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my new studio: photos and more details…

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Now that you guys have seen a peek of my new studio space from the video I posted on Friday, today I want to share photos of all the areas of the space, as well as where everything can be bought or made. Emily has also coined this week “Oh Joy Week” over on her blog, and she’ll be sharing her behind-the-scenes designer tips and tricks and more detailed DIY steps for the things that were custom made.

But first a little back story: After eight years of running my business from home, it came time to have a separate space to call the Oh Joy studio. I used to do mostly graphic design work, so I didn’t need much space other than a desk and computer, but now that I am creating more Oh Joy products as well as content for my blog that requires photo shoots and video shoots, I need more space. Plus, with three employees, I wanted a place for us to all be able to work and be creative together. My studio is located in Hollywood, about 10 minutes from where I live in Silver Lake, which makes for a great, no-stress commute. It’s 1,200 square feet with tall ceilings, wooden beams, brick walls, and great light. But when I found it, it looked like this…


I saw lots of potential in the space, but knew we had a lot of work to do.

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

That’s where Emily Henderson came in. Emily and I first worked together when she designed my living room for her show on HGTV. We became fast friends, and a couple years later, she helped us baby-proof it after Ruby started walking. Even though I am a graphic designer and feel pretty confident in picking colors and knowing what I like, Emily’s eye for interiors is unmatched. She has a way of bringing spaces together that I don’t. Emily knows how to take my love of color and pattern and make it work into one cohesive space. I told her I wanted white, wood, and gold with lots of pops of color—pretty much a grown-up Candyland. We started a joint Pinterest board and bounced ideas back and forth. And then she and her designer, Samantha Gluck, came up with a master plan.

Take a look at how Emily and her team transformed the space…

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

We needed a lot of storage in the studio, so Emily suggested we get these giant Pax units from Ikea, and we customized the handles with gold ones. Originally, Emily planned to use contact paper to add pattern to the doors. But since there’s so much color in the rest of the space, we decided to let the white shine and use the contact paper and masking tape to create a fun toe kick at the bottom.

Left to right: West Elm dining table, Industry West chairs, Ikea Pax cabinets with Anthropologie hooks, Casa de Perrin vintage rug, Target pouf, Jonathan Adler for JCP side table, Eric Trine chairs, Lab Boutique striped pillows. Bottom detail made with gold contact paper from Design Your Wall with assorted masking tape (DIY on Emily’s blog).

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

We don’t have an actual kitchen in the space, so Emily created a kitchen area by adding in this Ikea cabinet (customized like the other storage unit with new handles and a fun toe kick). In the mornings, I make myself a cup of tea and a snack and off to work I go!

Left to right: Design Within Reach coat hook, Target stools, Ikea cabinet with Anthropologie knobs, Ikea shelves with Signature Hardware brass anchors, FEED for Target ceramic/wood canisters, DIY painted mason jars, Wind & Willow Home wood bowl, Joel Penkman Krispy Kreme print, vintage Beatles print, Smeg fridge from West Elm, World Market dustpan, SimpleHuman trash bin. DIY on cabinet toe kick made with gold contact paper from Design Your Wall and assorted masking and washi tape.

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Between the kitchen and storage areas, we have a dining room/meeting area that’s used for staff meetings, client meetings, tabletop shoots, and, of course, eating. The open shelving has a fully stocked set of prop shelves for when we’re shooting recipes, editorials, or other fun food content for the blog. All of the cups, vases, and napkins that I’ve collected over the past few years finally have a place to live!

With our tall ceilings, we wanted something cool to hang from the beams and worked with Jessica from Bramble Workshop to create this custom lucite and wood mobile to complement some of the other materials and colors being used in the space. In person, the lucite pieces look like they are glowing—it’s gorgeous!

Left to right: Gold clip lamps by Land of NodIkea shelving, hanging mobile/installation by Bramble WorkshopWest Elm dining table, Industry West chairs. Shelves were painted with various Benjamin Moore colors, including Super WhiteRazzle DazzleAmericanaHannity GreenOnce Upon a Time, and Cheerful (see the full shelf DIY on Emily’s blog).

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Items on the shelves include Design Within Reach globe, Wind and Willow bowls, Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler at jcpenny vases, and Land of Nod woven storage bins.

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Left to right, top to bottom: Yellow candleholders from A + R, vintage hanging mugs, tap water bottle by Facet Face, Overstock gold/blue/red Moroccan tea glasses, vintage floral mugs, Kate Spade Saturday mugs, Leif spotted ceramic dishes, Design Within Reach gold-dipped carafe, vintage plates.

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Even though the space is pretty big, Emily decided that we’d still make designated areas for everything to create flow, and keep all of our desks in one main “office” area. We painted the whole floor in a striped pattern of gray and white, with the back area in solid gray. It helps to divide the space and also bring interest to the floor. The desk chairs are vintage and reupholstered in two different fabrics on the front and back.

