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a pretty painterly {giveaway} for a good cause…



At the age of 26, on an ordinary day, Katherine Wolf suffered an extraordinary, near-fatal brain stem stroke while her 6-month old son slept in the other room.  Against all odds, she miraculously survived.  Along with her husband and son, she continues to recover and celebrate her new life, even though it looks very different than she ever thought it would. In celebration of Katherine's life and her new cause, Hope Heals, we are giving away this gorgeous print by one of my favorite artists, Lulie Wallace.

The giveaway is for a limited-edition, hand-signed and numbered print of "Flowers for Katherine" ($100 value). The original painting will be donated to and displayed at UCLA Hospital (the hospital that saved Katherine's life) as a small expression of beauty and hope for the patients, families, and staff there.

To enter, simply visit the Hope Heals site, then leave a comment here telling me one thing in your life you are grateful for. Entries must be posted by this Friday, September 6th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*.

UPDATE: Congrats to Jessica R. from Mamaroneck, NY for being our winner this time!

*This giveaway is open to any reader, anywhere in the world! Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $100 USD approximate total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. I love, love, love Lulie Wallace’s art. And what an inspirational story about Katherine! Wishing her the best as she recovers.
    Every single day I wake up grateful that I live an independent life. I am financially independent and physically independent. I do not rely on anyone/thing other than myself to live, walk, talk, or breathe. It’s something I have taken for granted for most of my life, and over the past several years I have been reminded of (and recognized) its value.

  2. I am thankful for a husband who, like Katherine’s, has honored the vow to stand by me in sickness and in health! Thank you for sharing her story!

  3. I am thankful and grateful for my new child, my family round the world and for video chats which make them feel closer than the thousands of miles which separate us.

  4. I am grateful for my husband and my two best friends. They really do make my life wonderful and have stood by me through man many downs. They are the best.
    How great it is that Katherine is recovering and what a fantastic cause! Bravo Katherine!

  5. I am grateful for my health and the health of my family. Health is a thing so many of us take for granted until we don’t have it anymore. Happy to read Katherine’s story has a happy ending!

  6. Right now, I’m grateful for the chance to be traveling the world with my husband. We’ve been in Paris for nearly three weeks, and being out of my element always helps me see the world with fresh eyes. It’s a huge world with so much in it to be thankful for. Thinking healing and helping thoughts for Katherine and her family!

  7. I’m grateful for my children and the health of the people I love. Life is so precious. I’m happy Katherine’s story continues on.

  8. I’m grateful for my healthy son and husband. My dad didn’t survive a stroke and that’s why I try to live my life to the max and be happy while I’m here.

  9. I’m thankful for the little things in life, hugs and smiles from the people I love, silly conversations with my best friend, cooking with my husband!. Our days are always so busy with work or errands that’s its nice to have those small moments in th day that slow us down and are what life is all about.

  10. I am grateful for my husband and daughters. My husband works hard so I am able to stay home and take care of our 2 girls, which is the most amazing job!

  11. I am grateful for my beautiful boys, who love each other so much and love to play together and give each other goodnight hugs and kisses.

  12. Not a human, but I am super grateful that my husband saved our beloved cat when he had a urinary blockage. He got him treatment in time for a full recovery.

  13. I am thankful to have overcome obstacles/loss in my life and to have so many positive things surrounding me now – family, friends, health. I know Katherine will get through her obstacles as well! What a moving story

  14. I’m so grateful for my family and especially for my soon to be husband!
    I’m very very lucky 🙂

  15. I am grateful for a body that is healthy and strong, and helps me to set and achieve new goals.

  16. I am thankful for my loving and loyal family that is always there for me. I’m lucky to have a family that makes efforts to stay close and be there for each other even when we live far apart.

  17. my future husband, can’t wait to marry that man. 🙂
    my thoughts and prays go out to Katherine and her family.

  18. So thankful for my move back to my hometown so that I can spend my days closer to my family and building deeper relationships with them. I’ve been away from home for 8 years and it is such a blessing to be back!

  19. I am grateful to be able to travel with friends and family. It opens your eyes to how life, in all forms, is glorious.

  20. I am grateful for friends and family who are reaching out to me in my time of need. Angels on earth. 🙂

  21. What an amazing family!
    I am so thankful to God for my husband, our daughter and our baby boy coming this fall!

  22. So thankful that Katherine survived this ordeal, and with such a positive attitude and strong outlook! We could all learn something from her. I am thankful for many, many things in my life, but most of all my family. I have the most wonderful, supportive husband a girl could ask for, and the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful 3 year old in the world. She came to us as quite a surprise, but has changed our lives for the better. We had to grow up quickly and figure out our priorities when she was born, and I’m very grateful for how it’s all worked out.

