for sharing the “love for leni” link. My husband and I are both donors and my husband was recently matched and will be donating in two weeks. it’s a little scary but SO amazing to know that a few days of discomfort can mean life for someone else. it’s so important for those of us who are multi-racial to be a part of this!

  7. Joy, I am so glad that everyone is okay! Stuff like this is absolutely no fun at all, but you will get through it.
    Have an absolutely wonderful Labor Day!

  8. I’m so glad everyone’s okay and doing well! It’s the little scares/frustrations that make us count our blessings. Joy, thank you for always bringing joy and beauty into my life on your daily blog. Prayers for protection and peace over coworkers and family this week.

  9. AHHH! I’m right there with you! I got rearended in Pasadena on Thursday and then hit my mom’s car today while getting out the door for work! It’s definitely a bad week, but I’m never so thankful to be healthy and safe. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful always.

  10. Oh no~ so glad you’re okay! Make sure to get yourself checked out just in case. I just got rear ended on the freeway and my back is still so sore! My doctor said sometimes the aches show up a bit later on. Thanks for sharing the link about Leni~ I really hope she finds a match!!

  11. Wow! I don’t know what it was about that week. I had an accident and my best friend’s mom did too… But everybody’s okay, and we’re all thankful for that. 🙂

  12. I remember feeling the same when I got into a car accident last year, but then I remembered I should be thankful I didn’t get hurt. If you try to focus on that, you instantly feel way better.


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