Left to right: CB2 shelving unit, Blu Dot desks, CB2 file cabinets, vintage chairs from Sunbeam Vintage with custom upholstery, Design by Conran at jcpenny desk lamps, Far & Wide Collective striped waste baskets, Kate Spade Saturday desk storage containers. Floor paint: Smoke Embers and Super White by Benjamin Moore.

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

This giant inspiration wall makes me so happy. It was initially created for a backdrop for photo shoots, but we decided to turn one side into a giant cork wall. The ribbon installation in the corners was made by Emily and her team. It’s such a fun way to draw interest to the space above our heads.

Left to right: Land of Nod woven storage basket, Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler at jcpenny ceramic stool, Eric Trine chairs, Blu Dot coat rack, vintage rug from Casa de Perrin, custom ribbon installation (see Emily’s blog for full DIY), custom inspiration wall/photo shoot backdrop. Custom mood board made using leftover cork from the inspiration wall and paint from the shelving (see Emily’s blog forthe full DIY), CB2 console table, Ikea file cabinets, vintage pink chair, Anthropologie throw pillow, vintage lamp/side table.

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Finally, near the entrance to the studio, you’re greeted with our little living room and a ton of art on the wall. I have so many talented friends and acquaintances that I’ve come to know over the years, and I wanted to fill a wall with art of people whose work I love and respect. I asked a few friends to commission their photography for custom prints, and we filled in the rest with a mix of paintings and prints that I found online. I handed over all of the art over to Emily, and she had them framed in a mix of colors and sizes and put them together into one big and beautiful gallery wall.

Furniture, left to right: Vintage hot pink chairs, Anthropologie yellow velvet pillow, vintage black standing lamp/side table, Room & Board sofa, vintage coffee table, Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler for jcpenny striped vase, Anthropologie throw pillows, Marimekko custom-made pillow cover, Target lamp, Design Within Reach Saarinen side table, blue velvet pillow and vintage rug from the flea market.

Prints, left to right: Ashley Percival panda print, Studio Legohead cat print, Bonnie Tsang custom print, Animal Print Shop baby giraffe print, Jen Gotch paper cups print, Jenny Vorwaller abstract painting, Ruby sketch by Casey Brodley, Lulie Wallace floral painting, Bonnie Tsang custom pool print, Paul Octavious kite hill print, Jen Gotch glasses custom print, Cali print by Rocket Ink, Joel Penkman popsicle print, Jenny Vorwaller abstract painting, Geronimo x Jennifer Young custom Ruby photo, Ruby oil painting by Casey Brodley, Max Wanger custom print, Ashley Percival cool deer print, Studio Legohead floral print, Marion Barraud fish print. Framing by Curve Line Space.

Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my new studio! I have to say that it’s been an amazing feeling to get to this point and feel like I finally have a place to call the home for Oh Joy. Thanks for following along and for all your support along the way. Without you guys, this job wouldn’t be nearly as fun!

And huge thanks to Emily and her team for their talent, time, and lots of heavy lifting and DIY-ing!

Studio designed and styled by Emily Henderson
Sr. designer/project manager: Samantha Gluck
With lots of help by Orlando Soria, Abby Pendergrast, and Casey Brodley
Photography by Zeke Ruelas


  1. I love the art wall and the mix of colors you used in your new space. Plus it provides room for Ruby to run around and be free which is awesome. Your eye for mixing the right colors, textures, items is a treat for the eyes. Oh and p.s. I have not got the chance to thank you for the beautiful Popsicle print that is now living in my home. It really brightens up my kitchen/dining room area, and goes well with my set of multi colored Fiesta Ware. Thank you again for the “Joy” you and your family bring to my life.

  2. I’m speechless – this space is WONDERFUL. I could look at these pictures all day. Your office is the embodiment of “joy”!!! Congrats on the new move, and thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh how fresh and lovely! I just finished reading your book, BLOG INC.! It is helping me immensely with my blog. Thank you! I am also so glad to have found your blog! I will follow it faithfully; I just love your style, words, and images. Sincerest thanks and warm wishes! xox Kim

  4. BIG HUG! I cannot imagine a better surroundings for my paintings, I’m beaming seeing your beautiful smiling faces in front of them and thinking my art is a part of your happy world! xo Can’t wait for all that you have in store in the future Joy, congrats!!

  5. i really can’t say much besides, WOW and congrats on the new space!! in my next life, i want to come back with your absurd design skills 🙂

  6. I love it! I never wanted this post to end, taking in each detail with admiration and awe! I especially love the rug, gallery art wall, and all the clever pops of color. And the various installations… Amazing!

  7. Love the transformation of your new studio space, Joy! The before and after posts, as well as the Pinterest board, from you and Emily have given me so many ideas for my work space at home and at my day job. I’m slightly green with envy over your props collection! I took a food photography a couple of weeks ago and got to play with lots of props. So much fun!

