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Oh Joy | Metallic Stripe Door DIY

Oh Joy | Metallic Stripe Door DIY

You might know that I have a thing for contact paper. First with my home studio, then Ruby's room, and then my new studio. The thing with contact paper is that when you're using it for its traditional and functional use as drawer liners or cabinet liners, you often have a ton left over because you have to buy a whole roll just to fill a couple drawers. So with my love of decorating with contact paper, I'm going to show you a super easy way to use those leftover scraps of contact paper you might have in your house from other projects and put them to good use in another way…by decorating your door. I'm using gold contact paper because I had a ton leftover from my new studio toe kick project, but you can use any color or pattern contact paper (or a mix of whatever you have)!

Oh Joy | Metallic Stripe Door DIY

1. Start by cutting the contact paper into strips that are at least 2" longer than the width you need (that way you can have the bit of excess fold onto the door sides for a seamless look. My strips are 4" wide, but you can make them skinnier or wider based on your preference.

Oh Joy | Metallic Stripe Door DIY

Oh Joy | Metallic Stripe Door DIY

Oh Joy | Metallic Stripe Door DIY

2. Next, place strips one-by-one until you reach the desired amount of coverage. I decided to cover the whole door with evenly spaced stripes. With each piece, simply smooth out any air bubbles in each piece as you go.

Oh Joy | Metallic Stripe Door DIY

And voila! It's so easy and super cute! And the best part is—it's totally temporary. So if you rent your home or if you just want to change it a year later, you can with no harm done to the door.

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{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}


  1. Joy, I’ve been wanting to use contact paper to add some fun circles in my daughter’s nursery. But where do I find cool contact paper? The craft places I’ve looked all have super drab options. What sources do you recommend?

  2. This is a neat idea, I always liked the spots you did for Ruby’s nursery.. I’ve not used contact paper before but it looks easy to use so I must try it out! On a different note, where is your dress from? It’s lovely, it looks like a Madewell dress? Is that it?

  3. This is such a great idea! I am just wondering how easy it is to remove the contact paper again, seeing as I am living in a rental. Any advise?

  4. I’ve been looking for ideas for how to use up bits of contact paper. Thank you for the great idea here. I’ll be following your directions but using several different types of contact paper. Should be interesting!


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