  23. I am grateful to have had the chance to be the earthly parent of my beautiful daughter, before she left us after a brain stem tumour felled her. She is a beautiful angel who touched the hearts of many and I can’t believe that my husband and I had the opportunity to spend 7 precious years with her.

  24. i’m so thankful for my husband and baby boy. they have made me realize how the other things i thought i ‘needed’ are irrelevant and temporary. thank you for the reminder!

  25. Last year, during my fourth and final year of medical school I didn’t match into residency. At the time it felt like the biggest deal in the world, and I couldn’t understand how I was left behind when all my other friends were continuing on with their education. With time however, I realized how silly I was being, I may not have matched into residency but I still had so, so much to be grateful for — for one, the fact that I was fortunate to have even pursued and obtained the degree that I had. Through this experience I have also realized how fortunate I am to have everything else in my life, including my health, my loving and supportive family and friends, and my dearest boyfriend. Katherine’s story is a wonderful reminder of how precious each day is, and how important it is not to take any day for granted. Thank you, Joy, for getting my day started on the right note.

  26. what a beautiful giveaway and story! I am thankful for my daughter who makes me smile every day, my husband who is our support and strength and our friends and family who fill our life with so much joy!

  27. I’m currently so grateful that I get to do what I love for a living and am surrounded by people who support me.

  28. Thank you for doing this post and contest. I am grateful to still have my father in my life. He also suffered from a stroke when I was 16. Through wonderful doctors, therapy, and determination he was able to recover from much of the damage and regain a quality of life.
    After reading Katherine’s story, I’m also grateful for my own health. It’s something you can never take for granted. She is an inspiration!

  29. I’m grateful for my amazing husband, as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary today (though we’ve been together for almost 10 years). He is my best friend, and I can’t imagine my life without him… Love him to the moon and back!

  30. I am thankful for resilience of children, and the optimism they ignite within a family. I am also thankful for the hopefulness that one story can inspire.

  31. I’m grateful for amazing friends that make work seem more like play, who inspire me and push me to be better creatively and personally. My parents who support and expects great things from me, and who I marvel at every day for their kindness and amazing minds. My sisters who couldn’t be more different and incredible human beings, because of whom I learned to be a insatiable reader and competitive, passionate ultimate frisbee player.
    There’s so many things to be grateful for– my working mind and health, the ability and means to travel and see the world, my job that makes me so happy– but at the end of day it the people in my life that I get to share every success and struggle with that give meaning to every other thing.

  32. I am so grateful for my parents and the fact that they were able to give me such a wonderful and fulfilling childhood. It’s because of them that I am who I am today.

  33. My husband is the most important thing in the world to me and I am forever grateful to have him as the center of my life. He is the one thing in my life that is consistently good and that I can count on, and without him, the struggles in life would be much more difficult to overcome.

  34. I am grateful for people like the Wolf’s who want to share “HOPE” forward…they are inspiring!

  35. I’m grateful for my 10 month old daughter who has already found the cookies at 8:30am, a girl after my own heart 🙂
    Hope it forward!

  36. grateful for absolutely everything. i’m grateful that i’m simply alive. grateful for the gentle breeze that blows on a warm day, for all the love in my life, and i’m grateful even for the tough days that help me appreciate all the other days that much more.
    blessings to katherine and all you lovely people.

  37. I’m so so happy for Katherine that she is recovering! This is such a lovely post and I think it’s really great that original will be displayed in the hospital. I’m grateful for the hope that we have to guide us through such difficult times and the family and friends who are always there to support us!

  38. I’m grateful the support my parents give me, financially and emotionally, to pursue higher education. I’m also grateful for the support and companionship from my boyfriend.

  39. What a lovely giveaway! So thoughtful and kind. I’m grateful for my 4 wonderful parents. Despite what some people call a ‘broken home’ I’m glad I have 4 people who have loved me and had my back since I was a baby (and since I was 10).

  40. We make so many choices in life and often take that right for granted. I am thankful for the right to choose.

  41. What a wonderful story and a great giveaway. Every single day I’m grateful that I married my husband. He is an amazing man and I’m so fortunate to be with him.