  8. I could work here no problem. What an amazing job Emily and her team did. Love all the white mixed with colour and I especially love the cork board wall. I can see how that would come in handy big time for all sorts of inspiration and projects. Congrats on the new studio Joy!

  9. I still can’t get over how beautiful this place is! I’m sure that it is really energetic and inspiring to work in, and I hope you love what you do even more because of it! Congrats on a beautiful office, Joy!

  10. Congratulations Joy! Your new workspace studio is gorgeous and bountiful! I feel so happy and ‘alive’ just looking at her. 😉 What an amazing team of terrific talent. Love, love, love! Have a blast in France too!

  11. A big fat CONGRATS to you! It’s so inspirational to see a young woman follow her heart and create so much inspiration and happiness along the way. All while being a mom! May your success continue to grow …

  12. This is the most gorgeous space I have ever seen. I will be keeping it on file as inspiration forever! Love the use of colour. I’m extremely commitment phobic when it comes to using colour so it’s going to be a great help. I love the prints, what a beautiful mix. I think I’ll have to get the Giraffe and the Popsicles. I am so spellbound by this I think I’ll have to go back to work in the hope of one day being able to go to a place like this every day. Congratulations to you and your team, it is truly divine.

  13. So, so good. I think I’d love to come to work if my office looked like this! Question–I’ve been eyeing those Industry West dining chairs for months now, but I can’t check them out in person. Are they pretty comfortable? Do they feel small for a standard dining table, or are they normal-sized? Thanks!

  14. LOVE your studio! So happy for you. It looks like the perfect place for you to work and be inspired. Thank you for sharing. Especially love the cute kitchen area and your dining table / chairs. What a cheerful and creative space! Congrats!

  15. I’m SO in love with so many details in your space, as well as the overall “big picture”! A well-deserved clap on the back for Emily and her team, as well as your fab vision! Congrats!

  16. joy, this is fabulous! what a fun place to work. I kinda want to live in it myself. I’m amazed by Emily’s talents – I am moving into a new home with lots more space than I’ve ever had and am lost at how to style a large living room. I know she’d know just what to do with it. congrats on having such a lovely space to call “work.”

  17. This is so stunning, as expected! After following the growth of your blog and enterprise for quite a few years now I can honestly say I am so happy and excited for you!

  18. What a gorgeous gorgeous workspace. How wonderful it must be to get up in the morning knowing you’re going to work in a place like that. Congratulations Joy.

  19. Congratulation! Your new workspace is so beautiful, light, colourful and inspiring. Everything I love. I’m so impressed how you have managed to turn this space into a creative hub. Enjoy!

  20. Jesus! Can you come to Portugal and do something at least similar with my apartment? This is sort of the nicest interior I have ever seen in my life. Piece of art. You should call for some contest with this style:)

  21. Wow! Shoring up ome serious studio envy (in the nicest way of course)! It’s been an inspiration to watch your business grow Joy, so congrats to you for getting and creating this much deserved space.

  22. We are as well busy with our studio at the moment. Thank you so much for tis great inspiration! We love the floor, the light, the detail of the kitchen, the green sofa. Congrats!

  23. Your studio is amazing! I am in aww. I love the way Emily pulled everything together. It’s gorgeous. And big, BIG congrats on getting to this point. Celebrating with you!

  24. Hi Joy, question on your painted studio floors (which I love). Was the flooring simply plywood and you just primed and painted it? Thanks! -Kari

  25. Now that’s what I call a womancave. I wish I work in such an inspiring and beautiful space like yours. Wow! I love it all, especially the pretty artwall. Thank you very much for your inspiration.

  26. I have several small bits of contact paper left over from shelf lining that aren’t enough for a shelf yet I really don’t just want to add them to the landfill. I’ve been looking for ideas for how to make them over into something I would actually use. Thank you for the inspiration!

  27. Wow, I just saw this posting. The studio looks stunning! I am planning a renovation. May I ask you who your general contractor is? And would you recommend them?

  28. The dining chairs are recreations of Hill Rom hospital stacking chairs. I picked some up at a church sale for $2 a piece.

  29. Hi there! I purchased four of the chairs from industry west and they are falling apart! We have them at work and they get minimal use, but 2 months later they are barely holding together. I’m just curious – have you had any issues with your chairs?

  30. Your studio is looking so awesome and well furnished with stylish chairs and more space and perfectly utilized the space and your color combination of wall and floor is great. Your studio is really inspiring to me and mainly your rooms spacing concept and perfectly utilizes the space of the room is so incredible. Thanks to you for sharing this article with us because it is inspired to everyone who want to utilize the more space of the room.

  31. I really love interior designing. i love interior Designer they do the furniture and the walls every little detail tables, beds,kitchens, floor.carpet everything you can think of inside a room they design.These pictures are very inspirational.Really nice interior.

  32. Hi Amazingly Cool. Studio is my Style Exactly, I am into Colours. That is my Natural Art Style and Technique. Bless You For SHARING. All the Best…


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