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After being in Paris with it's crisp and cool weather, I'm craving an extra layer of warmth. Since it's not super chilly over here yet, I'm loving the look of a loose and light cardigan to wear over my everyday pieces. It's almost like a robe but way more chic…

P.S. more fall wardrobe inspiration…

{01. Zara chunky knit sweater, 02. Zara wrap sweater, 03. Zara jacquard sweater, 04. Zara wrap around cardigan, 05. Anthropologie cocoon cardigan, 06. Brouchu Walker city cardigan.}


  1. As an owner of a similar kind of sweater (from Costco, woo!), I can attest that they are AWESOME and super cosy and wonderful to wear in winter over everything from a nice dress to your pjs.

  2. Love these! I have had the Brouchu Walker city cardigan on my wishlist for weeks now. It’s just out of my price range, but I’m saving my pennies!


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