  42. I am thankful for my husband who is so loving and supportive. Even through the tough times, we only seem to appreciate each other more.

  43. I am thankful for the love and support of family to conquer any obstacles I encounter. This print is gorgeous; it would serve as a daily reminder of Katherine’s strength and perseverance.

  44. So grateful every single day for my family, to have people who love and support me unconditionally and are there for me whenever and wherever–it’s a gift I remind myself not to take for granted.

  45. Hope Heals: great idea! What I am most thankful for are those I surround myself with every day: My loving boyfriend and wonderful pets: Violet, Delilah, and Bayliss! They all love me unconditionally.

  46. This is such a beautiful idea. Hope really can heal. 🙂
    I am ever so grateful for my sweet husband – the kindest, smartest, most selfless person I know. I can’t believe I got so lucky.

  47. I am grateful that so many people are learning about Jesus in a new way thru the Wolf Family. They have made a CHOICE to inherit and live by the Fruits of the Spirit in Galations 5: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
    In particular, they have taken their Long Suffering (forbearance) and helped turn it into blessings for thousands of others, much like Jesus did for humanity.
    Their example has helped me in being grateful for my life and every day I get with my son.

  48. I’m thankful for my fabulous prince of a fiance, Kyle. We are going to be married in 11 short months and I can’t wait to be Mrs. Cunningham. He is the happy in my life.

  49. I’m grateful for my family… My husband…. Our baby boy that is currently 5 1/2 months and currently growing in my belly. Grateful for all of my life’s experiences that have brought me to this point. The good and the bad… And sometimes ugly. It all has lead me here to today, standing here, happy.

  50. I am grateful for my sweet four year old daughter who starts preschool tomorrow. Even though I have already cried twice and had to hide in the coat closet this morning (MY BABY!) I am so grateful that she is such an amazing little person who is ready to move into the world. I am hopeful that that world will be so kind to my girl.

  51. I am grateful for my funny husband and my cool apartment. I am blessed to have the time to create artwork, decorate, and do yoga. Life is good. Lovely painting!

  52. Such a beautiful happy painting!
    I am thankful for the healthy strong baby I’m about to have ANY day now! After complications with my last pregnancy it’s been nice to know this one is worry free so far. My babies are me greatest accomplishment 😉

  53. I am thankful for a God who loves me unconditionally and friends and family that support me when I need it the most 🙂

  54. I am so grateful to have a family that makes it a point to spend each Thanksgiving together no matter how far away we are from each other.

  55. Amazing story.
    Not only am I grateful for the amazing people in my life, but recently, I’ve become more and more grateful for my positive outlook on life and my ability to be optimistic in most situations. I’m in a whole different country at the moment, and it shocks me how pessimistic and negative people can be as a whole – it’s really such a different perspective than the one that we are encouraged to have in the US. Many people here perceive positivity and “silver linings” to be very naive, but I happen to think that these are the very things that lift us up and give us hope. I’m so grateful for my outlook.

  56. What a great story. I’m grateful for my husband who is always encouraging and forever loving.

  57. I’m grateful for the health of the people I love – including my unborn son who we are about to welcome into the world.

  58. I am so very grateful for my amazing 2 year old daughter. She is intelligent, thoughtful, kind, polite, generous, and certainly last but not least, beautiful! She brings so much joy to my life and fills a void I never knew needed filling!

  59. I am in love with this beautiful print! And what an inspirational story behind it.
    I am grateful for my husband and daughter who fill my days with love, joy and purpose.

  60. I am grateful for a loving family, laughter, and a place to rest at night. A lovely painting for a wonderful purpose.

  61. I love this, Joy.
    I am grateful to have a job I love and a sweet husband and dog to come home to every night.

  62. I’m touched by the story of Katherine, wishing her the joy and health she is now longing for after such a stroke of fate – with lots of love of her family and friends.
    I love the positive energy of the painting and would be so happy to hang it in our apartment in Berlin, Germany. Hugs, Nina

  63. Wow. What a miracle. I am thankful for my health and for my husband’s health. We have gone through some scary times but are stronger than ever because of it.

  64. I’m grateful for the possibility to stay at home with my baby until he’s old enough to go to school.

  65. This is such a wonderful cause! I am grateful for both of my parents who adopted me and have given me an amazing life!

