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quirky little cars…



When I see cars carrying silly or unexpected things in real life, it always makes me laugh and imagine where the the items are going (a bunch of mattresses on a car, a ton of pumpkins in a pick-up truck, or a car full of balloons). So I love these cards by Dear Hancock that share all the things that may not be realistic but would be so fun to come across on the road…

P.S. My dream cars


  1. those are too cute! reminds me of the time I was in Vietnam and I saw a guy riding a scooter with milk crates strapped to the sides (very normal), but INSIDE of the milk crates were PALM TREES! (NOT so normal) like there was a base of a palm tree in each crate, and the tree was sticking way high up in the air, haha! just goes to show that we all don’t need these giant SUV’s to haul things around here 😛

  2. The car loaded up with presents is definitely my fave! What a cute find Joy.
    Chelsea & The City
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  3. Great cards! The little white car reminded me of the car in Romancing the Stone… and then the second card had a giant green gem JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE!!! Perhaps I can commission a combined version!

  4. when my husband and i lived in Abu Dhabi we saw some pretty crazy things in the back of trucks. the best had to be an ostrich. it’s head kept popping up every now and then as we drove behind it!


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