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Bonjour! - 22 Months

Happy Friday, friends! We leave for Paris tomorrow, and I'm so excited for our getaway and the chance to experience a new place and culture with my little family. The other day, Ruby and I were talking about our upcoming trip, and some of the French I've been teaching her finally surfaced. So I had to share this moment with you (please excuse her full mouth and fork juggling!).

There will be normal posts as usual while I'm away, and I am sure I'll be checking in from France as well to say "Bonjour". Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. what a treat. have you been to paris before? it is just magical!! and the pastries, oh my goodness you are just going to love it. of course if you HAVE already been, then you exactly what a wonderful time you are in for. enjoy! safe travels

  2. I think they will love her here in Paris.
    Parisians are always complaining about tourists never saying “Bonjour” before asking things (their way, where is such and such shop or else) to anybody in English without first.
    You know Parisians can be grumpy.
    But they love children!
    So your trip will be great great great!
    Bienvenue à Paris

  3. Adorable! The fork juggling is hilarious, typical toddler hobbies
    Eat lots and lots of croissants and pan au chocolat and quiches and macarons!. Seriously I miss those croissants–I was never a fan of them in the US–they are always stale and either overly crispy or rubbery with a gross syrupy glaze over top. Even at overpriced little bakeries in Manhattan the pain au chocolat is so often hard and stale.
    But in Paris! You could grab a pain au chocolate in the afternoon and it’s still flaky with just the right amount of chewiness. And just the right about of chocolate to be satisfying but not overwhelming. And it’s still soft and melts into the bread unlike in the US were they’re often just a couple tiny lumps of coal lost in a giant mass of flour.
    And the macarons! The perfect texture of crispy breakable shell and chewiness and airiness and sweetness. I didn’t like them before I went to Paris, either!
    So yeah, I’m passionate about good bread.

  4. Joy, when in Paris you should pay a visit to librairie 7l in rue de lille 7 owned by karl lagerfeld. it’s a cozy bookshop, but if you will be lucky enough they will let you see the back… and you will be amazed by lagerfeld’s studio! enjoy paris 🙂 uhhh and go to eat something at Brasserie lipp: it made the history! enjoy 🙂

  5. Bonsoir,
    If you are in Paris on the 20th, you must come and the the PARK ing day. You can visit our ” Eden Garden “, normaly, at rue de paradis in the 10 th district. Hope you’ll enjoy your trip .
    Contact me if you want a spécial joyfull visit 😉

  6. That’s the best Bonjour I’ve ever heard!!! I LOVE this age and how much they talk and say the silliest things! Have a wonderful trip Joy! Can’t wait to see the photos 🙂 XO

  7. Oh honey that is TOO, TOO cute! Had to share it with my sis who’s in town. She teaches little ones in S. Korea who know multiple languages. She was thoroughly impressed by Ruby’s cuteness and obvious genius brain. 🙂

  8. It’s so lovely to heard ‘bonjour’ on the mouth of your little girl…. and she has sawn the ‘bonjour’ ^^
    And eat ice cream ^^


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