  66. I am grateful for my life, everyone who is a part of it and everything that I get to experience. It sounds so broad but I am thankful for every little thing. It is easy to overlook the little things that happen in our lives (I tend to do that) but when I actually stop and think of all these little things, I remember that they were once the big things I prayed for. Whether it is little or a big thing that happened, it doesn’t matter, it is a blessing I try to be thankful for.

  67. I am grateful for my husband’s family. My immediate family is small and has been going through a lot of health issues in regards to my dad over the past couple of years. I can’t imagine going through all of this with out my husband and his family. They have done everything from sit at the hospital with us, bring us food, take care of things at the house for my mom, call to check on us and so much more. I always prayed that God would bring a man into my life with a big family. He not only answered that prayer, but gave me the best possible people you could ask for. (We love you and Hope Heals, Katherine!!)

  68. I love this print, it’s so beautiful! I am grateful for my lovely, crazy, hilarious, wildly unpredictable family.

  69. I am grateful for Camp Desoto… a home away from home where I had the chance to become friends with Katherine.

  70. Close friends and family to “rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

  71. I’m grateful for medical technologies like dialysis, currently keeping my mommy alive while she waits for a transplant. Hope does heal. What a beautiful message. Xo

  72. I’m grateful for my health, family, and the beauty and joy found in the everyday. It’s a pretty incredible world we live in.

  73. I am grateful for my husband. He is my rock and supports everything that I do. I could not ask for a better partner in life.

  74. I love Lulie Wallace’s art! Awesome story, thanks for sharing! I wish Katherine and her family the very best.
    I am grateful for my family. My mom who helps me so much with my two beautiful boys.

  75. My Grandmother recently passed away from lung cancer and I’m grateful that I was able to travel the 5000 miles to spend her last weeks with her. x

  76. I’m grateful for time, the time I have to experience things and love people and learn.

  77. I am so grateful for my good health, and my excellent family for passing on these genes and love to me 🙂

  78. I’ve been receiving Hope Heals blog posts in my email for about a year–their strength and courageousness astounds me. I’m truly grateful for not being in pain I suffered for 8 years with chronic migraine. Living pain free is like being let out of prison!!

  79. I am grateful for each day, for the love that we can share with our family and friends and for the company of each and everyone one of them. I am grateful for my parents’ love and support, which has guided me, and continues to support me in everyway. I am grateful for my loving husband and our fur-child, Bear. Both of whom are there for me and love me day in and day out.

  80. Loving, supportive parents! They always give me the best advice, even if it’s not what I want to hear. I can’t thank God enough for those people :).

  81. My dog.
    Which sounds silly but she is my alarm clock. I work from home and my husband travels usually 4-6 months at a time. Not only does Lilah lay beside me keeping me company all day but she jumps around ready to go to the park at 5PM on the dot.
    The park gets me out of the house, playing, exercising and talking to other human beings.
    LilahV Jewelry

  82. I am grateful for so many things but mainly my family…my original one and my growing family I have started with my husband and 2 girls. Such blessings!

  83. I am grateful for my beautiful apartment balcony on Capitol Hill- it’s the perfect place for me to drink my coffee each morning and sit and hang out at night.

  84. I am thankful for all the people that bring joy to my life and make it worth living and worth fighting for.

  85. I am grateful for my children and their families, whom i adore to pieces, for my Dad who at 90 is Healthy and happy, a survivor of the Holocaust, without whom I would not be here to enjoy all of my blessings. And for the man in my life since my divorce, who truly is just plain wonderful!

  86. Such a beautiful print! I’m grateful for my family and friends who support me and believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself!

  87. I’m grateful for my friends who get me through the hard times when I’m hanging from a thread. I swear I was just in tears because of something horrible that just happened nine days before my wedding. I spoke to my best friend and poof! The tears dried up. Thank GOD for kindred spirits!

  88. This is a lovely idea; thank you for sharing this with us.
    I am grateful for my sister. Her unwavering confidence in me and support throughout all of the hurdles in my life, have led me to realize my dreams of being a wife to a selfless and loveable man and now, to being a mommy to the brightest light in my life – my daughter, Madeline. The bond between sisters is truly special and I’m grateful for my sister, Nancy, throughout each and everyday.

