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retail inspiration…

Rayen Restaurant in Madrid

Rayen Restaurant in Madrid

The Scandic Central in Stockholm

Tyra window installation

A.B. Biagi in New York

Even when I'm trying not to shop too much, I still try and visit brick and mortar stores as much as possible for inspiration. Retail stores often take more risks in the way they can decorate and display items than we do in our homes because the stores don't need to function as a long-term, livable space. Whether it's a painted storefront, an illustrated window, or amazing tile—all of these examples really inspire ideas for my "some day" home.

P.S. More retail inspiration right here

Sources, top to bottom: Rayen restaurant in Madrid by Fos, The Scandic Central in Stockholm, window illustrations by Tyra, A.B. Biagi in New York by Scout Sixteen.


  1. It’s for the very reasons you described, that I love Anthropologie…almost more for their store decor than their clothes! There are times when I’ve gone in, not to try on anything, but to just sit on one of their fabulous tufted leather couches and read a coffee table book! It’s a space that always feels warm and comforting….no matter which one I visit!


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