  89. I am grateful for my beautiful 8 month old son & loving, supportive husband. Both are a dream come true!

  90. I am thankful for Monday nights – and although I sometimes feel like there are too many men in my life (husband, two brothers, and two brothers-in-law and close family friend) who show up once a week to eat my bruschetta and watch Arrested Development, I know how sad I would be without these weekly dinners. Can’t wait for Monday. : )

  91. I’m grateful for my two kids, food to eat, a roof over my head, and Jesus! Such a stunning painting.

  92. So beautiful! I’m thankful for life and its abilities to place us in situations which we were avoidant of at first, but soon come to realize the value a d meaning behind it. Some say its a God thing. For others it’s just life combined with a little serendipity. The older I get the more I come to trust why some thing things do not work out as we wanted them to.

  93. We are grateful for our friendship with Katherine, Jay & James. They inspire us like none other to hold onto hope.

  94. I am grateful that i have such a supportive family and partner, who have helped me through one of the toughest years of my life.

  95. I’m grateful for my toddler girl, for how she lives in the moment and is full of joy and wonder. Thank you for sharing Katherine’s story.

  96. Wow, I am so thankful for the wonderful family I have been raised in, and for my new family, my husband and daughter.
    My sister in law experienced the same thing and lived through it as well. Will be praying for a speedy recovery for her!

  97. I’m grateful for my health, which is all too easy to take for granted, and for being constantly surrounded by love from family and friends.

  98. What a beautiful and hopeful story! I am grateful for Jesus Christ who healed my broken heart and physical body, restores my broken relationships with others, and empowers me to bring hope to those who most need it.

  99. I am oh so grateful for my grandson Ian beating cancer! He was diagnosed at 3 years old with Leukemia. He is now 7 and cancer free!

  100. I am a single gal and recently have been struggling with moments of loneliness. What a wonderful reminder that I have so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for family and friends that are never more than a phone call away and grateful for endless opportunities to love others.

  101. I’m particularly grateful for the recovered ability to smile at my friends and family, and for my body’s amazing ability to heal itself after partial paralysis.

  102. I am grateful each day for God’s care, strength, and courage despite many challenges that our family is facing. The artwork by Alex Wolf in the ‘Gospel’ tab of the Hope Heals website is wonderful. God bless Katherine, Lulie, and you more for supporting Hope Heals!

  103. I am so grateful for my boyfriend, a Physician Assistant who works hard to help others each day.

  104. I’m grateful for my amazing family and friends, and the upcoming arrival of my first child in February.

  105. I am grateful for my three month old baby girl, Lily Kate, who took more than two years of prayers and trying. She is well worth the wait and I am thankful everyday.

  106. My boyfriend passed away last year while on the wait list for his second lung transplant. Watching someone you love suffer is the most heartbreaking experience I have ever been through and I still struggle to come to terms with him not being here. At the same time, I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of his life and to have had the opportunity to love someone so wonderful. Our rambunctious rescue dog Reese is my daily reminder to be grateful for the gift of being alive and being able to breath. It is such a simple reminder, and yet it is something that most people take for granted every day.

  107. I’m grateful for my mother. She just celebrated her 14th anniversary of her kidney transplant yesterday! So incredibly lucky to have a woman so positive and wise be my mother.

  108. Wow, what a story. I am thankful for unity in my family. Life’s ups are so much more meaningful when shared with my husband/daughter and the downs are so much more manageable.

  109. I am thankful for the opportunities to grow, learn, and gain new perspective through our struggles in life. Life is beautiful and full of tremendous lessons to learn, to increase our knowledge, to intensify our love and heighten our views about life. Overcoming weaknesses, enduring pain, can, if we let it, increase our understanding and knowledge of ourselves and others, bringing us to greater happiness and fulfillment in life! Living and changing through hardships offers us the ability to find and show greater compassion, love and respect to others and ourselves.

  110. I am grateful for my Mom’s positive spirit. She has fought multiple sclerosis for over 30 years. She lives in an assisted living facility and is the youngest resident by decades. She has every excuse to not want to get out of bed in the morning but she does. She does it with a smile on her face. My mom is the nicest and most positive person I know. I have no doubt it is why she is alive today. The human spirit is so powerful.

  111. I am grateful for the Love of my mother, the companionship of my fiancé, and the wet kisses from my doberman.

  112. I’m grateful for having found a job that doesn’t feel like a job, working in schools every day.

  113. This is so lovely! I am grateful for the unwavering love, support, and encouragement that my family members provide me through all that I have shared, tackled, and embraced in my life thus far.

  114. I am grateful for my family and for the opportunities that their support has afforded me. My family is everything and I am so thankful for their health and well-being.

  115. I am thankful for the caring and patient people I have in my life that have gotten me to the point that I am at right now.

  116. To have created a whole-hearted life where I am deeply blessed to be a proud mama to Rowan and Liam…to have the sacred honor of assisting others to listen to their soul’s whispers in order to live more boldly and passionately…to be awake to this beautiful world.

  117. I didn’t know about Katherine’s struggle but your post showed me one of the most miraculous and amazing stories of love and hope. I’m more than ever grateful for the well being of my loved one’s, specially for my family. I feel really blessed that they are alive and well.
    And Lulie Wallace print is just lovely, fingers crossed over here!

  118. I am thankful for my family. My supportive mother, entertaining father, loving husband, and sweet baby son.

  119. I’m so grateful for my husband. He’s an amazing man who loves our family so much and works so hard. Thank you Lord for bringing us together!

  120. I’m grateful for all children. As a kindergarten teacher taking some time off from work, I can say that life is not the same without the daily joy of a child’s presence.

  121. I am most grateful for my mom. Every day of my life I realize more and more how much crazy tenacity and strength she has. She is my greatest role model.

  122. I’m so grateful for my sweet girls and husband! Also as a nurse I am so grateful for medical advances, doctors, and therapies that can help someone like Katherine able to live the life that she is now able to….best wishes and prayers for her!

  123. I am grateful for my amazing best-friend of a husband. He’s been helping me out a lot lately with diy projects. He always impresses me with his good attitude!

  124. I’m really grateful for the life I have – wonderfull people I’m surrounded with, health, little things, happy moments…
    Sometimes it really strucks me how good we live and that some don’t have the same luck!

  125. I am grateful for a loving boyfriend, supportive family and friends, opportunities to make myself better everyday, and the chance to see beautiful art work like this on such a lovely blog.

  126. I am grateful for my winderful family and boyfriend, who keep me going through everything, good or bad.

  127. That’s a beautiful print! I am so grateful for my family. They’ve made me who I am and are so loving and supportive all the time. They’re truly the best.

  128. Everything is secondary to my salvation and my family, but, for me, prayer is that most special gift that gets me through the hard times as well as allowing me to participate in intercessory prayer for so many who need prayers on their behalf. Katherine and Jay have most certainly been the recipients of so many intercessory prayers,mine included, and their testimonies are evidence of that and inspirational to all.

  129. As I go through an intense year of ultrasound school, I’m grateful I picked up a free bible at the gas station one day and started paging through it. I grew up with a family very against organized religion. But I have found immense strength, courage, and self-love in the words I’ve read.

  130. What an inspiring website/idea and beautiful piece of art 🙂 I am so very grateful for the chance to express my faith in the Lord so openly and freely in this country because He is my hope, my foundation, and my strength in all circumstances.

  131. I am grateful for my two precious kiddos. I just found your blog and ironically I went to school with Katherine (Samford).

  132. I’m grateful that I’ve been lucky enough to travel to places around the world that have really opened my eyes. I’m more understanding, humble, and driven because of it.

  133. I am grateful for a praying mother who’s love for god taught me there is power in prayer! What truly is important in life. Faith and Family

  134. I am thankful for those who are brave enough to share their stories of struggle, sorrow, and hope with others, to bring great things out of the lives of all through it. It is so encouraging to me, and does beautiful things in my soul, where I can be thankful just for life itself.
    Thanks for sharing their story!

  135. I had never seen Lulie Wallace’s creations before. Thank you for introducing me to her lovely work. I appreciate the updated information and encouragement that Hope Heals provides. All of the Wolf family remain in my prayers.

  136. I am Thankful and Grateful that I meant and married my husband of 34 years! And that we have three amazing children together, also a son-in-law and daughter-in-law and will become grandparents to our first grandchild any day now 🙂 Life is Good!!

  137. I am thankful and grateful for my Godly husband and children. What a true blessing in such a dark world! God is so good!

  138. I’m grateful for my sister. She’s taught me so much and helps to keep my perspective positive in trying times. I’m not sure where I would be without her.

  139. Lulie Wallace has always blown my mind. I am grateful for my healthy husband and son who I now get to live with. I raised my son for two and a half years waiting for my husband’s green card, so even though he is now under employed and we are on a spending fast, I count my blessings every day that we are together. It makes me feel invincible!

  140. I am grateful for my loving family who supports me in *almost* every decision I make. They can’t support EVERY decision I’ve made – because let’s be honest, I’ve made a couple of mistakes in life! But I know they love me unconditionally.

  141. What a tremendous story!
    I am forever grateful to the Lord Jesus and His gift of eternal life. I’m also very grateful for the husband He’s given me, and the three children He’s given me to raise. It is an incredible blessing to be a wife and mother, one I will be always grateful for.

  142. Recent events have brought my health into a harsh light for me; I’m grateful for the wake-up call and the supportive people around me as I make the necessary changes towards wellness.

  143. What an amazing testimony. I am reminded to be grateful for my family and for my health. Thank you for sharing this story of hope.

  144. I am grateful for my amazing husband, the best friends in the entire world, and my caring family. I thank God for all He has blessed me with and will keep Katherine in my prayers.

  145. Thank you for introducing me to Katherine Wolf’s story– she (and her family) are remarkable, and such an incredible example of maintaining a spirit of gratitude during dark times. Every day I’m thankful for my husband– just the kindest, funniest, smartest, best person I’ve ever met. Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

  146. Everyday, regardless of what else is happening, I am grateful that I have such a fun, kind, and creative husband who makes everything an adventure. I’m also grateful for our two small dogs who are such a handful, but so mischievous and full of joy. And finally I’m grateful for my talents and gifts and the opportunity to make and inspire. 🙂

  147. What a beautiful site and what a beautiful concept of the Hope Heals site. Stories like Katherine’s are hard to hear, but they’re a good reminded to treasure what we have and not take it for granted. I’m grateful for my healthy, happy 3 year old and the time we’ve been able to spend together as our little family of three. Thanks for sharing the art are the story with us!

  148. I am grateful for my beautiful granddaughter Beatriz….she makes me smile and love her more each day!

  149. I’m grateful for the perspective brought on by this giveaway. Katherine Wolf and her husband are incredibly courageous – their story makes me ever thankful for my own health and each day I get to live and love.

  150. What a sweet painting and an amazing cause. I love Lulie’s work. I am so thankful for my husband, our 6 month old puppy, and our extended family. I am also thankful for art, which helps us momentarily forget the struggles of life, and allows us to focus on beauty.

  151. i am grateful for the little baby growing in my belly. i love lulie wallace and it might make for the perfect addition to a certain nursery!!

  152. I’m grateful for my 2 year old son and our new little blessing we just found out we were expecting!

  153. I am grateful for my happy, healthy & beautiful life which gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact and help women in India facing all forms of violence.

  154. I am grateful for my library card. The library system is the greatest in the world and I am so happy to have s many books at my fingertips.

  155. I’m grateful for the amazing family and friends I have to support me in my adventure called life. I’m also grateful for my college, where I’ve met so many amazing people and learned what direction my life is headed in.

  156. I have known about Katherine’s amazing story of hope since it first happened but am still moved by her strength and faith every single year. I am so grateful for the Lord’s healing in her life and how He’s using her story to reach so many people. Because of this, my own heart has learned a lot about gratitude as I’m thankful for both the big (my husband and children) and the small (hydrangeas on my table).

  157. I’m grateful for my family: my dad who I can depend on to come through for me anytime, anywhere; my husband who is my life partner and my two boys who every day teach me to be more patient, loving and gentle than I ever thought I could. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous prints!

  158. What a beautiful print! My family has had a few health scares over the last few years so I really try and be thankful for my health every single day.

  159. What an inspiring post and story – I had tears in my eyes when I read their blog, both for sadness but also for the pursuit of joy that has inspired their lives since the stroke.
    I am grateful for laughter and for the love I am surrounded with everyday.

  160. I’m grateful for my mum. Her advice has been invaluable in becoming who I am as an adult and life often seems a lot less threatening just knowing that no matter what happens, she will always have my back. She is my anchor in the sea.

  161. I am grateful for… well, this. This moment. The most perfect ray of sunshine is reflecting off the bottles of sand on my windowsill, and my room is golden with it.

  162. This particularly touches my heart because my cousin Missy passed away after a tragic brain stem stroke when she was 25. It was a very hard time in our lives, but it taught me to be still for a moment each day and reflect upon the breath that I was given to share with the people and world around me.

  163. I’m grateful for every day. It can end in an instant so you just have to soak it all in while you can.

  164. I am always thankful for my husband and two beautiful children…but also thankful that at the age of 40, I’ve found a dear friend that feels as close as those I’ve known since my younger years …you know- the kind you can hang out w in your pjs!


  166. I am thankful for the Hope we have through Jesus. It is an anchor for my soul. I am thankful for Jay and Katherine and others like them who choose to give God the glory for the great things he has done and continues to do in their lives.

  167. I am grateful for all my coworkers!! Over the past year and a half they have become a second family to me. The things we do in our classrooms and in our school we do for each other and for our students. They are the hardest working, self-sacrificing people I know! Always putting the kids before themselves. I am extremely lucky to know them let alone work with them.

  168. Thanks for introducing me to the work of a beautiful artist!
    I am thankful that I have enough. I am thankful for my 3rd son, who is a newborn right now — even though at first, I was NOT…having hoped for a girl. Now I have 3 boys — though seemingly trivial, my gut reaction was bitter disappointment in God’s plan for this in my life…and I felt somehow that He did not love me because He didn’t give me what I wanted. I am thankful God is patient with me.

  169. I’m grateful for true unconditional love to & from friends, family, & strangers. This is such a sweet & emotional lesson in hope. Thank you.

  170. I am thankful every day for my little girl. I lost a baby when he was 21 weeks old and it changes your perspective on life. The hope that a new baby brings is like nothing else.

  171. What a lovely print! I’m so grateful to have had this year off to spend with my daughter and really bond with her. She has bought such happiness and joy to us.

  172. So grateful for my healthy body, compassionate work, loving family and friends and life here in America.

  173. What a great post and giveaway, very moving story. It’s really simple but right now, and for a while, I’ve been grateful for the fact that all my nearest and dearest are in good health. No one is in hospital, no one is terminally ill, no one is mentally ill. They all may be facing challenges but they are all essentially fit and well and for this, and for as long as it lasts, I am grateful.

  174. I am eternally grateful for Katherine, Jay, and James’ story and message of hope, and the way the Lord is using it in my own life to bring me hope and healing in places I’ve needed it so badly. What an amazing blessing!! And what a beautiful painting!!

  175. I am grateful every day for my sweet daughter. No matter what else happens in life, I am the luckiest person in the world to have her by my side.

  176. I’m so thankful for the love of my Heavenly Father and of my Savior Jesus Christ. Every day I am showered with His Grace, whether I see it or not. And it’s what keeps our marriage, our home, and ourselves whole, healthy and filled with peace and love.

  177. Like so many others here, I am grateful for my two healthy children. Sending hope and healing to Katherine.

  178. I’m grateful for Jay and Katherine and their courage in the face of adversity. Stay strong! <3

  179. I’m so grateful for my children and the way they change and grow me as I attempt to love and nurture them.

  180. I am grateful to have both of my parents still in my life. I learn so much from them about God, grace, and patience. And now as a mother to a precious 8 month old baby boy, I appreciate them even more than ever.

  181. I am grateful for my sisters who God has blessed me with. They have held my hand through everything from marriage and kids issues to holding my hand and crying with me as I buzz my head during chemo. I am so blessed to walk life with them sharing so much laughter among the tears.

  182. Great cause!
    I’m grateful for everyday! For the weight of my son in my arms and a husband who loves us both well. For beautiful glimpses of God’s beauty and each day I have to take it all in. So much to be grateful for.

  183. I am grateful that I am blessed with the strength of a survivor spirit. I too suffered an injury that transformed my God given face. Unless an event like this happens to you, it is unlikely you can understand the pain and sadness one feels from such a loss. The image in the mirror that you once relied on looking back at you being gone creates such an identity crisis. I have not let this define me. I move forward with the grace and love that I have always lived my life with. I am inspire by Kathrine and her husbands strength as well. God blesses them daily.

  184. I am grateful for friendships, but not just any kind of friendship, one that cuts deeper than the surface, encourages you to be a better person, and stimulates growth into the unique being one was created to be.

  185. Beautiful print and a beautiful story!! Wonderful and exciting that it is still unfolding. I’m grateful for grace, amazing grace through Jesus.

  186. I am grateful for my 3 year old, my always supportive Husband, and my musical talents. I would be lost with out all three of these things.

  187. I’m grateful for my husband, for always showing me how to be a better parent.
    This is a beautiful painting and a wonderful project. Thanks for introducing me to both.

  188. I am grateful for sunshine – without it I wouldn’t be able to see all of the beautiful things in the world, including the people that I love.

  189. I love this painting, and I love Katherine’s story! I’m so grateful to have an amazing husband who makes me feel secure in his love for me. It’s such a gift! 🙂

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